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My Experience With The Fish Seller

Hmmmnn… Fish seller Victory? Did you just say fish seller? Yes! I just said fish seller. So what did you go to do at the fish sellers place? I went to buy fish duuh. Cooked fish or uncooked one? Well its called fresh fish, now enough of the questions, let’s get into today’s story 🙂 . At that time in a man’s kitchen, when the cereals, pasta, biscuits have paid their dues, there is a need for real food. Well I had to make soup, and I needed something to be swimming in it. Fish seemed to be the best option for me this evening, not only because fishes swim, but because I kind of craved for fish (In my pot even turkey and chicken swim).

So I went to the market with some of my special friends to get some food ingredients and of course, fish! We went to our favorite fish seller simply because she sold her fish to us at a very low and reasonable price. This day was different because she mentioned an amount way over the price we normally bought it from her, and she was more than ready to swear on anything that she wasn’t cheating us, and she was being as sincere with us as possible. Truth be told, the price she mentioned wasn’t outrageous, but it was very much out of the range we intended. So we tried begging our dear fish seller to drop the price for us, she was adamant, and mentioned a price that was approximately the same price she mentioned, she took just too little off her earlier stated price. We told her that if she decided not to sell for us for the price we wanted, we would just go and buy meat. She was more than comfortable to have us go elsewhere, it really seemed like she was sincere about the price.

Suddenly, the idea struck one of my friends, that she didn’t have to spoil our fishy plan, all we had to do was try another fish seller, and we did just that! We went to another fish seller a few metres away from the previous fish seller, and she brought out some bigger pieces of fish than the previous woman. Having seen that we came from the nearby seller, she mentioned an even cheaper price for her bigger fish. We were surprised and just  couldn’t resist buying from this woman, and we bought quite more than usual from her at her very reasonable price.

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A glance at the previous fish seller showed a lot, she had seen how this new fish seller was able to bask on her refusal to sell to us, her eyes showed hurt and pain. She was totally not happy with the event, but this experience with the new fish seller showed us something: the former fish seller, having naturally gained our trust over time, wanted to use that privilege to get us to pay more, the price was obviously cheaper than what she expected us to pay for. I practically saw tears forming in her eyes, and when my friends saw it too, they laughed and we agreed that it was her choice that made her lose the opportunity.

She could have gotten the same amount that the other fish seller got from us if she was only able to see our coming to her as an opportunity and a privilege that she had, and not the fact that she had the power to dictate the price. At the end of the day, she lost, from her own customers too, she got zero from us, meanwhile the other got more money than her, we could easily say who lost at that moment, and it was the first fish seller. The new woman that sold us fish was more than grateful and even told us to comeback next time.. Lol. If you had the chance to consider either of them, who would you choose? We said our goodbyes and the first fish seller couldn’t even say a word to us. I am sure she learnt her lesson, but whats more important is you and I learning our lessons from this seeming normal experience.

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What’s your view to life? Do you just live and expect a drastic change to happen to you suddenly? Or you are sensitive enough to know and recognize an opportunity? Someone defined poor as:

P – Passing
O -Over
O – Opportunities
R – Repeatedly

Many people have walked past the life changing opportunities that were right in front of them, some looked down on those opportunities, many saw the opportunities as too large, meanwhile many just ignored them. Don’t expect opportunity to meet you, shake you and say “Hello, my name is Opportunity, right after I finish speaking to you, hold me, arrest me, maximize me, and never let me go, it won’t be a crime but what is right, do it now!” Of course not, there’ll be nothing of a such, opportunities must be recognized, because you may be seeing them and not knowing them. The most difficult opportunities to unravel are the opportunities people carry, and the opportunities life and situations present us with. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity, many times your opportunity would be a burden, that is, it would not be free, it would task you, but that is your special moment.

I remember a while ago when I wanted to travel from one state to another, I met the bus driver, and he was ready to take me and my load for a particular price, I told him, there was somewhere cheaper, and I walked on. I later realized that the driver was the only one going to my location at that time, so I had to shamefully walk back to his bus and board. He laughed at me and charged me the FULL price, he told me if I just answered him and settled down the minute he told me to, I would have just been fine, that he had no idea why he even wanted to give me a discount. I begged him, and he refused to give me that discount again, the same way many lost opportunities may never be recovered again. I was pained and disappointed in myself, because I knew it was an opportunity I was blind to, simply because I believed I was right. I learnt to search for opportunities the hard way. Look at your life right now, what are the opportunities you are not taking note of? The more you search, the more you realize how you can be useful to maximize opportunities.

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Another lesson from this experience is to not give up on whatever you want to do, become or achieve because of a setback, discouragement or disappointment. There is always a better place, person that would encourage your vision or dream to come to pass. We almost gave up on buying fish, until we got someone willing to sell more for an even cheaper price. A NO isn’t the end of the world, move on quickly to another person. As someone said if plan A didn’t work, plan B – Z still remains untested, unused and untried.

I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time. – Ecclesiastes 9:11 (NLT)

Don’t ever give up, it may take time or tarry, but in the end it would speak. Its time to be open to recognize those opportunities and use other options, because no one is BIG enough to stop you or your dreams from coming to pass.

Hope you’ve learnt something from this? Let’s keep learning from life’s situations. 🙂 Follow this blog by mail to get the posts straight to your mail.

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  1. Very inspiring piece Bro. We must be sensitive to oppourtunities so they don’t slip by. Thanks.