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The Victory Path Blog Is 2 Years Old Today!

This blog is 2 years old today. Exactly this day 2 years ago, I decided to step out in faith and start this blog, with no qualification or certificate.. Lol. It seems it has been more than 2 years hasn’t it? Yeah, it feels so to me too. It has been a lot of work to keep it going and fresh every time. Like every other person, I have faced a lot of challenges, set backs, growth, improvements, joys and fulfilment. If there is anything I have learnt the most on this 2 year journey, it is that there is an audience for everyone. Don’t ever feel like everything has already been done by the top guns in your sphere, there is more than enough space for you to shine. There’s also the need to be ready to flow with the tide of change! I had learn to throw too much rigidity aside to ensure that I get the very best out of what I wanted for the blog. The current theme on the blog is the 6th theme I have used since inception *covers face*. That’s just how much of change I have had to make in different areas.

Today actually feels like my birthday because this anniversary makes me reflect a lot on the journey so far. So much has gone into making this blog work over time. From my first article A Blog Finally all the way down to this one, it has been well over a 100 posts that has been put up on the Victory Path Blog. I have even written an ebook too. You may be wondering why I am celebrating this? Isn’t it just 2 years? Yes, it is ‘just’ 2 years! Would you celebrate your child’s second year birthday? You surely would. Two years is a lot of time for anything to happen. I am also a total believer in celebrating the little, and not waiting for the BIG to come before I begin.

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I really want to thank you for following this blog! From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and love you. If you ever took the time to read an article, share with someone, or if this is your first article you are reading, this success is yours as well. I remember the level of feedback I got on the My Blog Is Useless article, I was really inspired. A big thank you to my other blog contributors too. It’s a journey I’m believing God is going to get better! There is so much that has been coming up on this blog. Watch this space 🙂

Over all, I am grateful to God for His help and abundant grace, the God I serve is a God of inspiration and creativity, He never gets tired.

We win on the Victory Path, we are always Victorious!!

So I have a couple of requests to make:

1) Read a couple of articles that you haven’t read before
2) Share your favorite articles on any of your social media accounts
3) Tell someone about this blog
4) Renew your commitment to being a follower and ambassador of The Victory Path. Say to yourself “I’ll read and share any article that comes up on the blog” That’s the way to make the best out of it.
5) Take steps towards achieving your dreams.

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What has The Victory Path Blog been to you personally? Any thoughts you want to share about the blog today?

I’ll love too see your comments 🙂

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