The SwitchBack (Part 4)

She waited a few more minutes, nothing happened. Wait, was he not supposed to be rehearsing his proposal lines already? Or should I say proposing already? She questioned in her heart, slightly frowning and obviously not liking the way things are playing out.

I mean he just stood there talking to some lady, ignoring her as if she was a statue. Couldn’t he just go ahead and explain to her what he meant by “it’s good to finally meet you” statement he just uttered?

“She took a brief look at him again; she felt impatient seeing him laugh with the other lady. Wait? Am I getting jealous now?” She asked herself. No, you are obviously not jealous, she answered herself again. You are just being human.

Ademiju could feel his spirit warring inside of him as he eyed her through a corner of his eyes. Should he go and meet her and talk to her about it? Seeing her standing there and giving him some short glances made him feel as though she had been convinced about it too and she’s just waiting for him to speak up.

Despite the fact that she looked tired and sleepy, she was still so beautiful! He couldn’t help but admire her real beauty. The saying is really true, he mused in his mind at the thought of it: that to know a really beautiful woman, creep up on her early in the morning when she just woke up from bed. But this lady, is indeed a beauty! Chocolate skinned and a bit chubby.

He shivered at the thought of how she stood before the microphone stand with great elegance and grace as she led the living spring praise team in their first ministration, and my God! The songs kept flowing through her mind with great intensity and ease as though they were just normal vocal exercises! As a music person, he knew, that in delivering such song, it will get to a point where you will have to raise your voice to a higher pitch. And immediately she started that song, he felt the stirring in his spirit and God’s voice saying to his heart saying “she is the one”.

“But how do I tell her? We are just meeting for the first time. Lord! Please understand, I can meet up with her later when we get more acquainted.” He prayed in his heart.

“No son! You have to do it right now, before she drives out of this compound! I have given her my word to answer her prayers today!” The Holy Spirit ministered to his heart as He urged him on.

Oblivious of his thought, she felt embarrassed just standing there, looking at him as though she was paused to be a zombie. She rolled her eyeball in confusion of not knowing what to do. Obviously, I can’t force him to talk, the best option is to leave and save myself from more embarrassment.

She walked away from him, intentionally stamping her heels on the concrete floor maybe that would make him understand that she is leaving. She stressed her leaving as she fumed with intense disappointment of heart.

As she got into the car and turned on the ignition, he gently tapped on the side glass of the driver’s seat as he motioned with his right hand for her to wind down the glass.

Her heart raced faster than usual, turning herself up again from the disappointment mood to the excitement mood, she quickly slid down the glass as she poked out her neck to listen to what he had to say.

“I’m sorry for taking your time Folakemi, I will try to be brief. I know you must be tired and would want to get enough rest.”

The way he had called her name in full made her feel excited and she could feel her stomach turning. “No! It’s totally fine.” She answered him, please go on.

“Eeeerm Folakemi, while the ministration was going on earlier, I mean while you were ministering I was led to come and meet you and talk to you about somethings. Earlier this year, while I was still abroad, God told me that there’s something He wants me to do, but I won’t be the only one to do it. He said He has been preparing some lady to take up the responsibility together with me.

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So while you were singing, God told me you are the person He’s talking about. I had wanted to walk up to you immediately the programme came to an end but as I was coming, I saw a brother standing behind you, so I decided to excuse you and wait for you outside.”

“That killjoy and agent of darkness wanted to stop my joy and testimony but ha! All thanks to the Almighty who stood by me and never allowed the plans of her enemies to stand.” She said to herself, blessing God from the bottom of her heart.

“So when I saw you coming, I was short of words, I didn’t know what to say or how to bring myself to say it and that’s basically because we just met and barging in on you for the first time with “God says” led me to the decision to let you be and talk to you about it some other time when we get familiar with each other a bit.

“No! Please, don’t come to that conclusion abeg, barging in on me ke? Lailai. You don’t have to wait another day just rush me.” She shouted in her heart, looking helpless and deeply anxious. She didn’t like to be in this type of condition, it had always been her prayer that God should help her to be still and not be anxious. She had pasted that scripture in Philippians 4:6 on her bedside table and every part of her house so that wherever she was inside the house she will keep remembering what that verse says that “Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.

But right now, the verse flooded her heart quite alright but it’s really not working for her because she was really anxious.

“But my spirit was asking me to tell you” he continued, which brought some flicker of hope in her eyes. “And after much struggling with the Holy Spirit, I decided to come out plain. I’m glad I said yes to the Holy spirit on time before you drove out, otherwise it would have been a rough day for me as my spirit won’t allow me rest for rejecting the Holy Spirit.”

She finally heaved a sigh of relief at what he just said. “Thank you Holy Spirit for pushing him to talk! It’s confirms to me the more that you are really in this with us.’ She kept answering every one of his words in her heart as her eyes beamed with joy. She knew the stirring she felt in her heart while he was singing was not of her emotions, she knew that anytime she feels a stirring in her heart, God was trying to pass something across to her. And what she felt about Ademiju, the connectivity she felt towards him was truly God’s will.

But now, he continued again, “I’m sure of what God had said and I’m convinced that this is His will. I’m hoping that you will take your time as well to think about it and pray to be convinced about it too.” He said as he looked deep into her eyes as if he wanted to read her soul and be sure she understands every single thing he was trying to say.

Folake was so grateful that she hadn’t stepped out of her car because, with all these words that Ademiju was releasing with so much seriousness and conviction, her legs would have definitely given way. She could feel tears building up in the corners of her eyes but no! There’s no way she was going to allow them to flow freely yet until he had hit the nail on those golden words.

