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The Best Things In Life Are Not Free. Nothing Is Free!

One the the nicest sounding quotes I have ever heard and I once believed is “The best things in life are free.” Those that make this statement readily point to things like the air we breathe, family, friends, love and many other seemingly free things. Not only the best things are not free, nothing in this life is free! I had a chat with a friend recently and then I realized that she was of my former school of thought, we had an interesting conversation where I presented my views which I’ll share with you in this article. I just discovered that many people still live life with this belief, and I’ll happily love to show you things from another perspective. Ready? Let’s go!

Let’s start with the quote “The best things in life are free.” What are the best things in life? The answer to this question for many of us will vary, and that’s fine. We are totally different people, from different environments, beliefs, and we have had different experiences as well. Let’s take a few examples that you’ll probably use to be able to judge whatever you feel the best things in life are.

1) Money: I’ll start with this because many believe that money is one of the major bedrocks for the best things in life. Many believe that you can’t have a happy and fulfilling life without having the biggest of figures in your bank account. I don’t agree with this particular view, but we’ll leave that for another day. Is money free? Hold on, think about it! The answer came to your head, the moment you saw that question. Of course not! If money was free, then every one will be rich. We’ll be complaining about how much we have, not how much we don’t have. Money must be earned, not through means like sleeping on your bed all day, but by doing something that someone is willing to pay for!

Some people think the term ‘free’ is something that one doesn’t have to pay with cash for. That’s a wrong mentality. Cost cannot only be weighed with money, there are many other things that cost is weighed by. 

People also feel that since you didn’t pay for something directly, it means it is free. Is it really free? Or you just didn’t pay the price?

2) Love & Friends: “Love is free and is so easy, there is no cost. Even friends too last forever, they never leave.” Some people believe this, and then they lose those who are important to them to carelessness. When you do nothing special to keep something, it simply leaves your hands. Ask those people that show love if it’s the easiest thing. Of course not! Love is a choice, and a difficult one at that. Love requires constant sacrifice and keeping an eye out for another person, playing your part for the person or people’s success. It’s not free! 

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You’ll hear of relationships and marriages that ended due to lack of communication. Why should lack of communication end something free? It’s because it comes at a  cost, it’s not free at all, communication is a price that must be paid. I have seen best of friends become acquaintances that barely know each other because of the huge time apart they gave each other. This simply let’s you know, that a price must be paid to show love, or to keep a friendship fresh and true.

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3) Family: “Did you pay to have a family? Did you just not meet them on earth and then they are automatically bound to you?” Good question. A better question is “Do you have a part to play for being the member of a family?” If yes, then family is not free. You don’t just get born into a family out of the blues, or even get born at all. If you and your family members dropped out of the sky, then family is free. But then, your dad had to sleep with your mum, and your mum in turn had to carry you for nine months, ensuring she ate well and you were well fed. Taking good care of you even when you were born till you could be on your own. That was the price! To your family members, having you as a child or a sibling was not free. It came at a cost! Why exactly do you think people plan ahead for a family and kids? It’s not free. And by the way, some children get disowned too. Think about it.

4) Life / Time: Someone said time is what life is made up of. Life = Time and Time = Life. People believe and argue that one of the best things we have is time or shall we say life. I totally agree with the importance of time, but is time really free? I believe when something is given to you for free, you should be able to use as you wish and at your disposal. It shouldn’t be taken away from you. Life isn’t so, neither is our time. In fact your time is limited to 24 hours per day, and you can’t say what day your life will come to an end. You cannot do every single thing you wish to with the time you have. 

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Why can’t you have Bill Gates come visit you tomorrow? What’s the answer? He’s too busy to spend his time on you, except if it is extremely important. That shows you that time isn’t free. Are you working any where? You are not being paid for your skills and abilities alone, you are being paid for your time! One person can’t do the job of the entire corporation with his ‘free’ time. 

“As much as you think your time is free, it really isn’t, because you must compulsorily spend it on something”

At the end of your life you’ll also account for your time, so spend it wisely!

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5) Salvation: “Give your life to Christ (You totally should), salvation is free (Eeehrm I don’t think so). I understand how nice it sounds to try to draw people to Christ with nice sounding words, but salvation isn’t free. It came at a price; the blood of Jesus! Jesus had to die for your sins, for your salvation. In turn when you give your life to Christ you must live for him. You were once a slave to sin, now you’ll be a slave to righteousness, it’s not easy at all. Did you ever read the story of a man that came to Jesus and wanted to follow him? Jesus said he should give all he had to the poor, and then follow Him. The man couldn’t do it because he had great wealth, and guess what, Jesus didn’t beg him or drop His standards so that he’ll follow. It was not meant to be easy!

Ask people who left another religion to follow Jesus, they’ll tell you it was not a bed of roses. Our only solace is that through what we face, God is with us and He’ll see us through. We suffer persecution for our salvation, we believe and follow a God unseen but whose spirit and power is available in us, we are different from the world because of our salvation. If you gave  one of your kidneys that someone may live, how glad would you be if when the person gets better says “I am alive today for free, it cost nothing special to have this new kidney.” Not to talk of having the innocent life of Jesus taken for your sake. In fact, you can’t know God, if you don’t sacrifice time to spend with him, so even knowing God isn’t free.

6) The Victory Path Blog: This blog is one of the best things in life! Hehe.. Reading my blog is free. Really? Let’s think about it. Does every one in the world have access to the mouth watering articles on this blog? Naah.. Only those with internet connection do! If you are reading this now, it means you either paid for the internet connection or someone did, even if you are using it ‘free’. You can read too, how much did your education cost you? Millions? Thousands? That’s part of the costs of reading the blog: literacy!

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Do you read my blog every time and every other blog in the world too? I don’t think so. I believe you make out time to read these articles. So you pay with your time as well. For me personally, blogging or putting up articles here isn’t free. I pay for the domain, the internet, the time and discipline taken to think and write, I also have to share, and that effort is not free, it totally isn’t. Thanks for spending time here!

7) God’s Creation: Oxygen, water, land, a beating heart, a functional body system, animals, fruits are also regarded as free. Well the Bible says it took God 7 days to create the world, and it took Him real time to create all we see and don’t directly have anything to do with. It cost God something, even though it was in his power to do.

Go through your life from today, knowing that you came to live at a price, there is a bounty on your head. Keep your eyes open for the price you have to pay, and the price others have to pay too.

“You can’t afford to live carelessly, like one who was given life for ‘free’.”


Thanks for taking the time to read!

Victory Odunjo

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14 thoughts on “The Best Things In Life Are Not Free. Nothing Is Free!”

  1. Chai…… #Word
    “Go through your life from today, knowing that you came to live at a price, there is a bounty on your head. Keep your eyes open for the price you have to pay, and the price others have to pay too. You can’t afford to live carelessly, like one who was given life for ‘free’.”
    Bravo Namie, bravo!!!!!

  2. Wow APPRECIATION is the keyword.
    Nothing is actually free but we should show some appreciate for all things.
    Thanks Victory for this blog. obviously I know it’s not free. The time which is above money you spend to bring up mind blowing article is quite huge. Thanks pal

    1. Thanks Dayo. I appreciate you very much for spending time here, and your kind words, they are also not free 😉

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