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Now this is real! I was part of this conversation as it unfolded between a group of people. Marriage was the topic being discussed, and a guy emerged and said that he was going to cheat on his wife because he loves her. He was asked how, and he said “My wife is special, and I’ll rather do the ungodly things with a girlfriend, than with my wife.”


What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with this perspective? Ladies would you cheat on your husband because you love him? Or would you be happy to know he cheats with another woman because he loves you? Men do you agree with this man’s belief? Is it right for someone who loves the partner to cheat on the one he/she loves? Is this really love? Let’s discuss!

Ensure you comment on this interesting topic.. Don’t just wait to see everyone else’s comment.. Contribute to learn, and learn to contribute .. Its what great minds do on the Victory Path.. What’s your take on this issue?

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  1. Well, I won’t necessarily say the reason I will cheat is because I love her and I can’t let her do some kinky things I may want, but let us examine it, won’t it be awkward that she kisses our child goodnight with the same lips she probably just finished using for fellatio #just saying

    1. Lool.. Luffy.. Funny one! U think the fellatio one may have to be decided between you and your wife.. The agreement could be that she shouldn’t kiss your child after fellatio then 😉 . Thanks for dropping a comment

  2. This has got to top the chart of ‘most ridiculous things I ever heard’
    Ungodly things with the girlfriend because he loves his wife?
    There’s no excuse for cheating. I will do my best to treat you right as a girlfriend and eventually a wife. You cheat, you’re out.
    It is a sign of gross disrespect to your partner to cheat on them and saying you do so because you love them isn’t just lame, it’s also stupid. Ask the person how he would feel if his wife did the ungodly stuff with her boyfriend instead

    1. Lool.. Yougeecash! I’m laughing hard here at your comment. He was asked o, he said his wife must never cheat on him, that she mustn’t even try it.. But it sounds good to his ears.. Its disrespectful, and the reason is just not good enough.. Thanks for dropping by 😉

  3. Hmm, really,I don’t know what to think again,I’ll have been totally confused if not that God made his mind clear about infidelity. The same way guys say girls are all the same even though it’s a lie is the same way I was almost drawing that conclusion about men. So you want to cheat on her because you love her! Bravo! So she can cheat on you because she loves you too. What a lame stupid excuse for cheating. Honestly guys,pls answer this question – hope you won’t mind your wife cheating on you since you are cheating on her? If your answer is a vehement no,then you should be taken to ARO cos you yourself know that cheating/infidelity/promiscuity/adultry/funiction or what ever you want to call it is WRONG. Stay focused and stay with God.

    1. Lool.. Am sure the guys would really mind, trust me.. But sometimes they feel right in their own eyes.. Since God made his mind clear on infidelity, its a no go area.. Nice one Motunrayo!

  4. Wonders shall never end! Am very sure the husband will b very happy if his wife should chaet on him. So stupid. God should just choose the right man for us.

  5. I believe it’s a sin to cheat on ur wife, if u luv ur wife n ur wife luvs u d same way u do 4 her then any nasty thin u do in ur hme is allowed 4 as long as it’s nt against her that’s no xcuse to cheat at all..

  6. All is a stupidity behavior for cheating on ur husband weather u love him or not is a foolishness and stupidity life… husband cheating on ur wife is an animal behavior weather u love her or not, if u love ur wife, or u love ur husband then give all ur body ur life to him/her finish with… No nasty things is allowed in true love… if there will be nasty things it means there is no true love so better leave the cheater and find another life es were……

  7. Cheating on your partner simply because you love him/her can never be justified, and saying it’s because you rather do the ungodly things to another person instead of your wife is the greatest way of deceiving one’s self. When you and your partner have become one in the presence of God there is no act that can be said to be “UNGODLY”; that is if you and your partner consent to such acts. It is between you and your partner.

  8. Hehehe…for me this is really hillarious. There’s really no justification for cheating.whether for the right or wrong reasons. If you truly love your wife you’ll never ever cheat on her.#Gbam

  9. Lol…very funny..I’ll just say God does not support adultery so dats no option to a believer. And bible also said when two people are married their bodies belong 2 each other. So I don’t think its ungodly if u are married and u both agree do whatever, its ungodly because its not with your wife. So cheating on ur
    spouse cannot be justified, its a great sin before God.

