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I Proposed & She Said Yes!

We all love ‘Love Stories’, and I have been waiting for a time that I can finally share mine. Though this post may come as a shock to people who don’t know about it, please be happy for me. Finding a good spouse doesn’t seem easy these days, you know.

I can tell you for a fact that I have been heartbroken time and again, I have been rejected, looked down on and been made to feel like I don’t exist.

One thing I have done through the hurt and pain is love like I have never been hurt. Now, this would seem very strange to you because these days everyone who gets hurt either seeks revenge or doesn’t trust love for what it is anymore. I understand, but the only way to experience true love is to love truly.

Let’s get to my story, I’m sure you are really eager to hear it.

Well, there has been this young lady that I have been interested in for so long now, I literarily have fallen in love with her since she was a kid. She was always around me, I knew her but she just knew me from a distance, she never knew me personally. I remember a couple of times when she was stuck or in trouble as a child she will call my name and I will run to help her. I was at least a bit older so I could help her stay safe, but that was about it.

As she grew I always tried to reach out to her, I knew about what schools she was attending and her course. I also had friends who knew her, and they always gave me updates about her, and the things going on in her life. I always felt like we were made to be, even though like anyone else I know she has some serious weaknesses and shortcomings based on her nature and how she was brought up, I loved her all the same.

She had come from a family where fights were the order of the day between her parents. In addition to the fact that they weren’t on good terms, the parents were extremely busy trying to make ends meet and make their only daughter comfortable. Instead of being there for her, giving her the companionship she needed, they spoilt her with a lot of money, gadgets, toys and the best of things money could buy. They expected that even though she could not have them all the time, the little gestures will make her love them more. Oh well, things didn’t go as planned, her love tank was empty!

She was someone who was envied by her colleagues and most people around her. She never really had true friends because most people just wanted to share in the wealth she had or to be classy like her. Because of her trust issues she was vulnerable and always heavily relied on others, strongly believing that her friends should never leave her. They all always did, for some flimsy reason or the other.

Since she didn’t have proper family time when growing up, she hated being corrected by anyone. Hence her character stank, she looked down on others, saw correction as abuse, was proud and always wanted things going her way. She saw men as a tool she was to possess and show her power. So she used and dumped them as she pleased, they didn’t match up to her standard anyways.

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You may be wondering how I know all this info? Well, she told me a lot about herself and it confirmed so much I knew. I know even more about her than she thinks I do, and that’s why I am sure she’s safe being with me.

A couple of years ago, I tried to tell her how much in love I was with her and that I wanted a relationship with her (Marriage was on my mind). I was determined to break into her world, and have something different, show her what true love was like since she never had it at any point.

I didn’t go to meet her directly, so I sent some people to her at different points, to tell her there was this person (me) who loves her so much and has been interested in her for many years. Had tried to reach out but hadn’t been noticed. To her, it almost felt like I never existed. Even when other people talked about me to her casually in conversations she closed her mind and somehow had the notion that I didn’t care about her. How can you have such thoughts about someone you’ve barely known?

You can guess what her reply to those who I sent to her was. She didn’t care to meet with me or want a relationship with me. She ended up having anger outbursts at many of my people that I sent out to talk to her. To the last person that had the chance to talk to her before she shut them all out, she said and I quote “He should be man enough to come to me by himself and let me know what he wants.

Those words broke my heart, really. Because I had come in person before, you know. I had my moments where I did my best to let her see me or know me for who I was, at some certain events, in various places. She saw me but didn’t believe in me or anything I had to offer.

I must confess that I didn’t dress up like a real wealthy guy to try to impress her. But like the humble person that I am, I came casually but I didn’t look scruffy. She looked at me from head to toe and said I can’t be the one she is trying to talk to. How on earth could I be the one she was to love, end up with or sharing the rest of her life with? She would be my bride? Really? You don’t know what those words could do to one’s esteem. I picked myself up still. She didn’t remember that. Hmmn!

I was going to keep having a go because abandoning her for the others was not going to make sense. Yes, there were others, there still are many others I could be reaching out to with my time, some of them, once they saw me, and understood me, loved me with all they have and they still do. But her heart was so difficult to get into.

At some point in her life, she took a huge look at herself and all the things that had happened to her right from her childhood. She wasn’t proud of the woman she was at all. It seems she clearly saw herself for who she truly was, and couldn’t even bear the sight of it. Thoughts started to go through her mind, of what to do to make it right. She thought of Jesus and how they said He is the answer to all things.

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She felt she was a mathematical equation too complex for Jesus to solve. So she felt like taking her own life. It was a really sad time for me when I learned about this. She had told a friend that she was losing it, and may just put an end to her life. Someone I know overheard this conversation too. I had some people around her arrange series of social media posts to make her realize that there was hope for her even in her tough situations.

