The Biggest Secret To True Spiritual Growth

If you are someone who consistently seeks to have a better relationship with God on a regular basis, regardless of the present state of your spiritual life, I believe you deserve an award. That you are not comfortable with how things are and you desire more depth and greater experiences with Him too is something worthy of note, and I’ll tell you why.

You see, the Bible says that in the last days, the love of many will wax cold, which means there’ll be a little or no feeling or longing for God anymore. So, if you are at a point where you are currently doing everything within your power to have more of God in your life, it’s commendable. It isn’t a time to back down or retreat, it’s a time to increase the already kindled flames.

Apart from encouraging you to keep seeking and to retain your hunger and thirst for God and his word, I’m here to give you a huge tip that will revolutionize your walk with God now and for the years to come. It would ensure that at any point or situation in your life, you can keep growing steadily and never wander from God anymore.

The truth is each and every one of us needs fixing. As God’s products, he made us in such a way that without Him, we’ll be incomplete. He made us like Him, but He’s a far much more upgraded version of us, and He is without our limitations as well.

If you are aware of how important it is for a product to be regularly watched by the manufacturer, or for a vision to be nurtured by the founder, you will also realize the need to be consistently under God’s watchful eye daily.

There would be times you won’t know what you need. You will be discouraged, let down by people and situations. There will be circumstances that would look like there’s no way ahead for you. Most of all, there will be challenges that nothing you can do within your power can solve. What do you do at times like this?

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Due to the fact that you have a loving father who knows you personally and treats you as uniquely as possible out of his many children is something to treasure. The more time you spend with someone, the more you get to know them. At some point, you know more about them from even the words they don’t say, than from the ones that they do. That’s because you have been in situations with them and you know what they expect. It is the same with your relationship with God.

When we are talking about your relationship with Him, we are referring to the depth of your knowledge of Him and how that translates to His expectations and plans for you. This also includes your coming to the fullness of all the power that He has placed on your inside

Having this understanding will lead you to a position that you must allow to become as consistent as the ground you walk on. No matter the phase you may find yourself: far from God, closer than ever, confused, demoralized, depressed, suicidal, broke, heartbroken, joyful, happy, you name it. You must make spending time in God’s presence and fellowshipping with Him your utmost priority.

Those who spend time with God are those who grow the most in God!

Soap and dirt don’t need to have a conversation before cleaning starts to happen. Soap will always wash away dirt once they are in an ideal situation. It’s the same way when you go before God. He doesn’t need your permission to fix whatever needs fixing.

You are practically infusing yourself into the source of life from which you were made, which is God. You will always come out more strengthened, invigorated, certain, fearless, renewed and also full of wisdom. You will find yourself not only being a hearer of His word but also a doer because He has made grace available to you.

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A plant should not run away from the farmer, and neither should a product run away from its creator. It makes no sense especially because the product isn’t perfect, so challenges are imminent! In our world today, we have so many app updates, some of us have even lost count of how many times we’ve upgraded our Whatsapp or Instagram apps.

Why then do we feel we can keep going through life with the older version of ourselves and not get improved by God? It’s worth thinking about.

The Bible says “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.(2 Cor 3:18)  One degree of glory to another sounds like an upgrade to me! You don’t go before God and come out the same, you get upgraded to the next level of glory.

You’ll find out that we are beyond the usual product to manufacturer relationship like we see in the world. We actually have a God who loves and cares about us. Our God doesn’t sleep, He won’t die suddenly and leave you helpless in your greatest time of need.

He speaks to us and we hear Him. He can lead us into what His will for us is, bringing to life the things that are dead in us and use us in ways we can never imagine. He made us and has figured our lives out before we were even born. Why not trust Him with everything?

The only way to truly grow consistently is to stay with Him up close, all the time. No excuses are good enough to keep you away from Him. No reasons are ever going to be sufficient to make you a stranger to the one who loves you the most.

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You should look to create a structured time for being with Him on a daily basis. Many of us have tried to wing it, and now our wings are broken. We have lived like birds with no nests and apps without a manufacturer, let’s schedule regular updates with God. You’ll find out that it’s through him you’ll get grace to do much better.

It’s time to move beyond your desire for a more boisterous spiritual life into actually having it. It’s time to move beyond being on fire for God only one month in a year to making every day a hit, back to back. It’s not only for Pastors, Bishops or Prophets, but it’s also for all of us.

This is the true basis and the biggest secret to true spiritual growth. A plant without its connection the source will go dry, a fish taken out of water won’t start to walk on land. It’s the same way without being consistently being plugged into God, we won’t make the most of our lives.

Learn to spend time with God and watch everything turn around for better!


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  1. They looked unto Him and were lightened…. We can only be ‘lightened’ when we ‘look’ ( the discipline of constant koinonia) unto God.

    Thank you Victory!

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