The Victory Path Blog is 6 Years!

Yaaaas! The blog is 6 years old! How time flies when you are having a great time. It’s super important to be able to celebrate progress and new milestones, no matter how little they may seem. It’s been an incredible 6-year ride running this blog and sharing insightful, inspirational and exciting content on the blog. I still remember when I posted The Victory Path Blog Is 2 Years Old Today! four years ago

Over the course of the past 6 years, we have had visitors from all over the world, across 50 countries, and we have had over 200,000 views. Now, this is without any form of paid promotion at any point in time or marketing.

Amazing people like you and me have been sharing these posts with those we love and it’s been making way into new circles. I have also met a lot of interesting people who are now my friends today.

I am super excited at this milestone because blogging is a real journey. Just ask anyone you know who blogs, whether written, audio or video content what it’s like. They’ll tell you it is so much work to get anything out. It is why many blogs and channels that start, fade out over time.

I would like to say a big thank you to you, reading this right now. Your encouragement time and again is so immense over the last couple of years. Trust me, it’s discouraging on its own to put out content and no one reads it. It is much worse when there is no one to share it with. It becomes a very lonely journey.

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Some of us have been so consistent in following the blog, sharing, commenting and standing by it from day one. Thank you!

A big shout out to my co-bloggers who have also contributed to the blog over the years: Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye, Seun Ojewale, Stella Ashe, Tolu Dabo, and many others. It’s amazing to have such great people to work with.

We are looking forward to doing more with The Victory Path Blog and would love you to join us on this journey. This blog is not a ‘me’ thing, it is a ‘we’ thing. It is a platform for us to participate in, get the lovely word out to inspire others. You can contribute in one way or another.

Here are some of our immediate plans:
1. Get existing posts to new circles of people:
The good thing about this blog is that the content never expires. Every post is still relevant today as it was as far back as 6 years ago. So many people are hungry for the kind of content we have here and are looking for answers We would like to do more with promotions and social media marketing, so more people can be inspired by the blog

2. Opportunities for writers:
If you write and have followed this blog well and you are sure that the values and messages we share here resonate with you very much, then why not shoot your shot? You can join us to create amazing content for the blog too. This blog is a platform for you to be showcased to the world.

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One of our writers Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye started a story series on the blog here called Gbemi, some time ago. Guess what? She collated the stories from the blog and published a novel with it. Now, that novel has been made into a movie! Imagine that. There are no limits to what you can get done! Send an email to to get started

3. Financial Support:
I must be honest with you, there is a huge part of blogging that requires financing. From the website hosting, domain, security, internet access and now to the promotions we are looking to do, they all require funds.

Have you been blessed by this blog in some way and would like to join as a financial partner? You could schedule a certain amount every month to support us. Or choose to support with one-off donations from time to time? Or maybe you know people who are looking to support blogs like this one and are looking to move us to new levels? Please recommend us to them. There is so much we can get done.

One-off donations can be made here:  Donate to The Victory Path Blog

4. Social Media Team:
We haven’t been able to do as much as we would like to on Social Media. Are you someone who spends quality time on social media surfing the internet and looking for how you can put your effort into better use? Why not join us? You’ll just be doing a couple of simple tasks regularly to see to it that we are doing more on social media and reaching more people. Your availability is what matters, if you have some experience too, it’s a plus for us all.

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Send an email to to get started.

5. Email Subscibers:
We realized recently that many of our subscribers have updated their email addresses. Especially the host of us that moved from Yahoo to Gmail. So we’ll like you to subscribe by mail with your most recent email address, so you can start receiving emails again. Please subscribe here: 

Tell us your experience on the Victory Path so far? How would you describe what the blog has been to you? Has it inspired you or helped you through tough situations? Have you gained perspective from the thoughts shared here? What is your favorite post on the blog?

I would be looking forward to seeing you in the comment section. We won’t mind a word of prayer too.

Cheers and thanks for reading

Victory Odunjo
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