The SwitchBack (Part 7)

“You mean bro Adetola is getting married?” She asked again as if she wasn’t sure of what she heard. She just met the brother not quite long, she didn’t even know that he worshipped in the same church with her talk less of getting married to a sister in her church.

“Why do you sound so surprised? Abi you don’t want him to get married ni?” The music director asked on the other end.

“Why not?” She laughed as she said her goodbyes and ended the call.

Hmmm thank you, Jesus, that I haven’t started thinking any rubbish thoughts about him o, she said as she replayed what the music director had said about him getting married.

“But why did I see him in my dream? Standing by the side of the mango tree laden with ripe mangoes and calling out my name? I don’t understand. What purpose do you have for him in my life now?”

“Just wait and see what his purpose is in your life.”


“The wedding day gradually came, the church was filled up with guests, as the celebration mood was turned up. The groom was smiling from ear to ear in his blue suit and red tie.

The height of it was when the bride, sister Morayo walked in, in her bridal gown, looking so beautiful and dashing, with her dad holding her by the hand. She couldn’t help the lone tear that fell down her cheeks.

“Who would even stand in as my father when it’s time to get married? No father, nothing! I guess I will have to walk down the aisle myself. She thought as she smiled sadly to herself, with her eyes not leaving the bride for once. She looks pretty and happy!” She said to herself.

That is your husband!

She was startled to hear that voice. She looked around her if someone spoke to her but she saw all of them concentrating on the message Pastor Mike was preaching.

“Husband? Who?” She questioned in her heart. God please, I cannot choose for myself, I only want your will to be done in my life. I don’t want to assume anything or set my heart for any heartbreaks again. Never! She prayed with fear and concern.

“I cast out every spirit of confusion in my life. I silence the voice of the flesh. I come against every thoughts and imagination that is raising itself against the knowledge of God.” She prayed in her heart as she later switched to speaking in tongues.

I told you to take delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. That is your husband! My perfect will for you.

Okay. She knew this was not the voice of her flesh neither her imaginations. This was actually the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to her. That alone set her heart at ease as she knew that since it was God speaking, then she was in safe hands.

But the desires of her heart? Yes! She desired to be married to the man God approved for her. His perfect will? That’s what I want above all things Lord. As she confessed those words, she didn’t feel any rush of adrenaline or butterflies in her stomach. It was more than that! She felt a deep peace wash through her, she felt her spirit confirming and yielding to what The Holy Spirit was saying, above all, she felt a weight being lifted in her heart.

“Hmmm. She sighed deeply. Father, I accept whoever you are giving to me, I say yes to your will. But who is this person you are talking about?”

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She was jolted back to consciousness as the sister sitting beside her, sister Tade tapped her, motioning her to stand up.

She quickly stood up as she saw that she was the only one sitting, slightly embarrassed she walked out to the microphone stand to take the praise and worship as it was time for the couple to dance in to the pastor’s office to sign the marriage certificate.

The music director had earlier assigned her and some others to take certain aspects of the worship for the wedding.

She smiled into the microphone as she saw how the couples were dancing and the guests to the songs, their faces filled with happiness. She could see the amazing look bro Adetola was giving his wife and love for both of them filled her soul. She could only wish them a happy and blissful life together forever.

She quickly rounded up immediately she saw the signal from the music director for her to stop. As she sat on her seat, she heard His voice again, it was as if He was waiting for her to seat and resume “their gist”.

Look over there, that’s the man for you.”

“I’m sure you are not talking about the groom. Who are you pointing to?”

Behind him! The best man! Don’t see him, look at him!

She had seen the brother, in fact he looked familiar kind of. “But him? My husband?”

Still she felt nothing even with the knowledge of him being her husband. No heart beating, pulse racing, just some peace and quiet.

Then as if she was being prompted, she took another long look at the brother, setting her eyes on him, trying to see if she could remember where she had seen him

Then it hit her big time, she quickly flipped through to the last page of the wedding program and saw his name.

“Oh my God!!!” She screamed out loud in her heart as shock, surprise and amazement plastered her face.


“This can’t be! How? Why?” All these questions and more quizzed her mind as she checked out the brother again. Is he even aware of this matter? He didn’t even recognize or know her!

She didn’t even know how to react, filled with mixed feelings, she knew she couldn’t cry or jump or scream, the church and the rest of her team would think she’s crazy. The last thing she wanted is for attention to be on her talk less of conducting a mini-deliverance for her. But if there’s something she was going to do, she would have to meet up with Pastor Mike after the church programme and talk to him about what God had said.

“So this is what you are trying to do Lord? This is the meaning of the dream I had about bro Adetola? His purpose was to serve as a link where I get connected to his brother? Sayo Ayokunle?”

He had ministered through sax at the JCCF program back then in her 300 level days in school. She had felt her spirit leap within her as he ministered, she had admired how he handled the sax, how the spirit moved in his ministration, people speaking in tongues, some shedding tears, and the atmosphere was filled with the presence and power of the most high.