Don’t ask why I didn’t just run to her directly to stop her! Remember that to her I was invisible and not to be sought out. Well, maybe I kind of was invisible. But I am grateful for the kind of friends I have, that are willing to do things for me without questioning my intentions. Though some of them have asked so many times why I love this lady so much, I had to explain to them, that the true nature of love is to love. They all had been loved at some point and that’s why they were free.

The social media posts worked! She decided that taking her life was not worth it anymore. She had to find another means of feeling better and so she moved to do drugs. All the men she had slept with didn’t make her feel better anymore. The power she thought she had, she realized she was actually the object and not the men.

Her body count will put many men away though, many men are looking for virgins to marry, I would love that too. But love goes beyond a person’s past and mistakes, even some non-virgins had their virginity forcefully taken from them against their will, so why the fuss. Love is beyond sexual intercourse.

Anyway, drugs were the way forward. No one could talk her out of becoming the wreck she already was. She would get so high and then become so useless when she wasn’t high. This wasn’t the best news.

One day she slept off in her car, she had just thrown up after getting very drunk. The whole car wasn’t smelling right. Right after she puked, she had to get the rest her body had been denied. When she woke up, she just lay there feeling so horrible about herself, and saying if she didn’t get herself right, there was no use living.

Unknown to her, I was around that day and had spotted her car. I looked inside and saw her lying down in a very awkward manner. I had helped her adjust her sleeping position and was in the car with her. She didn’t notice anyone being there with her at that very moment, as she was always alone.

She spoke out loudly and said “God, where are you? I need you right now, I can’t do this anymore. I have lost it!”

The was a deafening silence.

Then I replied, “Here I am my dear, I have always been here.” She turned to me in shock recognizing my presence in the car, but she couldn’t see me. “Jesus?” she said, “Is that really you? You are here with me?

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Yes I am, I have and will always be. Let me fill you with joy and love.

Please do, Lord. Help me, save me! I realize that it is you I need this very moment, I have run from you all my life but I can’t do that anymore. I remember that you came to save me when I called out to you when I was young and you came to save me. My hurt has stopped me from knowing your voice anymore. I ask that you forgive me and make me your own.”

I said “Oh well, I will surely do that. That has been my desire all this while, this is why I had come physically before. No one recognized me for who I truly was, they killed me but I have risen, and I am seated in Heaven with God. I want to love you, live in you and change your desires. Now all I do is send my people to tell people like you how much I love them. If you reject them, you reject me.”

I continued

I want to propose to be your Lover, Your Lord, and your husband. I want to heal you, cleanse you, empower you and give you a new life. I know my plans towards you, and they are plans of good and not of evil.

Everything that you have experienced before now are not how I would have loved for it to go for you, but we can turn it around.

Our marriage will not just be on earth but will continue in its fullness heaven. It was because of you I came to die and rise again, I knew you couldn’t save yourself.”

She replied with a new joy and gladness:

Yes! I say YES to your proposal, I want you to be mine and for me to be yours forever. Death cannot do us part. I love you Lord, thank you for being so patient with me. I know you will make all things new. I feel all the sorrow going away.”

Right there in the car that night, something divine, yet full of love happened. Words cannot describe how I felt.

Yes, so that’s my love story of how she said yes to me. She is totally free today, thanks for asking.

All the pain, hurt, addictions, confusion, low self-esteem, pride, and sin is gone. This is what I do on a daily basis and with everyone.

I want you to say yes to me if you already haven’t. If you feel like you don’t need me, you actually do and I am working things out for us to meet.

And if you knew me and left me, I’m still coming at you full force, no giving up. My love for you is relentless.

~ Jesus


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Please share this love story with everyone, this is the most important love story of all. God’s love towards us is unfathomable. Love unearned and undeserved.

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    1. Amen! πŸ™Œ I’m glad you were inspired. Yes, it’s very possible to think it was my proposal 😁 Thanks πŸ’Ž

    1. Yes Beverly!! Reckless, Passionate, Relentless, Unending, Unstoppable, Incredible Love. He loves us beyond words. This is our God ❀

  1. An endless and relentless love…
    The greatest love story ever told…
    Thanks for sharing bro. More inspiration and insight by His grace. Much love from this end

  2. 😭😭
    Getting all my attention on this! You played meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    1. Promiseeee! Hahaha. You can pay attention, you are rich enough to afford it 😘 She’s coming soon, one of these days 🌹 Hehe. Be better than me when you grow up dear πŸ†

  3. Wow! You got me glued to my screen. I thought it was your love story at It’s a well written piece I must say. Well done!

    1. Stephanie! Great to have you here dear 😘 Haha, some super glue effects o. Thank you so much. I appreciate you πŸ™Œ

  4. An endless and relentless love…
    The greatest love story ever told…
    Thanks for sharing bro. More inspiration and insight by His grace. Much love from this end

    1. God’s love is beyond words, truly πŸ™ŒYou are welcome Bolanle, it’s a privilege for me to get to do this. Thanks for taking out time to read πŸ’Ž

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