I Was Almost A Hero

I saw her walk in
She was doing her best
To make it to the counter
But her strength was failing

With the next step, she tripped and fell
As she hit the ground
The whole place shook
How she felt, no one could tell

No one moved, they only watched
No one moved, as she tried to get up
I noticed a young man
That was visibly touched

He ran up to help her
And lifted her to her feet
He planted a soft kiss on her forehead
And helped with the order

I felt the tears stream down my face
I felt a fight within me
Because I knew I could have helped.
I will be a hero, another time another place


I’m participating in the Writing 201 poetry course. The prompt was to write an ballad, using hero as a theme, and anaphora. So this is my sixth contribution. I’ll appreciate, your views, criticisms and comments. How can you relate to this? Thanks

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