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She smiled as she remembered that she had prayed that God would keep using him and that God will bless him with a wife who will support his ministry when it’s time to get married. Not knowing she would be the wife she was actually praying about!

She knew she only liked him then, not having any relationship motive in mind, she knew her spirit always drew him to her and she would just find herself praying for him, his ministry and marriage.

“Hmmmn. She sighed deeply as she thought, God knew he was going to be my husband, God knew I liked him and He gave him to me because it was in accordance to His will.”

She smiled at the thought. She had heard testimonies of sisters that said they didn’t love the men God gave them at first but with time, they grew to love them, even her best friend Peju, who was now happily married to bro Tobi. She didn’t like him at all, it took confirmations and her decision to yield to Gods will for her to say yes.

“But now, my friend is chilling with her man.” She remembered Peju had confessed to her that “Thank God I said yes to him, thank God I didn’t judge him with his looks that what he carried on the inside worth more than gold.”

So now, she believed that it’s not everyone that will have the testimony of “I didn’t like him at first” because God had given her the man she liked, which she didn’t know was in line with Gods will until now.

“Indeed, God’s ways are not ours and His thoughts are deep and wide.

She walked into the Pastor’s office immediately the wedding ended and told the pastor all what God had told her while the program was on.

“Hmmm… God is good! You see, Most times God plants a desire in our heart which is in accordance with his will. Pastor Mike said with excitement written over his face. Let’s keep trusting God to finish what He had started. But yes! As you were sharing the word you received, the Holy Spirit confirmed it to me that what you heard was really from God and it’s His will.”

“Let’s pray.” He held hands with her as they prayed.


“Hello, sis Folakemi!”

She had gone to the mall, to get some stuffs and also to relax with a movie and of course, what’s a movie without some popcorn and a cold drink?

She turned to the side to see who had called her when she saw ‘Sayo’ standing and smiling beside her in a navy blue top and a cream colored knicker.

“It’s good to see you Bro Sayo! What brings you here this afternoon?” She said as she smiled slightly at him. She had seen him some couple of times in church after his brother’s wedding and they had got talking. Nothing much though, just re-introduced themselves at the first encounter and other encounters were just normal greetings.

He smiled briefly. Well, I am here to see a movie that just hit the cinema. It’s titled ‘Calling Heaven’s Phone’ and you?

“Wow… I came to get some stuffs and to see the movie too.” She smiled shyly.

“Okay… He drawled. I have a movie partner then.” He said as he nodded to a seat at a corner of the hall, let’s sit there till it’s time for the movie.

“Yeah I have been wanting to share some stuffs with you, and I think this is a good opportunity to talk.”

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“Okay, go ahead. I’m all ears.” She replied.

“Okay, so the first time I saw you which was at LASU when you came to meet your choir coordinator, the Lord told me straight up that you are my wife but He told me back then that it wasn’t the right time to talk to you about it.

The next time I saw you was at the music festival night, seeing you render that powerful song caused a stirring in my heart and God said ‘That is your wife’ but He said I still shouldn’t tell you yet because you are not ready. I haven’t heard you sing before and it was my brother that invited me for the program so that’s why I was present. I just knew I had found a woman that will walk the path of destiny with me.”

“Immediately, I told my elder brother, he walked up to you after the service to make your acquaintance to speed up the process for me “In his words”. He said as he used his hands to draw a quote in the air.

“I’m sorry I didn’t give your brother a listening ear that day,” she said as she remembered how she had walked out on him and called him an agent of darkness. Not knowing he was a bridge to her marital breakthrough she had been trusting God for.

The phrase “God said she wasn’t ready” humbled her as she thought of it. She truly wanted a man, she was ready to be engaged, but she was aiming for another thing, her mind was somewhere else and most importantly, she still had some unfinished battles to settle.

“No no, its fine, you don’t have to be sorry. It’s one of those things.” He smiled.

“But afterwards, he continued, when I felt it was time to come and share my convictions, I dreamt and saw some forces and they warned me never to try it. So I went to Pastor Mike and told him I was convinced that you are my wife and I had wanted to tell you but some forces were hindering me.”

“Thank you Jesus! Thank you for delivering me.” She said in her heart, not surprised at what sayo had said because she knew the forces he was referring to

“But now, he continued with a big smile, God gave me a sign that it’s time to come meet you and share my convictions. Matter of fact, He was the one that directed me to watch it at this mall. He finished off with conviction and peace written all over his face.”

“So Folakemi Adunola Adesanya, he called out her name in full as he held her hands, looking straight into her eyes. You are the good thing I have found and the favor I have received from the Father. I want you to walk this path of purpose and destiny with me, I want our union to raise godly seeds, and I want our home and union to be a blessing to our generation and of kingdom benefit to God. Please, will you be my wife?”

“This is it Lord!” She said with gratefulness in her heart.

“Sayo Ayokunle, I am convinced as well, and it will be an honor to walk this path with you. She answered as they both smiled and hugged each other.”


Written by Tolulope Dabo
Inspired from the word.

Thank you for following me on this series, God bless you.

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