My Gamble

I couldn’t have done it

I never saw myself that way

That there was a thing I could accomplish

That there was someone I could become

The early days were cloudy

The early days were sad


My heart was full of depression

How was I meant to survive?

How was I meant to make it?

I always sadly thought to myself

That I was not going to get out of the rut I was in


I still remember as clear as now

My days of sickness and turning in bed

So it seemed that hell had come visiting

‘Hope’ was to me like another planet entirely

No gain to me, but just a story


In my darkness I decided

To try something I had never tried

Make something out of nothing

To believe a seemingly foolish tale

Of a man God that had come to die


If he was God, why should he have died?

I thought gods were immortal

Mortal immortal I thought to myself

That God wasn’t so wise I thought

That he had to be killed by His creation


The more and more I thought

The more the story became a fable

Why should I believe the tale of a dead God?

Moreover was he not dead?

I totally stopped reasoning


Until I heard the full story

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That this God didn’t stay dead!

After dying for my sins, he rose again

Who does that?

What a greater proof of immortality!


What a story of love!

It began to dawn on me how much love

God gave by sending Jesus

Even in the midst of controversies

And my previous mindset..


I chose to believe

And surrender my life to Him

The one that did such a great feat

For my sake was worthy of my love

A gamble that became the changing decision


My sorrows were lifted

My guilt and shame erased

All for Christ’s sake

My cloudy days became bright skies

My mood lost its swings


My health became stable

My mind became better

And my intellect sharper

I could never imagine

That I became better


My life had a meaning

My gamble became my treasure

Because every thing started to fall in place

After a while I began to understand His grace

That it wasn’t by my works but His grace


It was life transforming

It still is

Now I ask myself how I did it

How did I survive without God?

Because now I can’t do without Him


Its like living again

Yes I know why

Its because I am born again

Now I inspire others

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Now am a vessel fit for His use


I now comfort others

With the comfort He comforted me with

Boldly I say old things have passed away

Because I am totally new

I am joyful, happy and satisfied in Him


But Jesus doesn’t want only me

He wants all of us to experience the new life

Because he died for us all

All we have to do is take that step of believing!

This is my story, this is my song

Jesus said unto us “I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me” (John 14:6). Jesus is the only way. Only through Him, we can live the life that brings victory and fulfillment. Accept Jesus today if you haven’t. Take him more seriously if you have him. And watch your story turn around. He did all he did, just for you and me and all for LOVE! Jesus loves you.

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