Tempest in a Tea Cup

Dave and I have been married for over two years before the tempest blew in such a way that I couldn’t handle it. There’s always a story behind every marriage and always a storm behind every raging sea. Dave is a fine boy. Yes he is and everyone knew it, the only problem is that he knows this too, but a little too much and we know what they say about too much of everything or of something. Therefore, I’ll tell you how we got married.

Dave and I met when we were in school, I was in my third year while he was in his fifth year. He was the third best student in his class but what made him stand out was his good looks. He is the kinda guy you’d depict as, “Your mama born you well”. The pink lips, concerted efforts at the gym every weekends, eat healthy, rich background, everything at his finger tips.

He was a hot cake and him knowing this made it possible for him to be a player. He drove one of those cars you’d call, ” Preyor!!” It was a big deal in school as he reshuffled the ladies like bed sheets and I mean, he literally changed bed sheets every three days. He was a boss like that. Him being in his fifth year at that point would depict he was in engineering and I was in psychology. We met one time at a cafeteria.

My uncle came over to see me and took me out to the most expensive cafeteria on campus. It was a place where any lady that went there with any guy felt like she had made it in life. So I went to order for food and he had just gotten to the counter as well.

When I was done ordering, I made an attempt to pay and he came and said, “Hey sweetheart, let me get that for you”. He held my hand while speaking and I got so irritated and splashed my beverage on his face, hissed and walked out, carrying what was left.

He wore a white shirt that day and it was completely ruined. As bold as I was and having no prior knowledge about who he was, I didn’t think I ought to give a damn! He smiled and apologized. My uncle went and had a talk with him and got me another beverage as I was too pissed to even say a word. To cut the long story short, he looked for me, found me and apologized again and then somehow we became friends.

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He trusted me because in his defence, no lady made him feel intimidated the way I did judging from the event of that day. He would give me his money to keep for him and sought for advice from me. Whilst all these happened, he got more attention from other ladies and some female assisting lecturers who were new in the system.

After he left school, he hung around for a while and kept asking me out. He lingered for another whole year until I agreed to date him during my convocation, and that wasn’t because he got me the latest IPhone that year.

We dated for long and we had reoccurring issues in the relationship, which I felt were normal. He’d cheat on me with other ladies but for some reasons, I couldn’t let him go, not because of whatever he had, after all, my parents were as rich also.

I loved him because he had money and also he was smart, primarily. I needed someone who could use his head and he could, I’m telling you, the guy is smart and thinks fast. There’s nothing more romantic than this for me, in a guy.

I chose to stay in the relationship even when I knew it wasn’t safe. I loved him and he was willing to learn, so I was going to do all I could to teach him. A year after we started dating, he proposed and like a camel knowing nothing else but to walk, I agreed. We got married and the event was grand. Dignitaries showed up and obviously didn’t leave without a trickle in the pot for us.

We took a vacation to Mauritius for our honeymoon and it was wonderful and blissful, but as imperfect as we are as human beings, there were glitches here and there. He slept with the lady at the counter and the lady that came for room service. It turned out she came to service him too.

The one that got me irritated was when I walked in on him on the bed with another lady who came with her newly wedded husband for honeymoon too, they stayed in the room next to ours.

I was going to leave him and travel back home to report the case to the in-laws but he begged and I accepted. What could I have done? I married him so I had to find a way to stay happy and try my best to be very good in bed so he couldn’t look elsewhere, but the truth is that there are always better people in that aspect.


I couldn’t let the news out else, my church people who were against the marriage would have something to say and be like, ‘I told you so’.

Urghh! I was so not gonna have any of that. After two weeks, we got back home to start our family. The house was pretty big and I couldn’t cope with the chores anymore, I suggested we needed a help. Due to my husband’s weakness, I decided to get a male house help. I told my mum and she sent a guy from the village. His name was Tony.

Tony was 19 when he came and he was keen on impressing the house owners and also not disappointing my mum. It was his chance to explore the new world outside of the village setting and it was exciting to him. Dave had gone to work as usual and was going to be late, also as usual.

I got home earlier from my boutique store and as I entered, I saw Tony just coming from the bathroom and that was when I knew how that a 19 year old boy could also be a man. Flashes of thoughts came into my mind but I had to quickly discard them. He rushed in to dress up and came back out to greet me properly. He had said Oga was home earlier and he brought his female friend also.

The next day, I got to my office and I overhead my sales girls discussing how my husband “satisfied” one of them the day before. That was when I remembered she took an excuse to take care of something earlier and it was around the same time Tony had said Dave was home.

The whole thing was getting tiring and I had to sack the so called lady slut! As time went by, I began to get overwhelmed by Dave’s incompetence as a man who couldn’t control his manliness.

Based on the turn of events, my gaze began to fall upon Tony and I started seeing him differently. One thing led to another, I slept with him and it was the most terrible feeling ever. To my greatest shock, Dave found out and said nothing, he just reported the issue to my parents and that was when everything went south. At that point, I knew there was no need deceiving ourselves that we were still married.

I prepared my divorce papers but it was rejected by my parents because they weren’t ready to have a divorcee daughter lying around the house. Three months later, I was pregnant but it wasn’t Dave’s. It became obvious that Dave was impotent and couldn’t have kids that was why he had been at this sleeping around game since university days.

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I was carrying Tony’s child and couldn’t divorce my husband. Its been two years and even though I got the child I had always wanted, it wasn’t from the man I married.

I sent Tony back to the village and began to drown in my misery. My friends couldn’t know about this because to them, I was the only perfect being and I had to live up to the expectation. My misery escalated when my parents and my in-laws found out that I was pregnant for Tony. Not knowing what to do, I decided to commit suicide.

I had hung for about 5seconds when I was cut down. I passed out almost immediately and found myself in the hospital after about two weeks. I had been in a coma and I wished I died. I called on death, but it was nowhere to be found. I called on life sucking problems but the ones that came to me were the ones that would ensure you live long.

This is my 15th year in marriage and I can boldly say I’m glad I fought through the storm and the tempest. At long last, Dave decided to be a husband indeed and I kept the child I was with and he’s now 11 years old, he’ll be 12 next month. My marriage is the tea cup and I’m glad the tempest didn’t break the cup. It was after the third year of my marriage that I decided to surrender everything to God and gave up fighting.

Tempests do happen in every tea cup, but its left to you to decide what ingredient you add to calm it. I added God in my marriage and the tempest ceased. I use this medium to suggest that you check again to know if you’re adding the right ingredient in your tea cup. For my tea cup, the tempest caused some tea to pour but the blessing is that my cup did not break. Many cups aren’t broken, but those involved agreed to call it broken.

Don’t mistake the pouring off of the tea to the breaking of the cup. There is no tempest that cannot be calmed. Yours might not be as brutal and fierce as mine, but make sure you add the right ingredient.

Until next time….
I call you blessed.

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