Take The First Step

Many times, we are scared to do a lot of things. We call it caution, but it really is fear.

One of our Major fears is the fear of beginning. At a point in my life’s journey, I was really scared to write anything at all. I was afraid I wouldn’t be any good, afraid I’d make too much mistakes, afraid I’d be ‘booed’ at by people. In actual fact, I had stopped even before I started. I took my love for writing, locked it in a box and walked very far away from it. Did I feel better? No! Was I fulfilled? Oh No! Was I able to move on or stay away? A Bigger NO!

After merry-go-rounding and circling around the real thing for a while, I decided to take the first step. I wrote my first article. It was described as, according to a senior friend who went through it, irritating and without creativity. Another senior friend of mine said to me ‘Stella, who deceived you and told you that you had a gift? Dear, stick to singing and leave this to better pens’. I didn’t stop. I had taken the first step and I wasn’t going to quit that easy. I locked myself in, writing and writing. And Now… Hey! You are reading my article

Its not the easiest thing to do but its the needed thing.

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What fear does is stop you before you even start. Stop you from believing; believing in God, in you, in your vision and dreams. Fear tells you ‘don’t go outside the box. You’d get blinded by the harsh sun. You’d be ‘deafened’ by the criticisms of people who mean something to you. You’d be struck dumb by the works of others that are better than you’d ever be

The truth is; the sun is harsh but you would only get blinded by it if you look at it too long. People will criticise you but you’d only be ‘deafened’ by them when it becomes a stone pillow to lay your dreams and sleep on instead of a stepping stone for you to move on the greater heights. There are better works, yes, but you’d only be struck dumb if you think you are inferior and you will never get there instead of take them as challenges and press on to be even better.

There’s no time to sit down! There’s too much to do. Take the First step! There’s so much to see, so much to learn, so much to hear, so much to know, so much to discover, so much to become but you must Take The First Step! There are lots to win, a lot of persons to inspire, a lot of autographs to sign, a Gold Crown to wear, Magazine front covers with your picture on it; The Paparazzi awaits, but you have got to Take the first step! The Ladder is already against the wall, the door of the stairwell is open… Get in and Take that Step!

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Don’t die with that song still in you. Don’t go without that book getting published. Don’t leave the earth with those designs buried in you. Move in spite of your fears.


You Are Stellar

I Love you!


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Stella Eyuruntela Ashe

I carry a burning passion  to reach out to my generation with God's Love, renewing hope, healing hurts, and reshaping destinies.

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