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Lessons From Former First Lady Jonathan’s ‘There Is God O’ Speech

If you haven’t watched or heard about Nigeria’s first lady Dame Patience Jonathan’s recent speech, then you are probably just being born, arrived from another planet, or you just arrived from the village. I do not know where this speech ranks on the platform of best speeches ever delivered. One thing I know is, it ranks nothing close to the speeches of Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela, or Barack Obama’s speeches that move one to tears and belief. Although the First Lady cried during her speech, no one else seemed to connect with those tears or cry with her.. Lol. That the First Lady of a country struggled to speak English correctly in front of the TV cameras for just a few minutes makes us know that what we saw was just a tip of the iceberg.

People living with her would know the absolute truth about her. She has proven these thoughts right with other popular speeches full of grammatical errors in times past that can be found all over the internet. Her recent and popular ‘All the bloods that they are shearing (shedding), Na only you waka come? Chai chai chai, There is God o!’ speech only came as comic relief in a very unstable and insecure period after the kidnapping of about 276 girls in Nigeria. As a matter of fact T-shirts, videos and songs have been released to promote the “depth” of the speech, tweets and retweets said a lot on twitter concerning it. That was the kind of address Nigeria got from the First Lady. One thing I still don’t seem to understand is why she cannot stick to written addresses and scripts. Well, after we have a good laugh and point fingers, we mustn’t run off and live our lives. We must do something that would help us, learn lessons from the First Lady. I’ll be mentioning a few, hoping that you’ll add more, so we can learn as much as we can.

Lessons From Patience Jonathan and her speeches

1) What you say reveals who you are. The content of what you say depicts what you carry. Like a bottle can only pour out what it contains, a man speaks what he is full of. This is either good or bad. Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and your actions shape your character.


“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”  Proverbs 23:7a

2) Sometimes silence is a saver. It is worse to speak and reveal one’s folly than to be quiet and not show your true folly. As a matter of fact, a quiet fool is regarded as a wise man simply because he has not spoken to prove otherwise.

“A fool utters all his mind: but a wise man keeps it in till afterwards” Proverbs  29:11

3) Marriage does not always make you better. Many people have the ideology that when they get married, it’ll will solve all their problems, it’s very wrong. In fact marriage reveals who you truly are. You are still very single in marriage, because no one can help you improve on yourself but you. The First Lady’s diction didn’t magically become right after she got married. If she doesn’t work on it, it may remain like that always.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies” Proverbs  31:10 – Here we notice that its not marriage that makes the woman virtuous, the woman is virtuous on her own.

4) Don’t be ashamed to admit weakness. Admitting your weakness today will stop you from being shamed tomorrow. Deal with your weakness today in private or it would shame you tomorrow in public.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him! James  1:5

5) Be open  to receive help. Many people are happy with their ignorance and folly, regardless of proofs that show that they are on a  wrong path, hold on to a wrong belief, or are going to fail. They are defiant and stay comfortable till in their comfort, they become obsolete.

“Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that you may be wise in thy latter end” Proverbs  19:20

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6) When everyone begins to point at you, you need to take a good look at yourself. This is not encouraging you to believe every single thing you hear about you, but when you begin to hear different people say one thing over and over and over again about you, then you need to assess and check yourself so that you can adjust and get better in that area. This reminds me of a story I heard of a farmer whose grand children smeared cows poo on his beard and ran away. When the man woke up, he said “this room smells of poo”, he moved to another room and said “this room smells of poo too.” He then ran outside, hoping for fresh air, upon not meeting it, he shouted “The whole world smells of poo.” Many times in life, the problem doesn’t lie with others, it lies with us.

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety” Proverbs  11:14

7) People believe whatever you show to them. You must learn to communicate who you truly are so that people don’t have the wrong idea of you. They say a first impression is difficult to change. It may be hard to believe that the tears of the First Lady were real, it may be harder to believe that she probably is a kind hearted person. Who knows? Give people the right perception of who you are.

“The woman said unto him, Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet” John  4:19

8) Don’t stop doing what you are meant to because of challenges. Even with the First Lady’s history of grammatical blunders, she still keeps coming out to speak and do her job. I must admit that this is commendable, it takes courage to keep standing for what one believes in. Don’t stop doing what is right because of challenges along the way. 0

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you”
Deuteronomy  31:6

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9) Don’t judge others, another man’s strength could be your weakness. Many people have stage fright, and fear speaking in public more than death. Many people have a very good diction and can’t speak in public, meanwhile someone like our First lady can speak in public but hasn’t just learnt how to express herself effectively. A saying goes ‘The person that has a head doesn’t have a crown, and the person that has a crown doesn’t have a head.’ This simply signifies that someone may have something you don’t have and vice versa. To judge another person, you must believe you are better than the person in that area. Let’s agree that we all need help.

“Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister” Romans 14:13

10) Learn to love anyway! Many people want conditional love, they want people to know and love only their perfections and not their imperfections. “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” a wise person said. This is the kind of view we must take when it comes to love, learn to love both the perfection and imperfection, the strength and the weaknesses, love totally. Regardless of what we say or think about the first lady, she is a wife,  she is in charge, and she is loved. With her weaknesses she still is a wife and first lady any way.  We should have some people come out and say “Dear first lady, your style of speaking, choice of words, diction and grammar is nothing short of unique. You have broken records and created new ones, for this we love you!”

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” 1 Peter 4:8

These are a few lessons that come to mind, when I try to learn from our First Lady. What are your thoughts? Any lessons to add? Commenting just takes a few seconds. So please comment and share this post. Thanks.