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“So Folakemi…will you help me fulfill this responsibility by…” Her eyes kept blinking, widely opened in anticipation and beckoning him with her eyes to keep it coming.

“Bro Ademiju?” A voice called out to him from the hall, distracting him from what he was saying.


“Bro Ademiju?” The voice called out from the hall again; gradually sounding close to where they were.

Having being distracted from what he was saying, he looked back and adjusted himself as he whispered to her ears, “give me a minute please, I will be right back” he said, as he walked out in the direction where the voice was coming from.

She managed to nod her head in response to what he said, angry at the same time with the person that called him just at the point where he was almost saying those golden words.

“Eeh Iwo Olorun mi sanu fun mi o (oh Lord my God please have mercy on me o)” she said as she looked upwards, spreading her hands out towards the heavens. “Abi what is this one ke? All these evil powers of my mother’s house are here again?” she said as she knit her hands together, pressing her lips tightly and rocking herself back and forth on her seat.

She remembered how her mother had been so concerned about her since she graduated from the university without her having any man as a boyfriend talk less of a fiance. Her mom had expressed her fears as to how she had clocked 35 years before she got married. She had begged her and cried on her shoulders to please open her heart and allow a man a space in her heart and bring a man home as she’s the only girl in the family, first born at that.

She had told her mom that as a Christian lady, it was not biblical to have a boyfriend. “We are only allowed to have a fiance that God has given unto us. Just because the world is seeing it as the right thing doesn’t make it right mom! It’s just trial and error, and lack of faith in God. Mom I see it as playing God and gambling with my heart by allowing some guy to play with it as he wants. Why can’t I be patient and wait on God to give me a man after His heart?” She remembered she had gently placed her hands on her mom’s hands and told her that patience is key.

Her mother had jumped up from the chair she was seating with tear stained eyes and had shouted at her with all her strength! “Gbe gbogbo enu e soun (shut up your mouth)! As if I’m not a Christian too!” She said looking sad and irritated. “Even the fiancé that you are talking about, where is he? “Dami lohun? Ohun da?” (Answer me, where is he?) Wo, ti ara e ni mo n ba e so. (I’m saying all this for your good) Amo, bi o ba ni ki n dake, ma dake, Iwo lomo. (But if you asked me not to talk, I will keep quiet. That’s your problem).”

She had been surprised at her mom’s outburst not until when she now told her that they have a problem of late marriage in her family blood line. She had waved it off when her mom told her as she saw it as mere superstition but now she’s forced to believe that there is really a problem in her mother’s house that wants to hinder God’s will from being done in her marital life.

Abi what do we call this one now? First that agent of darkness, Tola tried to hinder it but mercy said no, now another agent of darkness has risen up against her. She said as tears flowed down her eyes. She could feel her temperature rising as she placed her palm on her forehead.

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Ehn, the tears that I have saved already to launch when Ademiju finally say those golden words. She wiped away her tears with the back of her hands furiously, trying to compose herself.

She glanced at her watch, time was already going and this brother was not coming out from where he went to. She said as she pushed out her head to see to see if he was already coming. “Ha! She lamented! Why did I even come from my mother’s lineage sef?” As she questioned in her heart, a song came to her mind as she began to sing it with all her heart, casting and binding, waving her hands in the air, nodding her head back and forth and speaking in tongues as well.

“Let God arise and my enemies be scattered,
Let God arise and my enemies be scattered,
Let God arise and my enemies be scattered,
Oh lord, my God arise!”

“Haa… all the enemies of my marital joy and settlement, ha! All you powers of marital delay of my mother’s house be scattered. Better still, after the order of Pharaoh, perish in the red sea in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”

“Amen! They will perish.” The deep baritone voice of Ademiju brought her back from her prayer session pedestal as she looked at him with utter surprise and embarrassment.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were back; I’m so sorry you had to see that.” She said as her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Its fine really, never mind. I was actually enjoying your prayer session, I didn’t want to disturb you. I didn’t know that you are a fierce prayer warrior o. Folakemi Adesanya, the lady of many parts! He said with a big smile. I just witnessed another side of you, I’m looking forward to others. I mean, look at you praying with great intensity! I’m sure that if I hadn’t disturbed you, fire would have fallen.” He said as he laughed.

She laughed freely. “You are a funny somebody o. Abi, shey when I felt the urge to pray I shouldn’t pray ni?” She asked spreading her hands out.

“Ha! Somebody can pray oo” He answered with a smile.

“Yes, you were saying something earlier before you got distracted.” She said as her eyes lit with hope again.

“Yes! Let me not waste your time any longer. So like I was saying, the responsibility God has placed on me is to have a music team outside my church choir as He assured me that doors will be opened for us to launch music albums together, invitations will be coming in for us to sing in churches and gospel music nights, concerts and so much more. He actually told me that He had spoken to you about it and He led me to tell you about it today as He had promised to answer your prayers today.

I see that you and God communicate a lot. If you see the way He was stirring my heart to come and talk to you about it. But I’m glad that it’s a zeal that burns deeply in your heart for God to ensure He grants your request.” He said as he smiled widely.

He didn’t just say that? Music team? And not a relationship proposal? “Wait” she said as she processed it in her head, thereby allowing it to sink in properly. Was this what the stirring in her heart was all about? Was this the prayer God wanted to answer? Just a destiny helper and not a marital partner? She blinked hard as if something had entered her eyes as the realization of it all crashed inside her head. “Ha!” She exclaimed as hot tears flowed through her eyes. “God!” She screamed in her heart.


To be continued

Written by: Tolulope Dabo
Inspired by the Word

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