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Take That Selfie!!

I have now been crowned the Selfie King by some of my friends. They say I love selfies! Won’t you put your hands together for me? Someone recently asked me if I use a selfie stick for my selfies, I told the person my arms are my selfie stick. The person was really impressed. Trust me I know so many people that take like 50 selfies and delete 49 immediately, but I think for me, I have come to learn that like any other thing, taking beautiful selfies is an art. Not every selfie is beautiful, that’s the truth, you have to learn to read the lighting of an environment right, ensure you can get the people in the selfie smiling, and even ensure that the arrangement is on point. When next you get to see me, ensure that we remember to take a selfie together 🙂

IMG_20150818_135730     IMG_20150626_164230

As much as the selfie craze has been on for a while, and it seems to be a better option than politely asking someone to help you take a photo, I see the selfie invention in another direction. First of all, a selfie starts with only you in it. Yeah, this is the one people do the most, from boredom, to being in a hurry, or wanting to confirm what your makeup looks like, or how your haircut is, a personal selfie is just right. There are also the selfies that involve other people, the number then depends on how many people are willing to be in it.

IMG_20150510_121456 IMG_20150508_142351 IMG_20150209_172945

One thing that you have to agree with me on, is the fact that selfies show one thing; PERSPECTIVE! The perspective a selfie shows you, is totally different from the perspective a full picture taken by another person shows you. As a matter of fact, it’ll be almost impossible to actually get a selfie that isn’t so close to you. The perspective that a selfie brings to you is different. I must also say that a selfie gives you a unique chance that other photograph styles don’t give you, and that’s the chance to see how the picture looks, before you actually take it. When your camera is at the mercy of another person and you have no chance to see what your picture looks like, the photographer could miss out on that very moment you wanted to capture or you can even end up disappointed with the persons photo taking skills.

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IMG-20141030-WA0007 20141016_121226

Now, let’s take this selfie talk to another level. Let’s view a selfie as your view to life or let’s say your current life’s situation. The way some people live, they have just themselves in their  selfie. Trust me, it’s only them in the picture, there’s no one else. They live for themselves ALONE! They are totally not interested in any one else, or whatever it is they intend to offer them. That’s their life. Does your selfie look like this? Only you in it while there is no one else feeling your impact or being in the picture with you? Well good luck to you, enjoy your solitude!

IMG_20150319_181452  IMG_20150830_085528

There are then people who have a couple of people in their selfie, people they tag as important. When they take that selfie, there are a couple of faces that show there consistently, and that’s really good. The people could just be family or a few friends. To the people in this set, this is the best they can get, this is the highest their hands can go to take the selfie. They have tried again and again! We have the most people in this category.

IMG_20150209_183819          IMG_20150415_161444


IMG_20150626_164453             IMG_20150903_221620

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And then, there is the SELFIE!

worldslargestselfie-624x351 self

“Oh boy! Is that a selfie? You have to be kidding me!” “It has so many people in it, how did they do that? This is bigger than using a selfie stick” Yeah, surprised? The same perspective that had only you and also a few people in your life, that got this huge amount of people in it. You know the difference?? The platform! You will never be able to reach out to as many people as you want to without a platform or a stage.

You must be willing to avail yourself to put yourself out there, to get a selfie this big. So huge that people will need to squeeze in together to show. These people would be pleased to be a part of your selfie because of the positive impact you have made in their lives. Sincerely, you can do way more! In your lifetime, there’s nothing stopping you from having over a million people in your selfie. You can reach out to so many people if you so desire. It’s possible. Work towards that. There’s a message in you for your generation and even generations to come.

selfie IMG-20141130-WA0004

When the time then comes for you to rest, and take a break, you’ll find out that the selfie with those few people will appear, those people that mattered all the time. Outside of the noise of the crowd, and when the chips are down these few people are the ones that will be seen. They are your foundation.

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IMG_20150911_172844   IMG_20150510_181330 (1)  IMG_20150510_124712

IMG_20150815_162722  IMG_20150321_113521 IMG_20150508_185716

When you then need to go on a total renewal, and you need to be in touch with your source of inspiration; the One who created you. You stand before the camera to take that selfie, you may feel like it’s only you in it, until you realize after the picture that was taken, that there were four of you in it. The trinity has always been behind you; God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Regardless of how things in your life may play, you’ll never have a selfie with just you alone in it, because in true terms YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. God is always there for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust him with your growth and development. He’ll surely show you how to make your selfie bigger!

So, what’s stopping you? Take that Selfie!!!

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