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34 thoughts on “Lessons From Former First Lady Jonathan’s ‘There Is God O’ Speech”

  1. Although one cannot help it but to laugh. Nevertheless, she is a lesson to learn from. We’ve got worse people out there. Let us all learn from poeple’s mistakes not only laugh at them. I must commend you greatly for this eye opening piece. Great work.

  2. A fool says there is no God. Chai! Chai!! Diaris God o, shows she’s not a fool despite all we think about her. Boko Haram are the real fools.

  3. Nice one!!! I never knew one cld learn lessons 4rm dis o.Funny & lovely. Another lesson we can learn 4rm it is dat…There is God in anything we are doing in life..either good or bad..God is watching us!!!By having this mindset we wld be conscious of Heaven all da time

    1. True.. There is God in everything we are doing, God is watching us 24/7, Nice lesson, thanks for this! We can learn from anything in life if we decide to observe more closely

  4. Also,only u waka come? I see it in the aspect of evangelism. We shld try and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus doing so..only u no go waka go heaven..& I pray God wld not ask us such question in heaven IJN..Only u waka come?..lool

    1. Lmao @see it from evangelism viewpoint. Its true but connecting it with d first lady speech is really funny.

    2. Oooh.. So true.. We need to get more people along with us, to go to heaven.. Lool.. I like that lesson, that God shouldn’t ask us “Only you waka come?” Thanks Esther

  5. Well…unfortunately for our first lady, not everyone cn fully walk in the fruits of the spirit..infact majority can’t and so its important to make sure we strive for excellence cos image is everything….cosas it is, no one will rili take her speeches seriously cos of the image she has created for herself….infact, pple wud wnt to listen to her just to hear her blunders than her message…one wud hav expected that since she ws ridiculed the 1st time years back, she wud hav made an effort to improve on her english and diction….but no….I’ve seen no improvement whatsoever and it tells a lot about a person’s ability to adapt or learn….won’t it be a great story if one day she gives an eloquent speech without any blunder? Then she wud inspire others as well….as far as I’m concerned she doesn’t know how important her job is cos if she did, she wud make sure she works on every weakness in her image…lesson – anyone that sees a problem with himself and does nothing to work on that weakness isn’t fit for leadership and wud inevitably be constantly ridiculed! God help us!and the 1st lady ofcourse (that’s if she’s ready to be helped)

    1. Besides, people celebrate strengths and not weaknesses! Now that her weakness has been exposed, she has bin given a rare opportunity to make it a strength cos if she overcomes this and quickly learns how to speak english correctly…it wud stir no small positive reaction from her adoring fans and mockers alike and can boldly say to little girls and boys ‘if I can do it, then yes u can!!!!’

  6. This write-up is insightful, captivating and creatively arranged,I must commend your writing skill. With regards to the first lady’s speech,I choose to be silent.

  7. Shuu! Oghenemeh bikor!!

    All these una teacher dem wey go dey hammer Maths & English for we head that thyme.

    Na so dem go dey swear 4 us say e no go better for we future if we no learn am.

    Wia dem dey now?
    No be awa First Lady wey no enter school be chairman now?

    Make I hear word bikonu.

  8. Great piece you have there. Kudos. That you could churn out much lessons from the biggest hilarious breaking news of all time is commendable and shows a very active mind blessed with rare objectivity. I also appreciate the fact that you kept your focus and refused to dabble into the politics of it all.I would have been tempted to. The truth is, she may not even be aware that she’s been a laughing stock the world over. The goons surrounding her may have carefully shielded her from every relic of info that reveals this, while praising her to the highest heaven for an outstanding performance. Yorubas say “Oloro a bi eti didi”.(A controversial person who is sadly ignorant of his/her controversial status). Does she browse? Does she come across as someone with a reading culture? Once they tell her “Mama,you are doing great. Your speech has gone viral on Youtube. The whole world is praising you right now”,she believes them and smiles. How do I know? Wait for the next BIG BLUNDER !!! Enough is not yet enough! Leaders must surround themselves with men and women who can speak truth to them in love and in the process make them better persons. Not praise singers and flaterers like we have around our leaders today. The Bible says “A flattering tongue worketh ruin” (Prov 26:28).
    Well,I wish her all the best. Thanks once again for these invaluable lessons.

    1. Hahaha.. This is really true, we all have laughed at this ‘There is God’ statement without even remembering that some people don’t believe there is God! Its interesting to know they are also saying there is God o.. Lol 🙂

  9. The First Lady is just who she is and cannot just change over night concerning the way she speaks. Have you ever heard China’s president speak? it will shock you guys that irrespective of our first lady’s grammatical speaking blunders which contributes the least of who she is, She is the ITUs ambassador for Child online protection for the world. She is also a virtuous woman and a fighter for peace. Nigeria will not forget her in a hurry.
    I understand every one making comments abt her gramatical blunders buh going as far as making a shirt and wearing it is where the actual folly lies.

    Your limitations should not hinder you from saying or doing what is right.

    For me Gbagaun is trending. It jUst defines a little of who you really are. Just be you and a better you. Thats all.

    Weldon Victory! Nice write up

    1. Hehehe.. I like your unique comment.. Its exactly what I thought, we can’t judge her by just her grammatical errors.. Its time we look and do beyond our limitations 😉 Thanks

  10. Hmmmmmm. I knew I liked your blog for a reason. This is truly ……..words fail me. Who would have thought there would be so many lessons from that famous statement? It is funny that I have been thinking about it for a while. I myself have taken to saying, “There is God o!” And I recently realized what a timeless, powerful truth our first lady publicly declared. There is God! Whether it looks like it or not. And now, a whole lot more people are saying so. It might be in jest, but we, the church, could say it in declaration. I say it again. “There is God o! And He is still in control, Nigeria!”