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Show Them Christ

I had an experience recently that taught me a great lesson. My friends and I were in class one afternoon, each person joining his or her group as we worked on our research. Most of us were tired because we had been working since morning. Others, mostly the guys (no offence guys *wink*), spent most of the time arguing about all sorts. Suddenly, I noticed everyone became quiet and just like every other person, I turned to see why. I saw a woman sharing tracts and preaching. She had on an off white loosely fitted blouse tucked into a deep green coloured velvet skirt which reached her ankles and tied on her head was the same velvet material, she had no jewelries on and hardly smiled. Sincerely speaking I was impressed, it had been awhile since anyone had done such, I was glad to see someone share the gospel.

In as much as I would have loved to give her my full attention, I knew time was not on my side. We had only minutes to finish what we were doing so I turned to face the work knowing fully well that she was still going to to bring the tract to where I was sitting. When she got to my row, the strangest thing happened. I heard her say to the guy by my side in a pretty hash tone ‘You are lying!‘. Everyone turned to her to see what was going on, why she would call a stranger she was meant to be preaching to a liar. The accused, himself, was in shock, he didn’t utter any word all he did was shake his head and smile. The woman said to him again ‘How can you be living in Yoruba land and say you cannot read Yoruba?‘ and she continued sharing the tracts paying almost zero attention to him.

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Apparently what had happened was that the guy politely told her he could not read the Yoruba tract she gave him because he couldn’t read Yoruba and she flared up. In order to calm the situation, everyone started telling her that he was an Igbo boy and could really not read Yoruba. Her response was ‘I don’t trust him‘ then she turned to leave the class as she had given out the tracts in her hand. One of us then asked her ‘Ma, is it right to say you don’t trust someone when you don’t even know him?‘ To my surprise she turned to the lady that asked the question and said pointing at her ‘You need Jesus!‘ and the lady told her immediately that she was the one that needed Jesus. People in class seemed to laugh about it but my heart bled. ‘Why would a Christian sharing the gospel portray it in such a repulsive way?‘ I asked myself

I wish that was all the drama that day. The women, obviously upset, said with her hand moving from her head downwards ‘look at me from head to toe, anyone that sees me will know I have Jesus’. That was it, I heard heard enough of this adulterated message. What exactly was she saying at that point?. Was the fact that she had her head covered, did not use jewelry or had on an ankle length skirt the reason why people could see Jesus in her? I felt like correcting that notion immediately but I was probably too upset to talk calmly and getting into an argument was not an option.

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Narrating this is in no way to judge or condemn this woman it’s just that the incident was an eye opener. I doubt I would have accepted Jesus if He was presented to me on such a platform. The Bible says ‘Let men see your good works so that they may glorify your Father Who is in Heaven’ Matthew 5 vs 16. Louder than the gospel we preach by mouth are our actions and one must not contradict the other. Your are the Bible the world is reading. In all things, let others see Jesus in you. Cheers.

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8 thoughts on “Show Them Christ”

  1. I agree with you. The world today has forgotten where Christianity started from and so-called Christians preach are preaching unauthenticated messages

  2. Nice piece. I was there that day, and I must say some Christians don’t make the full impact they’ve been blessed to have on non-believers because they preach themselves instead of Christ Jesus.

  3. One need to allow God deal with excesses that may pollute the truth in our mouth.
    A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump says the scripture.

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