Victory Odunjo


I wanted to make an impact

I wanted to make a change

And so I thought

Of many things I could make

So many things like others had thought of


Flipping page over page in my brainstorming

I shout “it is me the world has been waiting for”

‘Twas such a loud noise in my engine room of ideas

I couldn’t wait to present my ideas to the world

And it would be the place everyone will love to live in.

Baby thinking

I left my room ready to explode

As I began the presentation

My friends said “This can go nowhere; this will hardly make an impact”

I probably didn’t have the right friends to encourage me


“Do not be discouraged” I told myself

I kept pushing on with my ideas and visions

Then the board of directors and inventors gave the final blow

“We have ideas far better than these”


I wept and cried

And a silent voice said it all

“You did not think outside the box”

“You cannot be in the crowd and expect them to follow you”

people running with boxes on their heads

And then the light of wisdom came

You were born in the box; you must think out of it to make a difference.

Only a man who has come out of the box sees how great the box he was in was


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I saw through the light of wisdom

That a box so big often afforded me a lot of comfort

I could twist, and turn, sleep and jolly and yet not depart from the box

And then the light shone the brightest when I saw

That I am going to have to think and do the extra to see the tomorrow I desire

Which is only available outside the box!


I believe the same goes for you too. It’s time to get tired of being trapped in the box, and repeating the same things and getting the same results. You are more than average; you were made to excel. Take the look out of the box, and who knows, you may just be free of the box forever…



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