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Lyrics Of My First Ever Composed Song: Be My All

Ehrm, I am sure some of you are surprised to see this title? Can Victory Odunjo even sing, talk less of compose a song? Yes he can! Remember the Bible says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13. The Holy Spirit inspired me to write this song a few years back. I was privileged to minister this song to over 3000 people in my campus days as well.

Be My All   by Victory Odunjo

Lord I am blind, be the light I see
Lord I am deaf, be the voice I hear
Lord I am lame, teach me to walk in your ways
Lord I am dumb, speak through me

I can’t do anything without your help
I need your help
I can’t do anything without your strength
You are my strength

Lord I am afraid, be my courage
Lord I can’t act, be my faith
Lord I am a fool, be my wisdom
Lord I can’t make it, pull me through

I can’t do it on my own
Be my all
I can’t do it on my own
Be my all

Now I can do everything with your help
With your help
I can do every thing with your strength
You are my strength

Many times when I sing this song; a song of total surrender to Jesus, it becomes a reminder to me, that Jesus can only use a yielded vessel. If you must be used fully by God you must be totally empty, so that God can pour out all his has for you through you. Many of us go around with our own wisdom, our own self made plans, our own strength, and we still expect things to work out perfectly well without God. Indeed we must learn to surrender all we are and we ever will be to God, and trust that he will use our all to help us become all we are destined to be. Are you struggling? Are you clutching your own plans tightly to your chest? Are you too wise to let the only wise God use you? Its time to let it all go and trust God. Let Jesus be your all!

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