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My Head Was In Her Skirt

Its confession time! This can’t be easy to say. I remembered this event recently. Let me share the experience with you:

It was many years ago, should be over 14 years ago. I was still in primary school. I remember what our school uniform looked like, the guys had a red and white striped shirt always tucked into blue shorts. For the ladies, it was a gown, that had the white and red strips on top then joined to the dark blue lower part, it always looked like a shirt and skirt. One day we were in class and the teacher was writing on the board, we had to write fast and catch up with the teacher, because once he finished with a side of the blackboard, he would go to erase the other side on which he had previously written on with his chalk.

The class was very noisy as we were all trying to ensure we wrote all he wrote. At a point some of the girls in class stood up and carried their note in their hands, to write while standing up, in order to see the board clearly. This was how class typically was in those early days. In my bid to be the fastest writer, I was doing my best. It was always a good feeling to either be the first to finish or to be the one who everyone wants to copy from. With this desire in me, I was doing well, until my pen fell out of my hands.

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I stood up as quickly as possible, walked to where my pen was, and bent down to pick it. As I stood up from my bent position, I realized that my head was dragging a cloth like material. I didn’t understand until I heard the girl scream, I just put my head back down, and stylishly brought out my head from under her skirt! She was one of the girls that stood up to write. I had no idea that the very moment I bent to pick up my pen, she had shifted a little bit, thus her skirt had covered the back of my head. There was no explanation to give, the entire class saw that short scene.


By the time I looked up, all I saw were eyes on me. The girl in a muffled voice with teary eyes then said “Uncle, he was looking at my pant”. (Its interesting to know that many years back seeing someones pant was considered a BIG sin, its not like our current age that the internet, TV and the entertainment industry would gladly show you a lady wearing a pant and even more if you so desire, and easily too. May God help us.) I felt tears swell up in my eyes. I couldn’t even explain that it was my pen i was trying to pick, and that it was a mistake. I didn’t even see anything. I was beaten and punished that day, I had to bear the shame and the pain too. The scene portrayed me doing the wrong thing, and it was easily perceived wrongly by others.

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Have you ever been in a fix like this before, when you ended up being caught for doing wrong, when it was good you intended? Don’t let it stop you from doing good. Have you been punished or treated wrongly because of a situation you had nothing to do with and found yourself stuck in? Know that these kinds of situations happen in life. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people even though they have a good conscience and good motives? Its because we live in a bad world, so sometimes we all must experience bad even though we keep giving out good.

If the world hates you, remember that they hated me first.
If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as it loves its own people. But I have chosen you to be different from those in the world. So you don’t belong to the world, and that is why the world hates you.
“Remember the lesson I told you: Servants are not greater than their master. If people treated me badly, they will treat you badly too. And if they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours too.
They will do to you whatever they did to me, because you belong to me. They don’t know the one who sent me.
If I had not come and spoken to the people of the world, they would not be guilty of sin. But now I have spoken to them. So they have no excuse for their sin.
“Whoever hates me also hates my Father.
I did things among the people of the world that no one else has ever done. If I had not done those things, they would not be guilty of sin. But they have seen what I did, and still they hate me and my Father.
But this happened to make clear the full meaning of what is written in their law: ‘They hated me for no reason.’ – Jesus

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John 15:18-25 (ERV)

Jesus was punished and then ultimately killed for no sin, no wrong doing, no coup, no contempt, no treason, NOTHING. He was a good, perfect man through and through, but yet he died in his good. Having being portrayed as a bad and wicked man. If Jesus could suffer such or endure such persecution, how much more us? Lets think on these things. Never let bad situations change the good within you.

Victory Odunjo

What do you think? Have you ever been in a situation that depicts this? Let’s know your thoughts..

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4 thoughts on “My Head Was In Her Skirt”

  1. Very good post Victory. Truth is it’s easy to get discouraged in such situations. Been a victim myself. And I actually gave up at some point but God helped me back up. Keep up the good work.

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