Let’s Bring Common Sense To Social Media

Yes, we all know that using social media is now a way of life for most of us. We are past that stage where the entire system of connecting with friends and strangers is a surprise. On a daily basis, social media has become the drug that without having a full dose of, your day isn’t complete. It’s proof that these apps and systems are thriving.

Today, we’ll be delving into a part that not many are not talking about. You see, it’s important to speak out on matters that concern the everyday man. Many don’t see what they are turning into and who they are becoming. Good enough, some of us see it.

In the article Are You Being Careful Of The Things You See On Social Media?, I hit on some salient points concerning the use of social media and the importance of being careful as everyone is a content creator of some sort, these days. Gone are the days where only those with deep knowledge wrote books and shared information. Now, anyone can put out anything and coat it as very sweet and nice sounding.

I am starting to notice a huge trend. This trend is about the way people tend to leave common sense behind the moment they pick up their phones or visit the internet. They go through everyday life with a closed mind, unable to learn from their experiences and focus on what is required. But guess what happens the moment they open that special social media app? They open their minds fully to every writing, short video, discussion, argument, or joke going on there.

Some people don’t even read or hear something and say “I disagree with that, it is against my beliefs or what my faith stands for.” Instead, their lives and beliefs are being shaped by the things they see and what a popular person says.

I have seen folks who are unaware that the battles they fight in their lives were created by themselves and never existed in the first place. They went on social media and read or listened to something that they brought into their lives and it caused them problems!

Have you asked yourself how you process information from social media? Do you write down the points or lessons these images or videos try to teach you? How about the stories of people you read and come to conclusions on, to what end does it lead you?

The most interesting part is it also affects the normal folks that claim to be ‘silent social media users’, they don’t like or comment much but are always using the app, reading stuff, but tend to be the ones that don’t acknowledge how much information has been deposited to their subconscious. The things they see bring up conversations in their minds that affect their daily lives.

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There is no filtering or proper processing until they get into a situation that even their responses surprise them. I am saying this to let you know this affects everyone, both the active and inactive folks. The first thing that happens to people reading an article like this is they do so with an excuse or justification that it is not their business because they are exempted. What if you are not the exception but part of the norm?

This next part is the one that gets me the most! These days, cyberbullying seems to be the next best thing for people to do. Common sense seems to have left many and empathy seems to be far away from them. Wisdom is not in their surroundings because it’s evident in the folly they show daily on social media.

One thing you MUST NEVER forget whenever you use social media, whether as a content creator or content consumer, is that there are human beings behind those social media handles and profiles. REAL HUMAN BEINGS just like you!

Please think about that before you drop a comment you think is savage or another post you want to look better in by pulling others down. Everyone you see is real, they have feelings and emotions.

I have seen firsthand the psychological effects social media interactions has on people. Have you ever seen anyone breakdown because of the negative words someone who never knew them said to them, and these words were as strong as those from a true friend?

Have you ever cried or been hurt because of how people who don’t know you judge you so easily by the little things? How you dress, your size, how you look, a mistake you made or by just one interaction? How about from the people you know in real life that still bash you online like they don’t know you? Yeah, it is real. We need to stop stepping over empathy in our interactions with others.

As you open your apps or browsers, tell yourself: “I am about to go online to relate with fellow humans just like me. I must relate to them with love and as a light, not being deceived only by their pictures or the words they say.”

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These people could be hungry, angry, bitter, sad, envious, battling depression or suicidal thoughts, some of them may be recovering from an illness, addiction. Some of them may have gone through tough situations that have negatively affected them.

Many of them need help, they need someone to talk to, they may need to know that someone somewhere cares about them or that Jesus died to save them from all the cares of this world that hold them down.

These people are also sexual beings who aren’t exempted from wanting to have sex or sexual desires. They also poop (and it smells) and need to brush their smelly mouths when they wake up every morning. These are the kinds of people you visit social media on a daily basis.

If thinking like this doesn’t lead you to love more than give out unpleasant words to people who are already on the edge, then I wonder what will. You need to see things from the right perspective, to be able to do things properly.

Some of you need to take time off to heal and sort out your personal issues, fears and figure out yourself before coming on social media to project them on others. You are to blame for the results of your life, not the people you barely know.

I see many people treating celebrities or leaders like they also aren’t created to have emotions. You’ll find many people hurling negative words about them and also their families. It’s evident that people have thrown their home training and sense of decency in the gutter once they come on social media. In reality, these people are real softies that can’t even express themselves properly in real life. If they see these people they type things about in real life, they won’t be able to say a word talk of abuse them. These folks are the ones that get trampled on and achieve nothing in life. Yet, once they get on social media they feel they have the audacity to say just anything.

Please, use your head, don’t leave common sense on the ground, please pick it up and give it some good use!

Your leaders also cry, they also get sad, they have been crushed and many are going through their tough situations. Stop being jealous of their progress and expressing it in their comments section by disagreeing and abusing everything they stand for. Why not ask for advice to learn from them so you can grow too?

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Stop expecting that since they are popular, they must be immune to negative words and they won’t be affected. You probably can’t take it, if every day you had to battle negative comments from people who you don’t know and aren’t invested in your life but seem to always have an opinion about you or something you do.

As a thought leader or celebrity, it’s also not right to look down on others or see yourself better than the next man because of who you have become. It’s always important to know that everyone suffers the same fate of death at the end of their lives. Why not be more polite, kind and also set reasonable boundaries to keep you sane?

Pride is a killer, especially when you get to a point where you can no longer be corrected by anyone. Pride has set in when you believe your way is the only correct way and everyone else is wrong, and that truth will never change. Trust me your downfall is not far off. Those who you have looked down on will trample on you when the time comes.

Let’s do better for ourselves and not forget to be human. Like we discussed in the article Don’t Forget To Be Human Today, let’s deal with wisdom and empathy, let’s show love affection and restraint when needed and this applies to social media too.

Of course, sometimes it is good to deliver a strong response to those who are unwise to help them see the way of wisdom, but at the same time, let it not be all there is to you. ❤

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Bring Common Sense To Social Media”

  1. You are absolutely right Victory. Hate speech and cyber bullying have been the order of the day on every social media platforms.

    The earlier we stop this nonsense, the better for us all as humans.

    1. Yes Pelumi. Very true. I believe these discussions are worth having because these days being savage is being celebrated, but behind all these accounts are humans with feelings. We truly need to do better

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