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I Never Had A Winning Love Story

The beautiful view of the beach caught my eyes, I could not resist watching as the waves hit the shore. The wasteful motion is pleasant to many, but to me, it was more like my love story. If there was anything the waves desired, it was to surpass the boundaries it previously got to when it headed for the shores. Sadly, every time the waves hit the shore, it was dragged back into the sea. What if the waves just wanted to keep going and not stop at the boundaries nature set? Would it be an unfair desire? Is it bad to want beyond the normal and not get dragged to where one started from?

I return my gaze to the young and handsome man in front of me, he had paused with a half smile on his face, and his mouth a little open. Maybe he cracked a joke and he was expecting me to laugh. Who knows? Or maybe it was a question about myself, my short and long terms goals, my philosophy or religion that he asked? Who cares? I was not interested in doing anything but eat the delicious three-course meal that this expensive restaurant offered, then go back home to hug my pillow.

My mind could not stop but think about the waves and the shore. Wasteful, meaningless, and useless. Regardless of the approach used, the same result was gotten. What had I not done to get the best love story for myself? Permit me if I do not find it easy to make the gentleman across my table boyfriend number seven in this short life I have lived. The status of my heart is that I have no heart, every single piece of it has been taken off by these previous guys that left me for dead. After all, I gave to them.

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I thought every single one of them was ‘the one‘ as they all came with their different and unique promises of what they were going to do differently for me this time. I was gullible and in desperate need of love, so I consented. Mike was the fellow that was the sex maniac, he taught my entire self to explore my sexual being, be it good or bad. I followed him because of his picture of a new adventure that he presented to my phlegmatic self. I loved the thought of the leader that I only had to follow. He was a very caring, but he got so used to me, that he left me for fresher fishes. I always thought I was a golden fish, unlike the other ladies. If not for God that I recently got to know, and that His plans for me were perfect and good, I would have committed suicide…

“Hmm Hmm Hmm. Rhoda, you are yet to answer my question. You seem a little distracted this evening. Is anything the problem?” Ken asked. (Oh by the way his name is Ken; the cute guy with the curly hair in front of me. Wait till you hear his accent. Let me reply him first).

“Sorry Ken, I am not distracted at all, you know it’s in brief moments of thoughts that great people like Mark Zuckerberg got the Facebook idea. So don’t blame me, if I take my mind for a little walk in search of inspiration. So what was your question again?” He smiled and said “I like how you think Rhoda, it’s unique and out of the box. I was asking if we could just be friends, that I get to know you more, first..”

Hahaha, those very lines, the exact lines that Soji gave me when we started getting to know each other, “I don’t want to be anything else but your friend. I perceive that there is a greatness on your inside that we can discover together.” I have heard things and have had experiences in the hands of men.

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Soji really wanted to know me more, but only to the extent that he was comfortable with. He only wanted to know me enough to find out if I was an exact match to the woman in his yellow notepad book that he had always dreamed of marrying. He deserted me few days to our introduction, saying he was suddenly no more convinced about us. So much for a ‘friend’ that became a boyfriend. Maybe I made a mistake of not showing him the way out of my heart’s friend zone.

“What do you really want from me, Ken? Are you sure it’s just friendship you want from me? You can as well say all you want from me, because I may just be willing to give you anything you want. Even if it’s that thing every guy wants and would never want to mention on a first date.” (This is a great question to ask a guy because it puts all his goals in his face at once, and he has to choose what next to say. The moment he says I think you are hot, I’ll just carry my bags and run away. An easy way to find another time waster).

He said “All I want to find someone like me that will understand me and my struggles. All my life, I have found it very difficult to find a lady on the same plane with me. A lady that can understand what I have been through in my life even with the ladies I have been with. I have been hurt over and over again. I am totally hesitant in going forward with another relationship. I need someone who is willing to pat me on the back and say it is okay, and is willing to be the right person to go all the way with me because she understands me. I should be able to say the same for the person as well. She must also know God and be in love with Him. I am not looking for a lady who is someone that is on the surface, that she isn’t inside”

His response caught me off guard. Could this be the man I could break the boundary of the shores with? Could he be the one that we could Tsunami together? Should I just let him go because I find it hard to trust again because of all of my experiences? Or should I not jump the gun and keep being his friend to get to know him better??

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What do you think Rhoda should do? Should she give love another chance, or not be moved by this guy’s words? What would you advise? Share your exact thoughts in a comment below..

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2 thoughts on “I Never Had A Winning Love Story”

  1. She should take her time and not be too quick to allow Ken or any guy into her delicate heart. Ken may just be the great guy for her but she needs time and the fact that she has met the Lord makes it great, she should seek His face
    Yes o, it should continue

    1. It must continue o. I believe she should take her time ,the fact that he made reference to God doesn’t mean he truly believes in him or really serves him, it could be a camouflage just to get her.She should also pray about it.

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