The SwitchBack (Part 5)

Surprised and confused as to why she was crying, he placed his palm on her hands. “Folakemi? What happened? Why are you crying? Or have I said something wrong?” He asked with concern written all over his face.

She quickly wiped her tears, not wanting to embarrass herself the more. “No, I’m totally fine. Don’t mind me, I just got emotional”. She said as she sniffed her nose.

“Emotional ke? About what? Is there something you are not telling me?” He asked with a raised brow.

She gave a brief smile. “Really I’m fine!” She answered. But one look at Ademiju’s facial expressions, she knew he wasn’t ready to take that for an answer. She quickly chipped in, ”You know, I have been trusting God to release an album from the song’s inspiration I received during my ‘Alone time with Him’.

“I just didn’t want to end up like those people that kept the gift God gave them or the inspiration they received from God in a book; hindering the lives it was meant for from being blessed.” You know. She mentioned that since the day her spirit led her to read the parable of the talents; the understanding of it had hit her and she remembered praying to God that she would maximize the talents given unto her.

“So you now telling me what God had said, opened my understanding to the truth that the time has finally come for God to launch out my ministry and fulfill all those promises He had made to me.” She concluded. Though what she had said was actually the truth but she knew it wasn’t the reason for her tears. But she couldn’t bring herself to tell him the truth, could she?

Relaxed with what she just said, he smiled as he answered her. “He moves in unexpected ways and He never says what He cannot do”.

“Wow! Time has really gone o!” He said as he rubbed his eyes slightly.

“Alright sha, let’s keep trusting God for more instructions on how to go about it. But in the meantime…” he said as he picked up her phone from the dashboard and exchanged numbers with her. He mused at the fact that she didn’t use any security password on her phone. Nice!

“Have it saved” because I will be your regular caller.


It was a rough ride back home. She couldn’t even fathom how she managed to get home. First, she was tired and very much sleepy. Though, that can’t be compared to the emotional stress that’s threatening to tear her apart. It hurt so much! She said to herself as the thought of how everything went brought tears down her eyes.

She managed to walk into her apartment as she locked the door behind her and went straight to bed.

“But God! How could this have happened to me? How could you allow me to fall in love with this man so quickly? When you know he wasn’t your will for my life, why didn’t you stop me?” She questioned as fresh tears flowed down her eyes.

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“You said you will give your angels charge over me, you said they will hold me up in their hands so that I won’t hurt my foot against a stone! What now happened? Why did you allow me to dash my heart against a rock? “

As she lay down there, a scriptural verse gently came to her mind.

She saw it in Matthew 6:8 as she read it slowly to herself: Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him!

As she pondered on the verse, she heard His voice clearly in her heart.

“I didn’t send Ademiju your way for you both to be engaged”.

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back as she totally broke down in tears. “Why then did you stir up my heart in such manner? That’s what it looks like. Coupled with the fact that you said the person will be into music as well.” She said amidst heavy sobs.

“When you felt the stirring in your heart, why didn’t you confirm what the stirring is really all about? My thoughts are not your thoughts and so are my ways. I know you, and I know what you need and I know who complements your person and purpose, I want to give you a man that will keep fitting you all the days of your life! “

Blaming herself for being impatient and at the same time crying in awe of God’s love and promises over her still, she thought of how she could have saved herself the heartache if she had simply prayed to God to speak to her about it more clearly.

“Oh, Lord! I know that accepting your will over this matter is like swallowing a bitter pill. But please help me to get over it and please reveal to me the man you have for me. She silently prayed as she slowly drifted off to sleep.”


It rained heavily throughout the night even till dawn. Getting up and preparing for work was just so difficult. Having had an eventful weekend-both pleasant and unpleasant! She smiled sadly as she remembered what had happened.

She rolled over to the other side of the bed as she checked her watch. “Ugh!” She grunted as she pushed the cover cloth over her head again.

It took the buzzing of the alarm clock to rouse her from the bed. She quickly did her morning devotion as she dashed into the bathroom.

Her decision not to take her car to work today was really a good one. Traffic was heavy! And if she had brought her car, she would have had no choice than to keep up with the traffic and that would make her late for the management meeting that was scheduled to hold later in the day.

