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Alright! So here’s the continuation of The Privilege View. If you missed the first part of this series kindly click here . Just ensure you read the first part even if you want to read the second part first.

So as we said in the earlier post, our perspective can change our situations and lives. It’s a privilege that I started this blog, and it’s a privilege for you reading it. Many areas of the world lack electricity, not to mention internet services. If you were in a place like that, you won’t be reading this post right now. You’ll be less frustrated when you know that your current situation is far better than that of many others, and you’ll be motivated to do better when you know that there are many others ahead of you too.

Look around you right now at what is not working. Is it your relationship with your spouse that isn’t working? Let’s take the Privilege View and examine it. Do you know you could be dead now? It’s because you are alive that you can complain. The dead man in his grave has nothing to complain about. And it also is because you are alive you can make that relationship work as well. Remember the good times you shared, remember the time when your spouse wasn’t yours, and you had to work hard to gain their trust and love? It could have gone either way, but it went your way. It’s a privilege that you are still there right now; your spouse could have been anybody’s now if it didn’t go your way. So work it out.

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Yes and your workplace too, you have been thinking of quitting for so long now. Have you bothered checking the rate of unemployment in your country lately? Maybe you’ll understand the kind of privilege you have to be sitting on that seat when you realize how many people want your job and can’t wait to replace you. (If a better job is available, I am not saying don’t move, please do. You will enjoy another privilege, so be wise about it). Once you understand the Privilege View, you will have a fresh zeal for work every day. Life won’t be too monotonous anymore because you have your privilege shades on.

Well, I know you don’t have enough. Who does? But you have a house don’t you? You are not insane if you are reading this. You may be eating three times a day and you feel you should be eating more. Hmmm, get your privilege shades on and let’s go on a trip to Africa where a lot of people live on less than a dollar a day and you’ll see why you should eat your 3 meals with joy. Or you are tired of wearing those nice shoes you have on and you want the most expensive ones on the rack in the shoe store? You need to wear some shoes made out of polyethene nylons or the very cheap ones for a month. You’ll enjoy the ones you have.

There is something the Privilege View does for you. It makes you happy, contented and satisfied. It doesn’t make you lackadaisical and lazy. It makes you work harder to do better; it makes you understand the privilege you have to be there. The Privilege View will make you want to serve and help others because it is a privilege to do so. Mark Cahill said in his book ‘One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven’, that we should not continue with the ‘I got to’ mentality but the ‘I get to’ mentality. A lot of us wake up saying I got to go to work today, that shouldn’t be what we are saying. The Privilege View says I get to go to work today, and I am glad about that. The Privilege View says I am happy I get to fend for my family, learn from my school, be of help to the people around me, be a blessing to everyone I meet, do the house chores, kiss my spouse good morning or good night, to be in my relationship. I am happy that I get to blog, touch lives,  I get to breathe, I get to see, I get to come to a home of my own, I get to have someone supporting me.

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And the same goes with our relationship with God too. We don’t say we got to pray or worship, we say it’s a privilege that we get to pray and worship. Many people don’t get to do that, they got to do it, but now we know better. And our relationship with God is the most important thing here on earth. Let’s get happy that we get to have a God that loves us and treasures us, a God we belong to. Let’s be full of zeal because we get to read our Bibles when we get to.

The Privilege View brings joy and happiness with a lot of zeal, thanksgiving and appreciation. Let’s choose to operate with the Privilege View today. It’s what we do on the Victory Path, we know it’s all a privilege to be of help. Everything is a privilege! And always remember to put your privilege shades on every time because it is applicable to every area of your life.

Thanks for stopping to visit Victory Path today. It was a privilege sharing this with you. I believe you’ve been transformed by the series The Privilege View.

Please comment, like, broadcast or share so that many people in your life can also gain. It’s a privilege for you to do so. Thanks

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Victory Odunjo

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I'm a people person that simply wants to add value, and inspire others..
Victory Odunjo

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  1. tirzah

    October 27, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    Its a privilege to comment!*smiles*

  2. Enioluwa Odunjo

    November 4, 2013 at 11:41 am

    I thank God for the privilege to start anytin over again…..lovely post.Thank u

    • Victory Odunjo

      Victory Odunjo

      November 4, 2013 at 11:50 am

      Yes bro.. Its a privilege.. Thanks for dropping a comment :)

    • Victory Odunjo

      Victory Odunjo

      November 4, 2013 at 10:20 pm

      Its always a privilege! Thank you too

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Victory Odunjo

I'm a people person that simply wants to add value, and inspire others..

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