Really?? Must I Like A Post to Make Heaven?


Tell me you only came here to share this post or like it so you can go to heaven? Did you say no? Oh, maybe not you then. I am certain that some people will comment and share this post before they even open this article. What if I just wanted to play with your feelings and it was a blank post, will you still make heaven? How do you know you will make heaven for commenting and sharing this article? Are you sure we worship the same God and have the same heaven to go?

I have seen some of the longest threads of shares and ‘amen’ comments simply because some people put up the ‘scary‘ or ‘feel good’ touch to a picture or a post. “Press like if you love Jesus”. “Share this if you don’t want to go to hell”, “Send this to 50 people to receive a new job by 5pm today.” People actually believe these things and follow through with them.

I think these responses are a mixture of desire, hope, fear and maybe a little lack of knowledge. Ever wondered how our parents and grandparents who did not have smartphones or the internet became rich, made heaven or had favour come to them? They didn’t have anywhere to share a post or type amen or like a post to make it happen. The truth is there are correct ways to get things without actually doing any of all the things these online posts request that you do.

God is not sitting on Facebook or Instagram waiting to see your like on a post or your comment before he blesses you. He is a good God, He has you in his heart already. If God opened his wallet, guess whose picture will be popping out? Your picture! (It’s not going to be one of those pictures that you deleted off your phone, but the very beautiful or handsome you ☺️). The Bible says God lets the rain fall on both the good and evil people, rain will surely get to you. He feeds the birds of the air that neither sow nor reap; you will surely be provided for and kept.

The gates of heaven do not open to those who like a picture and don’t scroll past it. Neither do the gates of hell open up to those who scrolled past a picture of Jesus with his arms open or not sending a message to 32 contacts. Heaven responds to those who believe in Jesus who was born into the world as a human through a virgin. They believe that he bore their sins, died and rose on the third day and was ascended to His throne at the right-hand side of the father. They have received Him as their Lord and saviour, they have His life. They are the ones that won’t miss heaven.

The apostles and believers of old didn’t have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to like and share posts off, and they are the heroes of faith God used mightily.

There are many people that do not believe in Jesus and will like all the posts they come across on the internet to avoid hell, they won’t make heaven that way. The devil isn’t going to be scrolling through anyone’s social media page to know whether hells gates should be closed or not. Not believing in Jesus is what will open the gates of hell to one. Jesus is the ONLY way.

Accepting Him and knowing that He loves you is the best way to go about it. He will empower you to do his commandments and to love like He does. You have a chance now to if you haven’t accepted him, He’ll show you how to make it out of whatever terrible situation you are in. The Bible is full of stories of people like you, and history will show you too that an encounter with Jesus actually changes you forever.

Jesus is the one that really matters.

So should you share this article? Please share because one of your friends needs to read this just like you did. Sharing this post doesn’t get you to heaven, neither does not sharing it! Lol

There is no need to fear anything or anyone. God’s love casts out fear, His love will bring you peace, joy, hope and faith.


Kindly drop a comment on your thoughts about this, share with a friend too.

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3 thoughts on “Really?? Must I Like A Post to Make Heaven?”

  1. Here’s my Best part – “God is not sitting on Facebook or Instagram waiting to see your like on a post or your comment before he blesses you. He is a good God.”
    Thanks for sharing bro.
    People have to change their mindset on these things

  2. I find it ridiculous that my “hope” for God to love me or bless me or get me a pass into heaven is tied to me liking a post. Lol. Fam, God loves us already. I will share this post so many people can read and be “free”. Besides what happens when my data subscription expires and I don’t see these “heaven Guaranteed” posts? Hahaha. Good one Victory. Happy Easter!

  3. Hmmmm this is very true. People need to know that God is not after them sharing post but living for Him and sharing His Word. Like all the post in this world and don’t have Jesus as your Lord and saviour, heaven doesn’t know you. Thanks for sharing Victory. I particularly like this post.

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