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The Experience 10: Seven Things We Learnt

I was in attendance at The Experience 10. For those that really don’t know about it, it is one of the largest gatherings of believers in the world, to spend time seeking the face of the Lord through praise, worship and prayers. It’s totally free to attend, no price at all, all you just have to do is get yourself there. For years now, it has been running and has been growing bigger and bigger as our generation now sees the need and importance to draw close to God. As we revel in the just concluded event, here are 7 things we learnt from ‘The Experience 10‘ (I have included a couple of pictures from different people and scenes during  the event as well)

1) Consistency is everything: As I watched the short clip play as the Experience began, of how athletes ran to deliver the baton to each other, each defining each year of the experience from year 2005 to 2015. With goose bumps all over my body as the instrumentals passed across the tingling sensation that came with what we saw and were yet to experience, I thought in my mind, “Aren’t we so grateful right now, that the organizers never stopped or gave up?

Experience 9 was the first I ever attended, and I was so blessed and ministered to by God, that I decided I was never going to miss another one (Even if it means live streaming on the internet). Imagine if this impact-full event had been dropped after the first 2-3 years. I don’t even want to think about it. The lesson is simple:

To make a real mark in life, be consistent. Don’t stop, because truly, the future only holds better in store.

12309826_10153821294983833_3260477752024718944_o 12309830_10153820897328833_8848284433395844441_o

12239191_10153821079368833_705118358021986242_o  11227774_10153821482588833_2194739792457154912_o

2) There would be setbacks: The was a huge gasp from the crowd, and then shouts of joy as an athlete who was suddenly almost hit by a car, jumped on to it, and then over it! It seemed very nice and heroic, but deep inside it was an imbedded message:

There will be setbacks.

We all love a ‘perfect’ gathering, with the auditorium on point, the choir on the fleek and the experience heavenly. If we get anything outside of that, we are terribly disappointed.

“There is nothing truly great that you see today, that hasn’t faced setbacks.”

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The best way is to jump on those setbacks, challenges, disappointments and failures, and say I’ll surely get better. When you experience disappointments, find a way to contribute to it not happening again. Get up from where you fell and move!

  12310076_10153820921248833_498089347361887107_o  12309506_10153822324823833_8420252304655996520_o

3) Excellence matters: Gone are the days when church gatherings were nothing to write home about, with no good organization. We are now in the days where planning, pursuing and adding the touch of excellence make the difference. Our God is master class, and we are His creation. We are to chase after His nature, which includes excellence. He looked at creation and saw that it was good! He ensured that it was good before He let it go on. The Experience has over the years improved in excellence, we must as well imbibe this spirit in our personal lives.

Things just don’t just appear out of the blues and become excellent. Behind excellence is a lot of mastery and an understanding of how things work for one’s good always. Excellence is the icing on the cake that gives glory to how the cake tastes.

IMG_20151208_022420    IMG_20151208_004549

4) Just one speaker can make a difference: When I sat down before the event started, I noticed how loud the speakers were. I wondered how it was even possible, there were not many speakers around, or anyone very close by? I eventually found the sound giver, just one speaker hanging up ahead. It had no siblings around it or extra help, it was just facing where I was. I was totally impressed, and it pointed to one simple fact

One is enough to make a huge difference

Take a look at great platforms today, they began with a seed in the mind of a man. We can see the exact thing with The Experience, it was just a seed, now see how BIG it has grown. Don’t ever look down on yourself, or believe that you are too small to get anything done.’ Give a long hard look at those who write you off and don’t believe in you. Soon enough they’ll realize, that ONE can reach out to MILLIONS! And that One, someday, will be you!

12307472_10153821249108833_8942640131870865392_o   IMG_20151204_165224

 IMG_20151208_004511               IMG_20151208_004644                 12308105_10153821265698833_1061312403558706759_o

5) We will achieve more together: I didn’t bother asking the person seated next to me or every single person I came across, what church or denomination they came from. It didn’t even cross my mind to do so, to me it didn’t matter. We had come together, from different walks of life, to give God the worship and praise that He is due.

