Life is Not A Bed Of Roses

If there’s anything I have seen with large numbers of people in our generation, it is that they all aren’t ready for the realities of life. Many of them start off with privileges that have kept them out of the realities of the hardness of life. They then find themselves going through the motions of hard times, then they are expecting a nanny to come and pet them through it all.

I would like to burst your bubble by saying “Life is a whole lot more than what you think it is!

I was recently in a session with a large number of teenagers where we had discussions on life. One of them contributed and said something very insightful, he said

“In life, there would always be people who are less privileged than you, so love them and don’t look down on them. There would also be people who are more privileged than you, so don’t be jealous of them, look to learn from them.”

I was really surprised by the level of understanding the young man possessed. Even many adults are yet to grasp on the realities of life and how it affects them. Pretty scary eh? Well, this is the kind of world that we live in, even growing in age is no longer the proof of wisdom.

What is even more common these days is information overload. People now try to look very knowledgeable by sharing things they haven’t practiced or tested. This has led us to being unable to see the results of the things they teach in their lives and also in the lives of those they teach.

Whatever is learnt must be practiced. Whatever seeds a farmer has must be planted before they can yield tangible harvests, worthy of bringing returns. The quality of people produced in our generation must increase for the better because life is not a bed of roses. Neither is it rosy all of the time.

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You’ll find out that those who weren’t born with a silver spoon already have the right sense of what life is about. I can’t remember how many times I have heard the words “It is not fair” on the lips of a privileged person who has never known lack. My response always is:

“Who told you life is fair, or anything is fair at all? Did you ever sign a contract with life or the people in the world that they were only going to be fair or nice to you?” If not, prepare yourself firmly for various realities and find your way to make the most of what life gives you.

This is why you must have a place of strength, your own arsenal of weapons for the times of war and hardship that come in life. I am not referring to guns and bullets, they can’t solve all problems. Not every single battle is physical, many more are being fought by powers unseen, strong spiritual forces!

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places
Ephesians 6:12 NLT

I’m glad this scripture pops up in the new testament too, proving to us that there is an ongoing battle we need to be ready for or are already a part of. Do you know how to war when the time comes? Do you know your place in the spirit realm and the resources you have to turn tough situations around? If not, now is the right time to build your capacity!

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There are always words that we could use to define the situations we go through but it’s not always as straight forward. God’s power is enough to sort out any situation, His power is in you and me, and with it, we can fight in every situation and see results.

The truth is you can’t afford to be part of those who have lost perspective of what the world truly contains. As much as you expect good and the best in life to come to you, also know that there is also terrible evil in the world.

As you eat those sumptuous meals, be just as aware that there are folks living off scraps. For every kind word you say to someone around you, be fully aware that many people are hurling negative and vile words at others (they could send them your way too). Every time you wish your neighbor good and want the best for him, there’s someone who is wishing you evil and desires no progress for you.

I see a lot of people who when they experience the negatives in life, are thrown off guard and they feel hurt like it was never meant for them. They blame God and every other person in their lives. Meanwhile, there are folks who are living every day in an alternate reality from theirs. What should those people do about the lives that they found themselves in?

For every morning you wake up on a mattress, someone is waking up on the hard cold ground. For every word you can read, there are people who only see the letters as decorations because they are illiterate. For every part of your body you can move, there are people who can’t move these body parts.

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Life is not all fun and games my people. Harm your minds with the truth that real stuff happens to even the best people, and many of them don’t deserve it. What life will require of you is how you can get yourself together through these tough situations by being forward-looking, positive and prayerful at the same time.

The same life that offers the night after a very bright day, also offers the morning, regardless of how tough and dark the night may have been.

Stay tough, stay wise. Even if you wanted a bed of roses, know that there are sharp sides to those beautiful roses and also weeds that would love to choke out the life of the roses.

Don’t think life is only like ice cream that melts in your mouth every time you want it to. Life is also like a huge chewing gum that keeps you awake and busy, asking yourself how much longer you have to chew..

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