Let People Be The Center Of Your Crusade

Listening to my pastor and mentor a while ago, and it got me thinking and pondering about the topic he spoke about: ‘Finding Your Crusade.’ Crusade in this context means purpose. After all he had said one particular sentence stuck to me:

‘You won’t find your purpose and you won’t find fulfillment until you put the focus on others.’

It got me thinking about all the successes I’ve seen and can see around me today. Those who look around them and decide to do something about the current state of their environment or society at any point in time usually end up finding what I’ll call a ‘gold mine’. They don’t just look at how the world can be of help to them, they don’t allow their current state of life, wealth or influence to change their thoughts on how they can impact the world.

Let’s take a look at Bill Gates, going back to his roots, I’m sure he never though he was going to make billions of his insatiable thirst for computing. He built his company with the goal of having a personal computer in each household. I’m not saying he didn’t consider the profit aspect (he obviously did) but he looked at this great idea of his as a way to make life easier and the world a better place for us all to live in.

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Not just Bill Gates, but also some of the big companies and enterprises we have around today have this same mentality and that has spurred them on to break barriers that other companies have fought so hard to break, to move across the world and create impact even while making profits. When you hear company slogans like:

‘Bringing goods and services closer to our consumers’
‘To make financial services easy and accessible’
‘Lowest prices at the best quality’
‘Save money, live better’
‘Your potential. Our passion’
‘Inspire the world. Create the future’

Looking at the above slogans, it can be inferred that this are not companies or corporations driven only by profit but also by an hunger to change the world and make life easier for us all. They first checked out what people needed and designed their products around the needs of the people around them.

To succeed and find out your purpose, you have to come out of that box you’ve put yourself in. You have to learn to focus on others and not on yourself. Trying to make life easier for yourself can only take you so far and you find out that the hunger you are trying to sate within yourself just continues to grow as you try to find comfort for yourself alone.


Shoprite is fast becoming or already one of the most patronized malls in Nigeria and it seems that at every turn of the head they open a new branch somewhere else to reach more people. They obviously think about their profits but they also know that putting the focus on the people and following their wants is a way to increase and grow their franchise.

Look at their American counterpart Walmart, their slogans says: ‘Save money, live better’. That slogan shows how much they care about the people around them and that has gone a long way for them. They’re not just in the U.S. anymore but expanding to other parts of the world.

When you look at the great men of God of our time and immediate past, you find out they had need of nothing as soon as they started putting the people of God first and as their top priority. Things started coming in easy for them, they didn’t need to ask. It was just there for the taking. Whatever God puts in their mouth to preach or speak about supernaturally becomes evident in their lives.

Look at Bishop David Oyedepo and his preaching about prosperity. I’m sure a lot of people from his past wouldn’t believe he would get this far and when he started preaching prosperity to his congregation and teaching them how to make a prosperous life it started to bloom in his life as well, he put people first and was rewarded in a thousand fold for it.

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Pastor Sam Adeyemi is another example, when he started talking success over the radio; he was a ‘nobody‘ and had practically no dealings with the success at the time. But now looking at him you can find that putting others ahead of himself has paid off for him. Success is now his companion and brother. He has become what he teaches people to be.

I just want to charge you today to go out and look at what your community needs, what someone out there needs. Turn the focus outwards to others, don’t be too self-indulged. I’m going to end by a quote and a Bible verse:

In the bit to help people, you then find your own crusade and purpose.
– Pst. Sam Adeyemi

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
-Proverbs 11:24-25

Thank you for reading.

I’ll be expecting to see your comments. What are your thoughts about today’s post? Can you relate to it?

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