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My Girlfriend Is Spiritual & The Sex Is Great

Dear Christian,

Finding the perfect partner is one of the most difficult tasks in our time. With the high number of young marriages failing daily, it is important to get the right person who will spend the rest of their life with you. That would mean finding someone you are willing to commit to being with and also compliments you in key areas. I know what the hustle is like, I am also aware of how heart-breaking it is to not end up with someone who you imagined spending the rest of your life with.

What I find hard to reconcile in my mind generally, are some sincere descriptions and truths about the situations of some people.

Descriptions like:

“My girlfriend is spiritual and the sex is great!”

How do these words fit into the same sentence? How can your girlfriend be “spiritual” and you are both constantly having sex? A better word would be fornicating. Especially among Christians, I have heard so many other statements like “We met in church after a powerful service, and we were rolling in the sheets by evening. We are yet to define our relationship.” You must have probably heard many expressions like these and wondered why they sounded odd to you. Well, you wondered right.

What I appreciate is the sincerity of these people; they honestly say the truth about how it all happened. Many others would not mutter a word about it, so the true status of things can’t be harnessed.

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I am obviously not here to become anyone’s Reverend father, but I can surely share my thoughts on patterns I notice.
Are we missing something? Is there something we are not learning with the Christianity of our days? Of course, there may be loose moments, many may fall into temptations and God empowers them to stand up and keep standing. But when sin starts to become something one lives comfortably with, then something isn’t right. I understand the excuse that most people give with regards to “testing the car before driving it”. Some even say their ladies must get pregnant before they marry because they “must be sure their woman can bear children.”

Anyone can think like that, but Christians; children of God? It’s amusing.

I believe hard truths need to be continuously be spelt out to both old Christians and all those who are new in the faith. Receiving Jesus empowers you to overcome and live above sin, the truth is sin has been overcome by Jesus. He bore your sins on the cross with him and died with them, sin actually died with Christ. It was why when he rose from the dead, he was Holy and without blemish. Sin died and was not raised with him! So for everyone that accepts Jesus, the issue of sin is not a discussion, not to mention living comfortably with sin and enjoying its presence. It is not consistent with the nature you have received dear Christian.

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Receiving Christ is becoming a new man, you are entirely changed, not modified.

For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. (Rom 8:5)

What are your eyes looking at and your ears listening to? Are you spending time focusing on things that lead you down the steep and slippery slope that you are never proud about; sin?  Is a big butt, getting drunk, getting laid, and making all the money in the world all that is on your playlist and your TV screen? Do those songs play in your mind when you try to worship God, or does the sight of that body part flash in your mind whenever you try to concentrate?

If you can learn to focus on living according to the spirit, the revelation of the word of God, and all that He has done for you, things would surely be different. Focus means choosing to look on to a particular thing in the midst of other things. These other distractions still exist. The more you gaze into the light, the more light you’ll keep seeing, you won’t be used to darkness anymore. Let’s focus on Jesus, learning more of Him, spending time with Him, and believing the truth of His word, applying it to our lives.

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The greatest truth is that we have the enabling power of God in us; who is the Holy Ghost, as long as we yield to Him, He will come through for us every time. In our times of weakness, He will strengthen us. We can learn to live a life of triumph over sin every day, especially if we believe in Christ, the power is available. We won’t be having many sincere comments amongst us that sound like the title of this article. More encouraging testimonies of victories over sin is what we will have.

We must strive to have encouraging testimonies of victories over sin.

And by the way, spirituality is not a reason for you to not be good in bed or not have great sex in marriage. I know a particularly newly wedded friend who will be nodding her head at this part. Lol

I can’t wait to hear your story.

Yours Sincerely,

Victory Odunjo
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  1. This piece touched my heart. God help us as youths to live above sin and present our bodies a living sacrifice to Him. More Grace sir.

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