Just Do It? Think Again

Have you ever come to a point where there was a project you needed to kick off? You probably spent a good deal of time thinking, talking, researching and working on it for a while. Then you start to experience some difficulty with launching it for everyone to see? Yes, we all have come to points like this, me inclusive. To be honest, when I was to start this blog a couple of years ago, I felt the exact same way.

It starts to look like making that final move is a huge risk. Questions start to bug you like “What would happen when I launch? Will it be accepted? Will I fail? Would I be the laughing stock of others? Would people say I am trying to copy someone else or feel among?

There are a countless number of thoughts that will fill your mind the very moment you are settled on launching out into the deep. Very few motivational quotes will come to mind and get you over the bridge. But there’s this popular saying that helps to everyone defy logic and reason to make that big leap. I’m sure you’ve heard of it:

“Just Do It”

Anyhow and anyway, just do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect or not, just do it! This is a popular brand, Nike’s slogan. It has trended and helped people get over their fears to do something great. We are all grateful for the advice that this slogan has given us, and the sudden rush of energy we got right before we pressed the launch button. This boldness we received has kicked off corporations, initiatives, products, ideas, websites, blogs and you name it.

In this post, we are going to be looking beyond ‘Just Doing It‘. We want to get into what happens when you have actually done it. Does life feel lighter? Do you get a fresher doze of oxygen? Does your view of the world change? Or are there more rainbows in the sky? I believe everyone who deserves to know that they should just do it, also deserves to know what happens after.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

First of all, nothing really changes after you launch. Let that sink in a minute. I mean, you don’t stop having 24 hours in a day or 60 seconds in a minute because you launched something new. Life is pretty ready to keep moving after you do your thing, and it surely will. What happens is that the world absorbs whatever move you’ve made into itself and whatever reactions are required is what you’ll get. Sometimes, you’ll get no reactions at all to your new service or product. At times, the reality of how you expect things would turn out could be far less than you dreamed of, or it could be far much better.

Most of the time, you’ll get many congratulatory messages on your bold move, especially if what you have put forward is decent enough and worthy of praise. Let’s assume that your notification panel on social media is blowing up. Please know that life will still go on after that.

You see, the world respects your decision, courage, and guts to start something new even though there are probably countless others like you who just started something new, not long ago. In fact, it is safe to say, new things are being launched into the world every single day. One thing the world doesn’t expect from you, however, is that you stop there at the starting point.

Oh, if you think you needed a lot of energy to get to the point that you just launched, you are going to need way more energy than that, you’ll need more than a triple or even a hundred times of that to keep going.

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Imagine you were given the task of writing from 1 to 1000. It’s possible for you to stay on 0 and never get to 1 because of how big the task of writing to 1000 is. ‘Just doing it’ is what brings you to write number 1, which is commendable. But guess who is writing to 1000? You are!

The ‘Just Do It’ message is going round so much now that everyone is starting one thing or the other. Kudos to them and to you if you have taken that bold step as well. In this life, I’m sure there are many more new things you’ll be starting as life goes on. The only challenge we are facing is that there are many of these various projects that have been started but stop functioning after the first few months or the early years after the launch.

It seems like people think that ‘Just Do It’ is the password to a big vault of a million dollars. Some think that the moment you have done it, then you are made. This mindset is absolutely wrong!!

Just Do It, just write this exam to get into the University. Just start this business and be your own boss. Just marry and see what you make of it. These tasks all sound nice because the word ‘just’ reduces the enormity of the task. Regardless of what you are jumping to start, remember that YOU will be required to sustain it all the same.

Maybe you will have a couple of people who will be there to support you and hold your hand along the way, the harsh truth is they may not always be there. They have their own lives to live, their own goals, ambitions, desires, and they also want to see results as well. So if your venture isn’t in the slightest sense bringing them the profit or results they want to see, they will drift into what profits them.

No hard feelings about that, we are all selfish in our own little way as humans. Plus, it is something we sometimes have to do to survive and stay alive, so don’t take it so personally.

Don’t think that the praises of people are enough to sustain you. If you finally get into the University, guess who is going to write over 30 different examinations between matriculation and graduation? You are! If you just get married after all the hustle it took to even get to have the wedding in the first place, guess who has a partner to live with and also children to serve for the rest of their lives? It’s you again!

I’m sure it’s getting clear to you that ‘just doing it’ is not enough. You are going to need far more than that to sustain what you just started.

Being equipped with the required capacity for the journey is going to take more from you than you can ever imagine. The demands of kicking off something and staying there would require you paying a huge price. If you are willing to go all the way to embrace the challenges that come along by seeking higher knowledge and applying it, you’ll find a way.

It takes wisdom to know when to quit when something isn’t working and greater wisdom to know when to persevere when it seems it’s not working but it’s still going to work.

