The Victory Path Monthly Review – January

January was a great month, a good foundation for what is going to be an awesome 2015. I’m sure you had a good one too. I know we all did a good job with keeping up with posts on the blog, comments, and feedbacks.


This is a brief review on the month of January. We had 15 inspiring posts in January. Here they are:

1) My 2014 Hit List


2) Don’t Be Afraid To Start Again


3) Don’t Be Afraid To Start Again 2


4) Ladies It Matters Whom You Marry


5) Guys, It Matters Whom You Marry Too


6) I Understood When The Car Sped Past Me


7) A Special Prayer You Should Pray


8) Can One Be In Love With More Than One Person At The Same Time?


9) I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, And It Wasn’t Fair


10) MY GENERATION by Nathaniel Bassey


11) The Avenger


12) Should I Give My First Salary As FirstFruits Offering?


13) 5 Lessons From ‘Share A Coke With Someone’ Campaign


14) My Experience With Weed – A True Story


15) I Watched The Dog I Love Die Yesterday


Every single article reached out to people, they learnt, were inspired, value was added, and they became better people because of what they read. People can’t wait to get their hands on new resources that would be shared on The Victory Path Blog

If you missed any article, please click and read them. I’m certain you’ll learn something that is useful to your situation.

I’m sure there are friends you want to join you on this train, you can just share this page with them. I’m sure they’ll find their way around it. Have a lovely February, it’s my birth month too. Expect more inspiring posts from the Victory Path blog. Thanks for following. This blog would be nothing without you. Hope you found this review useful

What was your favorite post(s) in the month of January?

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