The SwitchBack (Part 6)

“Good evening Daddy, he greeted as he gently shut the door behind him.

“Ha! My dear brother! You are welcome. Please have a seat.” He said as he signaled to a deep blue chair at a corner of the room.

“Daddy, Folakemi is my wife! He blurted out almost immediately as he sat on the chair, rubbing his hands together.”

“Interesting! He said, nodding his head as he looked thoughtfully at him. So what are the convictions you had about it and have you talked to her about it?”

“Yes sir, I have tried to talk to her about it but…”

She quickly switched on the flashlight on her phone as she flashed it across the room in fear.

“I soak myself in the blood of Jesus! I cover myself with Holy Ghost fire!!” She declared as she stretched her hands to the side table and brought out the mantle that the pastor prayed on during the last “Ignite” power service as she rubbed it over her head and other parts of her body.

Iru ala wo leleyi bayi olorun! (What kind of dream is this oh Lord!) Ha!

At the sound of the closing alarm bell, she quickly packed her bag and dashed out of the office. She had called Pastor Mike earlier that she would be coming over to see him. The dream had been a confusing one, which had kept her absent-minded and dull since morning; but now, she needed an interpretation of the dream and deep prayers from the man of God.

Traffic was a bit heavy as it was now ‘Rush Hour’. She frowned as she glanced at her watch, it’s getting late now. She placed a palm on her forehead as she hissed slightly.

As she was about to move her car to the other lane, a taxi coming in full speed, wanting to beat her to it, bumped into her.

“Oloshi! Ti o ba fe ku, sunmo egbe kan o. shey oju e fo ni? Abi o ri motor mi ni?” (Wretched fellow, if you want to die, shift to another side. Are you blind that you couldn’t see my car?) He cursed her as he drove past.

“Ha! All these drivers sef, if you don’t want to talk, they will want to dip their hands in your mouth. I mean, he was in the wrong and yet he still has the audacity to curse me? E gbami! I won’t say anything, because I have a more pressing issue at hand.” She said to herself angrily as if someone was in the car listening to what she was saying.

“It’s a year since she started driving ‘Officially’ and most times when she sees her friends who drive and curses taxi drivers, she felt they took it overboard and that they should try to control their emotions and let things slide. But now that she’s faced with the reality herself, cursing them is an understatement because some of them just drive as if they are blind and they claim to always be right. “Lord, sha help me to just keep quiet because all these people will make me sin against you.” She prayed as she remembered what the driver that drove past did and said.

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She parked outside Pastor Mike’s black gate as the gate-man opened the gate for her and greeted her. The aroma coming from the kitchen caused her stomach to leap for joy as she walked past the lawn to the main door.

It was Gideon, Pastor Mike’s son that answered the door as she stepped into the beautifully decorated sitting room.

“Good evening daddy!” She greeted as she went down her kneels

“God bless you, my sister, we have been expecting you since. Honey? Sister Folakemi is here o.”

“It’s the traffic sir” She sat down opposite the chair facing the one daddy was sitting.

“So what’s the dream all about? We were worried about you because of the fear and concern I could hear from your voice.”

She adjusted herself on her seat, daddy, I only want to do the will of God and not my own. I tried to believe that it was due to the stress over the weekend and the stress from work that brought about the dream, but when I thought of it more, I couldn’t see any correlation between the stress over the weekend or work and the dream.

“So, I saw myself being chained to the ground with some other women and ladies and I saw that we were being oppressed but what I saw was a spirit, it wasn’t a human that was oppressing us. And before me was a big mango tree, I saw that it was already ripe, but there was an embargo placed on it so that no one could touch it, talk less of plucking and eating it.

But as I was struggling, with the chain, I heard a voice close to the tree and when I looked I saw Tola. Bro Adetola.” As she pronounced the name, she remembered that she had been seeing him frequently in church, it wasn’t until she asked the welfare coordinator that he made her understand that Bro Tola had been a regular church member. Bro Tayo, the welfare coordinator was even surprised that she doesn’t know him.

“That was the dream sir.” She finished off with a nod, looking directly into the pastor’s eyes for clues to this dream.


“Can you remember the women you were chained down with?” Pastor Mike asked.

