The SwitchBack

Folake checked her watch for the umpteenth time, it’s almost 4:30 she said to herself as if she was surprised. Fear, worry and anxiety creased her brows as she grabbed her tummy tight as if it will fall off. She silently prayed in her heart as she did some vocal exercises, trying to ease the rumblings in her tummy and her nervousness at the same time.

Earlier that week, during the choir rehearsal, the music director had placed the responsibility on her to lead the first choir ministration on the music festival night. She had wanted to faint or the ground should open and swallow her up but neither of it happened. She tried to excuse herself by explaining to the music director the reason for which she can’t lead the first or any of the choir ministrations.

It’s actually not her first time of standing before the crowd and ministering, but that was just on a normal Sunday service for God’s sake, not a music festival night where thousands of people will be gathered, different music ministers from different churches, gifted and talented people.

She gently rubbed her forehead as she stared into the computer before her, she smiled and rolled her eyeballs as she remembered what the music director had said to her when she tried to turn it down. He had whispered gently into her ears that “God wanted her to lead the first ministration because He is set to answer her prayers that very day.”

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The thought of that word increased her heartbeat, bringing back all her fears and worries. The alarm bell jolted her out of her misery as she quickly turned off the computer, grabbed her bag and stepped out briskly through the large, giant glass doors of Lebanon Royal Assurance Ltd.

She managed to make it to the Lilies Event Hall despite the heavy traffic, she had gone home immediately after work, where she tried to force herself to sleep but she was denied. She had found herself rolling on the bed, lost in thoughts, she tried to eat, the food wasn’t going down well. While in that state of mind, a verse in dropped to her spirit in 2nd Timothy 1:7 which says “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” She had gone on her knees, asking God for mercy for not having enough faith in Him, asking Him to take over the ministration and immediately she felt a deep peace welling up from the depth of her soul.

Now sitting in her car parked at a corner in the event hall compound, she gave her face and her hair a second check through the small size mirror she had kept in her bag. She had worn a knee length black skirt, with a lavender colored chiffon three-quarter top, with a silver neck costume on a nice black pair of heels. Satisfied with her look, she prayed briefly and stepped out of the car.

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The atmosphere in the hall was powerful, as she saw how people raised their hands in worship. She could see her pastor on his knees still lost in worship even after the first choir ministration of the host church had ended. She couldn’t believe how God took over. The last thing she remembered was speaking in her tongues as the microphone was handed over to her, she found herself raising her voice to sing a high pitch she never knew she could ever reach. Wow! God is indeed faithful. The music director walked up to her where she was seated and whispered into her ears again, “that was an awesome ministration.” She smiled as she blessed God in her heart for helping her through.

The next ministration was from The Solid Rock Assembly choir; the rich baritone-tenor voice coming out through the speakers caused a stirring in her heart. She raised her head, pushing her neck forward to catch a facial glimpse of the man singing that beautiful song accompanied with a powerful voice that reached down her soul.

Suddenly, like a rushing wind, it hit her clearly; this is the man that God must be talking about! She opened her eyes in wide amazement, there’s no other explanation to the feelings she had inside her heart. It came flashing before her face one after the other, the word of knowledge which the music director had given her. Oh how the voice of this young man caused a stirring in her heart, reaching down to her soul and how God had spoken to her earlier this year that the man He’s going to give her would be a music person as well.

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This is really it! She said again as she screamed it in her mind, trying to stay calm by paying keen and close attention to the man and the beautiful song he was rendering.

To be continued next week Sunday…

Written by: Tolulope Dabo
Inspired by the Word

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Tolulope Dabo

I am a drama minister, God lover and a Christian writer. I'm passionate about impacting lives through the writing of inspiring stories and articles

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