Its Christmas!!

A lot of joy is in the air folks.. It’s Christmas!! *dancing* . Oohh what a time of the year, recognized everywhere. The snowmen, the cold, the sounds, the music, the colors, the horns of cars blaring, the voices of the neighbors shouting over the fence “Merry Christmas”.. And yes the smell, ooh yes! What’s that smell? Stuffed turkey? Yaay! Or is it the different delicacies all around me.. Today must be the best day of the year for me, apart from my birthday.. Lol. Because I get gifts and lovely wishes too. It’s the more the merrier this Christmas.

But before I settle down to begin this war against these delicacies and have a good time (rubs palms together), I want to do something that is important. I don’t want to forget what the sole purpose of this festive season is. No one goes to a wedding, eats, drinks and forgets to say hi to the newly wedded couple or even give a gift because it is a wedding and not an eating competition.. ;). And the same scenario is almost happening now at Christmas too, let’s not make it an eating competition. Let the sole purpose dwell within us.

I don’t know the exact day Jesus was born. I am not God! God knows the exact date. But this time in the whole world, the birth of our Saviour Jesus is celebrated. And we must make him the center of our celebrations and festivities. Why have meals without a simple prayer to Jesus? Or a totally empty day without speaking to him, and blessing his holy name? It was a tough choice Jesus made, coming to earth to save you. And his coming not as God made it even worse. He had to come like a man, like us. He had to be born of a woman. With all the power and Majesty he carried in heaven, he had to strip it all off, for you and me. To begin the process of our salvation, our journey into triumph and dominion over the devil.

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The little word we must go around with all through this season is that ‘Jesus must be glorified in this season, and in our lives after this season’. Worship him, for his humility, kindness, and love towards you by coming to die for you. He had you on his mind when he agreed to God’s terms and was born in the smelly manger. I don’t think any of us is going to a manger to have some fun any time soon, and sit all day playing in the hay. We all want to be around the love and fun of this season ;).

In this Christmas season, let’s remember its all about Love.. Its all about Jesus! It’s because of his love that we are where we are today, and our tomorrow is even going to be better!
Alright, folks, its time to unstuff the stuffed turkeys, chickens, and also unwrap the presents under the Christmas trees. I won’t forget Jesus in a hurry, and I believe you won’t too. We can smile today because Jesus is smiling now to us at the right-hand side of our father; God. And he is saying “Look at how my sons and daughters have honored me from their hearts, I will indeed honor them in return”

Merry Christmas everyone!! It’s all merry and happy on the Victory Path today. Stay warm and joyful 🙂 

P.S Don’t forget to check down your chimneys for Santa’s gifts (If you don’t have a chimney I am sorry 🙂 Check the roof then!). Have a great time

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