“They were my mom’s family members and my mom as well. My mom and her family members?” Her eyes widened with shock as what she just said made meaning to her. She was bothered with the mango tree, Bro Tola and the fact that she was chained that she didn’t really give the other women in the dream a thought.

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“Ha!” She said as she hit her laps with both hands as she began to connect those late marriages, barrenness, all that her mom had told her which she had bluffed off, together with the dream. “Daddy! I understand the dream better,” she said as she began to give some instances of what has been going on in the family.

“Hmm… this is really serious. The mango tree, full of ripe mangoes means the good things that all of you desire- husband, children, but the embargo placed on it is the reasons you can’t get them. And those that tried to get married, your mom lost her husband to the cold hands of death and your aunty lost hers to barrenness.”

“You see, Pastor Mike continued, as it is coming to my heart now, that spirit that was oppressing all of you is the voice of the word that had been spoken against your mom’s family. It is just ensuring that the word that had been spoken is prospering. Or have you forgotten that there’s a spirit or should I say power that backs up each and every word we speak?”

“Mom told me but I didn’t believe it, I mean I’m a Christian, I love God. So why should a curse or something still affect me?” She asked with tear-blurred eyes.

“Tears won’t solve this problem, my dear sister. You should be thankful to God for revealing this mystery to you, it means He wants you to take it up in prayers because it’s a hindrance. You see, being born again gives you a new birth and then gives you the power to break the curses and covenants that have been working against you. Before you were powerless, but now, as a Christian, you have the power to exercise authority over them. It is only Him and in Him that we can have victory over all these battles.

You see, Jesus has already made deliverance available on to us, it was a done deal when He died on the cross, so it’s best you take the victory available to you in Christ through the blood of Jesus.”

“So I will advise you to start praying against negative family patterns and I will also give you a book by Rebecca Brown- Unbroken curse, it will give you more understanding so you will know how to pray. My wife and I will also join you and I know that God in His mercies will set you free.” Pastor Mike finished off with assurance written all over his face.

The weekend was dedicated to a series of prayers and fasting and even midnight prayers at the Pastor’s house with his wife.

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She had dreamt again and saw that same dream, but this time around she saw herself silencing the voice of the spirit speaking against her with a verse that dropped on her mind… ‘the blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel.’

The power in the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus broke her chains, not only hers but those that were tied down with her. There was also a shaking on the tree, so much that the embargo placed on it was destroyed and there was so much fruit that fell on their own accord which they picked and picked to their satisfaction.

“Victory at last!” She screamed out from her sleep. She wiped her face with her hand as she replayed the dream again.

On impulse, she stood up from the bed, and danced before God, singing the song of victory. She quickly remembered Pastor Mike as she picked up her phone and called him.

“Daddy!!! I have been delivered.” She screamed as she briefly narrated the dream to him.

“We had a similar dream as well,” Pastor Mike said, confirming the dream.

“I pray that this victory and deliverance is permanent in the mighty name of Jesus.”

“Amen!” She chorused with all her strength.

Then, just like a thunderbolt, it hit her… “Adetola! I saw him in my dreams!”

Okay, Father one battle has ended, I don’t want to assume anything about this brother until you speak to me about what his purpose is in my life. Yes o, she said as she shook her head. “Once bitten, twice shy.”

The ringing of her phone startled her a bit. It was the music director. She smiled as she saw his number. “What is it again this time around o?”

“Good afternoon sir, happy weekend.”

“Good afternoon my dear sis. I’m sorry for disturbing you. Something urgent came up so I decided to pass the information as quickly as possible as I received the message from Pastor Mike.”

“Okay” she drawled. She just spoke with Pastor Mike not quite long and he didn’t tell her anything. “What is the message, sir?” She quickly asked.

“Okay, a wedding is coming up next week, it wasn’t planned since they wanted to do only court wedding but I don’t know what changed their mind but as it is now, they are having a church wedding. So choir rehearsals must begin immediately in preparation.”

“Whose wedding sir?” The question came out of her mouth before she could retrieve it back.

“Bro Adetola’s wedding to sister Morayo of the children’s department.

To be continued next week Sunday…

Written by Tolulope Dabo.
Inspired by the word.

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