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My Mum Travelled And Left The Gas Cooker Running for 24 Hours

If you think miracles have stopped happening, you need to read this story.

A few weeks back, my mum needed to go on a journey. You know how a journey is, the earlier you leave, the better for you. So my mum was running late on this particular afternoon. She chose to eat something before the long trip, which was very wise. She whipped up something quick that required frying. As she got the last portion out of the hot oil, she dashed out of the house and joined the already waiting vehicle. She totally forgot to switch off the cooker which still had hot oil in the frying pan on it.

The journey was smooth and fulfilling. Anyone that knows about fire accidents, especially involving oil and fire, or gas and fire would let you know quickly that not much is needed for a fire to be started. I personally have heard of tragic fire incidents that were caused by the smallest of mistakes. Can you actually imagine forgetting something on fire for over 24 hours? A lot should burn, beginning with the gas cooker, then the kitchen and then the house probably should be nothing to write about. I wasn’t home as well during this period, there was no one home as this incident happened. Trust me, my mum had switched off the cooker in her mind.

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The afternoon and night passed, also the morning of the next day,  the fire was still burning this frying pan, the afternoon of the next day almost passed when it was finally discovered that it was left running. What was the situation of the house? Huge flames, fumes, smoke, and very burnt kitchen or worse was what we were meant to have met. But what God allowed was still the very very hot oil still being fried in the pan. There was nothing damaged, everything was in perfect condition. It was a total miracle. Unbelievable too. One’s mind can only wonder about the level of damage that would have been caused if the oil caught fire (which hot oils generally do). You really can’t imagine how grateful my mum and the entire family was and still is.

Little occurrences like this show us, that God is with us, He never sleeps, He has His angels guarding us. We are not alone. God is sovereign over us. You may be expecting a miracle, something really huge, and you still haven’t gotten it yet. But I can tell you, there are too many miracles that God has done for you that you probably don’t know, or are too little for you to notice. If God could stop a little fire from becoming a bigger fire, I’m sure he can tame the flames in your life.

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This testimony is the start of a new and powerful category on this blog called iTestify. It’s all about sharing testimonies that you have experienced, and you want people to hear and be empowered by. The truth is many people are facing the kinds of situations you have faced, and need to know and hear the stories of another person like them. We can relate easily with other peoples situations and circumstances, than some theory being gobbled down our throats. The truth of your testimony would set others free.

Send your testimonies to me today. Even if you are not a good writer, I’ll gladly help you with your story. It could be in any category, from protection to healing, financial miracles, to freedom from addictions. There are people that are just like you in the world today, they need your story. A testimony is also a way of giving glory to God and declaring your freedom. Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Send in as many testimonies as you can remember. Expect some of my testimonies here as well. Thanks for reading.

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15 thoughts on “My Mum Travelled And Left The Gas Cooker Running for 24 Hours”

  1. God is a miracle worker, and I know God answers when we call on Him for anything. He is a good God. great testimony!!!

  2. Wow Victor what a wonderful example of God’s intervention and yes I agree He intervenes more than we know, which is why I find it hard to understand why I was an Atheist for nearly thirty years although I was deceived as a Teenager that I came from an Ape and that Jesus my Childhood friend was just made up but yes God intervened even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

    As I was reading about your Mum’s frying pan I was reminded about a few of the times God intervened in my life but there were more I’m only alive today because He did.

    I will leave a link for you as they have a lot of detail for a comment but I would be happy to share more of God’s intervention in my life if wanted on your Blog or with links from mine. I do not copyright so feel free to use what you want.

    God’s intervention-

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne.

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