Love is Spelt “Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham”

Imprinted in my heart are memories young and old. If I could paint a memory now, I would pick the one of over a decade and a half ago. The one that has my mum and I sitting on the couch at night, cuddled together with a big cup of hot rich tea and an Indian movie playing in the television. It is so vivid because it was a routine; she watching Indian movies because she loves them and me watching with her just so I could spend some time alone with her.

As time went on, not only did I love cuddling with my mum and the cup of tea, I also grew to love Indian movies and looked forward to seeing it. Shah Rukh Khan and Karol became my favourite Indian actors from childhood till date.

Of all the movies and songs I heard and saw, Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham was exceptional for me probably because the lead characters were my favourites (Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol!). The movie was released in 2001. Despite how old the movie is, everything about it is still beautiful; the flaws, the characters, the dance, and even the songs is inspiring.

Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham which means sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness is primarily about love (well, all Indian movies are about that). It also portrayed the essence of unity in family. Even people in love have to face challenges and disagree, good and bad times, happiness and sadness but what matters is that they face them together because they are stronger together than apart.

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Also, I learnt quite early in life that family is not determined by blood ties. Rahul (a character in the movie) was adopted but the love he received from his adopted family removed the insecurities of adoption that he could have probably felt.

It was love that split them apart. It was also love that united them again. When Rahul walked away from his family, it was because he found love in a woman his father did not accept. Their egos would not make them apologise to each other and reach a consensus. It took them years and the effort of Rahul’s younger brother (who was longing for the presence of his elder brother and the unity of the family he once knew) to bring them back together for which the outcome of that unity made three families become one (Rahul’s family, his little brother’s family and their father and mother).

The power of Love cannot be disputed. The past may not have been so gentle on you and people that seemed important may have walked out of your life. You might have had to lose or get separated from a loved one, you may have been violated and hurting. Just like Rahul, love is only what can heal you; love from family, friends, elders etc.

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Remember, “family is not determined by blood ties”.

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