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We have quite a number of people that upon encountering their first or second challenges start believing that the venture they just started is not for them. They find out that there’s no backbone or extra energy to push them through. Some even give it a mighty try and give up along the way. That shouldn’t be you and so I’ll give you a few tips to help you in this journey:

1. Be in it for the long term: You see, if you can’t find a long term vision for whatever you are currently doing or about to launch, then don’t bother starting at all! Leave those motivational quotes alone, because you are probably doomed to fail before you start. If you can’t see yourself running a marathon, don’t you think you’ll be done before you run 100 meters? You may even console yourself by saying running 100 meters is an accomplishment in itself. That’s not good enough, the farther you see yourself go on your journey, the more drive you’ll have to overpower the little challenges that you face in the early rounds.

If the only way to graduate is to put in a solid 4 years in the University, you know giving up after the first 3 months is a no-no! It’ll be clear to you that journey is still long and the early challenges you face are probably the easiest you’ll find.

2. Know why you are really doing this: One of the most important abilities I have discovered that everyone should develop is called Self Evaluation. People actually find it really difficult to evaluate themselves, to ask honest questions and give themselves honest and harsh truths as the answer.

Why are you really starting this? The answer for most people is one nice sounding, justifiable answer that sounds good to everyone, even themselves. At the end of the day, the desire for popularity, envy and jealousy towards someone ahead, attempting to prove a family member wrong, trying to show off ability or even just feeling like doing it may be the true reason WHY they have chosen to go through with it.

If this is you, you really need to be sure that whatever reason you are starting something for is strong enough for you to hold on to in the long run. Ask yourself “What my life starts going great, what happens to my vision?” “What if the person I am trying to prove wrong is out of reach, would this project still have a purpose?” “What happens to you if you don’t get popular any time soon or if you suddenly get popular tomorrow, will you still have that dream?” Sit down and ask yourself honest questions because ‘just doing it’ right now is the least of your problems.

3. Be willing to be flexible and adaptable: Not everyone has the luxury of ticking all the boxes before they start out. A lot of the time, stepping out is a step of faith and for many, they get rewarded because they have the right access to the required support to gain a certain degree of leverage required to stay on course.

The most fearful thing, however, is that once people step out with whatever they launch, they immediately assume prowess. They begin to act like they know it all and are unwilling to learn or even move with the required trends. They tend to forget that stepping out was taking a big risk in the first place and it wasn’t like they were totally sure of everything they were going to face.

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To ‘just do it’ means you are willing to be flexible enough to do whatever your vision requires you rightfully do to reach the desired destination you have planned for it, no matter how long it takes. It also means you are ready to do away with the failures you may have experienced and start off fresh with new innovations if the need be.

You must also be willing to accept that there are industry leaders and people you need to learn from to gain mastery. The moment you feel full of yourself and cannot submit yourself to learning, you are well on your way into running yourself into the ground.

4. Be willing to take responsibility!: If you are one of those folks who always has someone or something to blame, or an excuse to put a certain failure on, then you should be careful about starting anything.

If all you know how to do is point fingers at every other person but yourself when things don’t work out, then starting YOUR OWN venture will shock you.

Because as it is called, it is YOUR own! You can’t afford to take responsibility only when things are going great and then put the blame on your team members when things go south. Sorry, that’s not how to take responsibility at all.

Being willing to hit the launch button means you are willing to call the shots and also take the fall if it comes to that. This mindset will help you hold things up in your mind and take away the place of excuses.

You can confidently call it quits if you feel it’s not working because you know you gave it your all. You can also boldly say you are willing to weather the storm because what you are doing is what you believe in. No one is to blame for anything, so be willing to take full responsibility for whatever you meet along your journey. Remember that you chose to start it in the first place and you are to be held accountable for the highs and lows you may face.

I really hope these tips help you on your journey.

So before you ‘Just Do It’, think again! Ask yourself one more time, “Do I have in reserve, more than the required energy to even start this off? Am I willing to keep working and figuring things out as I progress on this journey? Will I make the required sacrifices when the time comes? Would I take responsibility for both good and bad?

All these questions and more need to be answered in your mind before hitting the launch button or starting off a new phase. But in any case, every decision in life is still a leap of faith we all have to take, whether you think it through or not. Don’t sleep on your dreams, Just Do It!

Victory Odunjo

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10 thoughts on “Just Do It? Think Again”

  1. Very Apt! Thanks for this… Actually, this is the key that will help whilst taking major decisions in life… it’s not about Starting but Continuity which is the very essence of this post.

    The question of continuity must always come to mind when about starting out, else you lose the wheel soon afterwards and disappear from the scene without a trace.

    Thanks for this!

    1. Thank you Stephen. Continuity is most definitely important. We want lives with less one-offs and more stability. God is also a huge fan of long term commitments, an easy example will be His endless and undying love for us ❤

      I appreciate your taking some time out to read

  2. This is very apt and well thoughtout. Life isn’t just about doing something, staying through on it matters most, else oblivion calls faster.

    Thanks Victory for the nice tips

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