    1. Hmmn.. So there is nothing that should be called ungodly amongst married couples, because their bodies belong to each other.. And its also a great sin before God, the act of infidelity! And then I like the word ‘agree’ you added. Agreement is key in marriage! Nice one Simisola 🙂

  10. This a fascinating one…frm ma view its doesn’t sound truthful n responsible for ma husband to say he cheated on me because he loves me uncondionally, thats just i will never cheat on ma husband for any reason especially for this reason..If anyone cheats on their spouse for this reason, they have not understood the mystery of ‘LOVE’! if you dont want to be confused and you want to love someone and do anything for the person(Say Sacrifice)it is wise to follow after the way the Greatest LOVER did His… just make JESUS your model for LOVE!

  11. cheating on your wife under any guise is not something my reasoning capacity can fathom not to even say because you love her.Honestly i think it shows no iota of respect for her and discipline as a father who has children looking up to him.I deliberately didn’t want to make religion out of this because i believe there are some things you will never do if you are disciplined enough and have respect for others.

  12. Well it’s funny how he said he won’t do something ungodly with his wife. What is this “ungodly” thing he’s referring to? Marriage is a social contract in which not everybody gets what they want but there is an agreement. If she won’t give you the “ungodly” thing then u should be able to sacrifice that thing for her. I hope you get what I am saying and I don’t even think there is such a thing as “ungodly” when it comes to sex with your wife or husband. If there is an agreement that you both will enjoy it

  13. Interesting topic… For more info search the scriptures… I think we all know what right from wrong. There’s no excuse for any form of cheating. Let’s go back to our kindergarten days and ask ourselves, “what would Jesus do?”.

  14. Lord have mercy. To cheat on your wife, that I’ve heard…. To say its ’cause you love her is indeed another explanation of the derail our minds suffer these days!

    There is no justification to cheat on your wife! If you ever do, please give the devil in you a certificate but avoid placing your lustful wants side by side with love!

    Unless you actually didn’t love her!

  15. The saying “do unto others what you will have them do unto you” though short, has always been rich and pregnant with meaning. This guy needs to wake up every morning thinking about this saying. He would probably have a heart attack if his wife did half of what he is doing to her in secreat.

    I think the issue here actually boarders on communication. For all you may know his wife might really not consider these “unholy sexual acts” as unholy. Has he ever discussed his sexual desires and preferences with his wife? The woman might really not mind. The day she then catches him and they both discuss, he would discover having the ggirl friend was absolutely unnecessary and unfortunately it might have been too late ti remedy the situation.

    Finally, to my men folk, even after marriage and after having all the children, your wife can remain your girlfriend. It all depends on how you treat her. If you treat your wife the way you treated her the first 6months you met her, I mean treat her like those days you wanted her to be assured you were the best thing that every happened to her since slice bread. I mean those days she called and said pls buy me pizza or ice cream and you bought both cos you wanted to see that special smile once again. Those days when whatever she puts on make her look like the Queen you always prayed and dreamt of. Gentlemen that woman you married remained your girlfriend you just carried away with the title you gave her i.e. “Mrs.”. She has always been that sweet, beautiful, sexy e.t.c. woman you met before marriage. You just forgot somewhere aling the line.

    Take care folks.

    1. Oooh.. I just love your comment 😍😍 Thank you Simple.. Its so true what you said.. I laughed hard at the sliced bread part too.. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  16. Firstly, Hi Victory! First time visiting your blog site, which is pretty interesting.
    Oh yeah, the story you just told is quite baffling. Sometimes l wonder if men are just ignorant or they continuously maintain a view that portays women as things to be owned….it is shocking! Why will a man marry a woman and decide to cheat on her, but she dare not cheat on him?!?!
    This individual also refers to certain sexual behaviors as ungodly, but he will indulge in them because of what?? On the other hand, doesn’t the wife, as a human just like the husband, crave those kinky and “ungodly” sexual things?!? Where is she gonna get it if the husband will rather not do them with her? That leads me to the question, why are they married? Marriage is supposed to be an intimate and open relationship between the man and the woman. It is a communion; you share emotions and enjoy each other, body and spirit! And of course, there are many more things marriage should be about besides the aforementioned.
    Moreover, you have a husband/wife to legitimately live out your sexual fantasies and all what not, rather than committing adultery and inviting the wrath of God and man. At the end of the day, we all know infidelity is wrong and cannot be justified!