The SwitchBack (Part 3)

Please, can I see you briefly? She heard a voice behind her, it sounded familiar and not too familiar, and it was a very sweet and voice one at that. She quickly turned, and right behind her she saw him.

Folake turned back with great excitement only to see a chocolate skin colored, slim man standing before her, dressed in a blue strip shirt, neatly tucked in a pair of ash-colored jean and a black pair of sneakers wearing a big smile with his hand stretched forth for a shake.

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She tilted her head to the back a bit and gave him a quick glance from head to toe. Nice shaped beards, arrhh the perfume. She couldn’t have mistaken the fragrance, it’s definitely Midnight Blue! She nodded her head slowly as she agreed within herself that he’s classy and he’s a got a good dress sense too. Nice! She has always found men who dress well and smelled nice attractive.

“But how could someone be this tall?” She wondered

“Hello?” She was jolted back from her thoughts at the sound of the guy’s voice. Are you still here? My hand aches already! Will you just accept the shake?”

“Oh my bad! I’m so sorry about that. She said as she stretched forth her hands to return the shake.

He must be one of the guest ministers or one of the people in the audience that just came around to compliment her talent.

She was used to it though, but every time she would tell them to appreciate God instead for the grace given unto her.

“I’m Tola, Adetola Ayokunle.” He said with a big smile again.

“And I’m Folakemi Adesanya. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She answered, giving him a slight smile. As the thought of the ‘Ademiju brother’ came to her mind, she quickly scanned through their stand and couldn’t see him there.

Has he gone already? Without meeting her? Oh my God! This is not good! She thought as fear and worry creased her brow again.

“Are you alright?” The Tola guy asked her with a calm voice, you look worried about something.

“No no, I’m good. Please if you don’t mind, I would love to be excused now!” She quickly grabbed her bag and walked out as fast as she could, not giving him a chance to say another word.

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Weak, tired and angry with the Tola guy for delaying her, she walked slowly to her car as she prayed fiercely in her heart against the powers that were trying to hinder her from receiving what God was giving her. “This Tola guy is an agent of darkness o I’m sure of that!” Anger and irritation settled on her face at the thought of him.

As she rounded the bend to the place where she had parked her car, she saw ‘The brother’ the same brother Ademiju standing right beside a car parked close to hers talking to some lady. She quickly increased her pace to meet up with him.

At the sound of her heels walking close to where he was standing, he turned and their eyes met.

She could feel her knees going cold and shaking under her as he looked directly into her eyes. She just saw him clearly and God! He was drop-dead handsome! Denzel Washington kind of handsome! Pink lips, nice shaped beards. He was putting on a black trouser and neatly tucked in was a nice white shirt and a blue jacket. He complemented it with a red tie and a fine pair of red shoes. Even through his glasses, his eyes shone brightly in the morning light as he gave her a big smile.

“He smiles well too? My God! This man is the bomb! He’s handsome, dresses well, sings powerfully and he’s got a cute smile too”.

“Hi, she said as she finally found her voice and stretched forth her hands. I’m Folakemi Adesanya. That was a powerful song you rendered out there. I couldn’t help but admire the great delivery you gave to the song. More grace and anointing upon your life sir.” She finished off as she smiled at herself for not only being a talkative all of a sudden but also being clumsy.

He smiled slightly at what she said as he shook her hands, “I’m Ademiju Taiwo. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. That was a powerful ministration as well. More grace be multiplied unto you too. And above all, we thank God for the grace He has sufficiently given.”

“She nodded in acceptance, may His name be praised.”

Her eyes widened with surprise and excitement as the reality of the words he just said registered in her mind.

“Finally meet you?”

Wait for it Kemi. It’s about to drop! She bubbled with excitement as she was certain she had done over 100 skips in her heart already.

To be continued next week Sunday…

Written by: Tolulope Dabo
Inspired by the Word

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Tolulope Dabo

I am a drama minister, God lover and a Christian writer. I'm passionate about impacting lives through the writing of inspiring stories and articles

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  1. Chai Tola pele.. Poor guy. He was good looking too and presentable na but that Ademiju just blinded her…lol.

    I can’t wait for the next episode o!!

    You write so well Tolulope. Very beautiful indeed!

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