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As she sat in the keke Napep, her mind went to the discussion she had with her mom while leaving the house earlier that morning.

“Bisi’s husband has sent her packing o! In fact, he’s set to bring in another wife into their matrimonial home! So as it is now, she will be staying with me until she decides what she wants to do.”

The word rang in her head again as she felt her chest tighten within her, visibly shaking with anger. “Aunty Bisi was her mom’s youngest sister and as a matter of fact, she was her favorite amongst her mom’s sisters.

But men can be so funny o! How could uncle Tunde have sent her packing? Just because she was unable to give him kids? Does he think that the power lies in Aunty Bisi’s hands to make babies? She rolled her eyeball as hatred welled up in her heart.

Just a few years into marriage and he couldn’t hold on! What made him think the new wife will give him children? What then should he now say to men that waited for years before their wife could conceive? What’s the big deal in prayerfully adopting children? If he so badly wants kids.

But Nawa o! This mommy’s family sef get as e be o ha! She said as fear gripped her heart.
Aunty Bisi had a late marriage as if that was not enough, she got thrown out for being barren. At least mom wasn’t barren but dad was dead. And two of her mom’s sisters are not yet married up until now.

Oh God! Please help me o. let me not go through any delay in Jesus name. Have mercy on Tunji too when it’s time for him to marry. “Because we never can tell if the curse also applies to the male gender. Tunji is the only sibling I have, father please keep us both o. She prayed as the vibration from her phone startled her.

A text from “Ademiju…”let’s meet by 6 pm today…I received a word from God concerning us this morning. Have a great day today.”

She took a deep breath as she shook her head in wide amusement. “To think that I was crazily in love with this guy over the weekend and now things are back to normal as if she never fell in love with him was really God’s grace o.” She smiled proudly at herself.

“Some sisters and brothers sef would have found themselves in such shoe o, thinking that God was leading them to some person, not knowing they were the one failing to see and understand what God really wanted. And this has caused so many things among the singles, especially with the word “God says”.

She smiled as she remembered how one brother in church had walked up to her roommate back then in school, Bimpe, that God says she’s his wife, he even gave her the bible confirmations and the convictions he had about it.

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The fact that the brother was the Bible Study coordinator and a believer made Bimpe believe he couldn’t have heard wrong.

It was after the proposal when she got home and was seeking God’s face as regards what bro Michael had said when God told her that he belonged to another lady, in fact, God revealed to her the sister he was to marry.

“Madam, wetin you dey think sef? We don reach your office since now! You no wan come down ni? Abeg come down, make I drive go town again jare.” The maruwa man bellowed at her.

“Oga no vex o!” She said as she stepped out of the car and walked straight into the giant building.

“It was a busy day today!” She said as she pulled out the seat opposite Ademiju. “From one meeting to another. You know, the company is planning to open another branch in Ibadan, so the planning is really going on in full gear.”

“Ehya… not to even talk of Lagos traffic sef.” He said as he signaled to the waiter.

“So I will be brief so that we can get home on time and retire to bed. “

“So God said as time goes on, he will expand our team with likeminded people, He also said we will encounter some tests of faith and our convictions will be shaken, but He implored us to hold on and remain faithful to Him and we shall see how He will use us mightily to heal lives and restore hope to the hopeless. And finally, He gave us two scriptural verses for our ministry; I have studied it and prayed with it. First one is in Colossians 4:17 and the second is Deuteronomy 28: 1-2.”

“I must not forget, He gave me the name of our team, but I am not going to tell you, you have to go and pray about it too and receive your confirmation. We are in this together, I want you to be convinced so that it won’t be like its only bro Ademiju that can hear from God.” He finished off as he smiled slightly.

“Wow! This is really great, the speed God wants to give us no be for here o. she answered with gratefulness in her heart. I will also go through the bible verses and pray as well. God will surely back us up.”

They ate and gisted for a while before both left in his car, as he dropped her off at the junction of her street.

“Jesus!” She screamed out from her sleep in fear as beads of sweat covered her forehead.

To be continued next week sunday…

Written by Tolulope Dabo.
Inspired from the word.

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