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What brought us all together was not the name of our churches, but Jesus. Jesus was our uniting factor. I’m certain that this same uniting factor seeps all the way into the leadership of the organizers of The Experience. We can do more together, we can achieve more if we are like minded, we’ll accomplish greater feats if we can put away our differences, and focus on the One that truly matters; Jesus! Just imagine for a second that just one church was trying to push the whole Experience movement ahead, claiming not to need the help of others, it surely would not have gone so far.

IMG_20151207_205103  12314182_10153821482583833_6556248059313891744_o

6) There’s a lot going on behind the scenes: “We appreciate you!! Can you hear us? We are sure that you can hear us, we don’t see you, but we know you are there.” One of the most difficult instructions that Jesus gave to us was that we never blow our trumpets. He said when you give, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. We all know that there are people in the background, that probably don’t get to sing, or appear in the papers or on the TV screen. People that are working tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that events like this keep running.

Jesus didn’t mean only money or material things, we are meant to give as unto God, whether it be our time, resources, ideas, strength, energy, or whatever it may be. I watched as volunteers stood ready to help, in different areas. One could see some workers hurrying behind the stage, setting things up. I knew no man could bless them the way God will. The full stadium with all the lights and beauty did not appear there in one day. After the event when everyone has gone, and the lights are off, things would be packed up and cleaned up as well. It’s time for you to contribute to movements you believe in, be a part of the background. Your effort won’t go unnoticed by God.

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12308075_10153821279913833_4814768430108811521_o  12314421_10153820998018833_3326321437205519559_o

IMG_20151205_124605    12308151_10153822304843833_3708119273181733776_o

7) Close Your Eyes And Focus On Jesus! : From the beautiful lights, to the sounds, to the different people, different languages and looks. From looking to the screen at a gospel artiste that has blessed your life in one way or the other, to meeting people you never thought you will. It is really easy to get distracted, sincerely. The truth is every single minister that climbed the stage to sing, was there for just one purpose, to lead us to a higher level of worship, where we could commune with the Father, hear Him, and know Him more. The moment you lose that knowledge and the purpose for coming around, it becomes a cinema, for watching a cool movie, and one spirit leaves emptier than it came.

It is the same with your life as well, there are so many things, activities, pleasures and desires fighting for God’s place in your life. Sometimes, you can’t stop your eyes from seeing these distractions that lie around you. But if you can just close your eyes, open your heart and focus on Jesus, you’ll surely reach Him, and He’ll reach you too.

12291160_10153821062898833_8940549612606115615_o  Courtesy: House On The Rock

12289591_10153820795553833_6257579082071056610_n  12339133_10153821320188833_6283261001954470876_o_2

All we see, and all we face in our lives, are simply sign posts to usher us closer to our God.

We pray that the Experience moves from strength to strength, but beyond it all, it is our greatest desire, that we can carry The Experience into our lives, and experience these sweet times with God, not once a year, but everyday of our lives.

I am certain that God will make this a reality.. Amen

Thanks for reading.

What have you learnt from the experience over the past few years? Any testimonies or thoughts? Kindly comment.

(Pictures Courtesy: House On The Rock, KingPin Photography, Pictures from awesome peoples phones)

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10 thoughts on “The Experience 10: Seven Things We Learnt”

  1. Woow, I have always longed for such an atmosphere of praise. I have never been to the Experience but I think I will just be in the next one. God bless you dear.

  2. Even with the sound mis-hap, the devil could not stop our praise. one thing I learnt from the experience 10 is to hold on and never give up. A lot of us stayed back for the sound to come back on and this lasted for almost an hour. And when the sound was back up! my oh my!!! the shouts of joy sent chills down every part of my body. I’m glad I waited. Looking forward to 2016

    1. Yes Somii.. That’s a great lesson: We must hold on and never give up. Many times the devil comes to attack our faith by bringing what we don’t expect. We must stand strong and not waver. Thanks for taking the time out to read and comment 🙂

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