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The Saddest Thing About Time

When will we stop hearing about time? I don’t think we ever will. Time is what our lives are made of. Today, it’s going to be about one thing on time that makes me sad and sometimes it makes me know how fickle life really is. It really pushes me to make the most of today, and every single moment I have to do anything at all, whether for myself or with any one.

It’s the fact that time is made of moments, and none of those moments can be bought or brought back.

They can never be felt the exact same way they previously were, our minds may try to capture as much as it can, but truthfully, it can’t be gotten. You can write things down, speak about it, take pictures of it, record videos about it, but it can never capture it all enough. Think about it, why not live your life to the fullest and savor every single moment you have now and drink deeply into the essence of it? How I wish I could explain better. Every single moment, good or bad can only happen once, and then it’s a thought, a memory or a longing. Enjoy your enjoyment and enjoy your suffering.

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The same goes with those exact moments we make those choices, we can later in the future be joyful about the results we made out of those choices or regret them. I want you to attempt to go through life with intention, genuineness, and spontaneity. Don’t waste any moment, use it to the maximum.

Breathe in the air deeply, hug tightly, smile genuinely, be really concerned about people, show someone you care, cry and let the tears flow, say something and truly mean it, treat God like he really matters. Just be real with this life, don’t spend so much time on earth being a fake. No matter how little it may seem, give it your best shot, because it is all you have to do it right, that very moment, that very minute, those few seconds. It defines life, live well because you don’t know what time will be your last time.

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I’ll be expecting to see your comments. What are your thoughts about today’s post? Can you relate to it?

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1 thought on “The Saddest Thing About Time”

  1. Hmmmm….this really means alot! Making the most out of time(doing the right things, saying the right things, etc). Its necessary. As at now, I believe I am doing something right by commenting immediately after reading and not waiting for the “perfect” time.
    There’s even no “perfect” time!

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