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They Won’t Call Your Phone Number O!

Dear You,

I have decided to start a series that will be like letters to you. I intend that it carries the way more personal touch than even my normal blog posts, which many people still believe is very personal. Let’s call them the ‘Dear You‘ series. Well today, it’s very important I mention this to you.

Like you and many other people, I have been in sin. I am most grateful to Jesus for saving me and cleansing me with His blood. I still fail, but I strive daily to reach towards perfection. But one thing I know is many of you are still in sin, not because you don’t know the way out, but because of the influence of people that you roll with. Yeah, this is for you!

I remember when I was much younger, I really found it hard to have my voice heard, so it was very easy for me to be pressurized by the ‘happening’ people. I was a victim of peer pressure. You don’t want to imagine how moving with the crowd affected my thinking, my academic performances and my life! I felt that by following the crowd, I was going to be very important and noticed. However, one thing comes with following the crowd is that you’ll have to do what they do to be a part, or at least to feel like a part.

I was just very fortunate to not have fully participated in ALL the things that were done. The world we live in today can point you to what the youths spend a lot of their time doing. Going clubbing, talking about the opposite sex, watching pornography, masturbating, having lots of sex, smoking all kinds of stuff and then getting drunk or sometimes high. Forgive me if I don’t mention it all, but that’s not the focus of this post.

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There are some people that are called ‘Ring leaders’ not because they wear the biggest rings, but because they are some of the chief influencers in groups. The way groups work, there’ll be someone close enough to you that will be the source of the influence in your life, the same thing happens in positive groups too. The interesting thing is that these people don’t get to live your life for you, they just influence you and you carry the influence into your life, and apply where necessary.

Behind everyone that is doing something wrong or living in sin, is at least someone that triggered and helped them into it. People have made the worst decisions of their lives simply because they decided to copy someone or be influenced by others. After a long while, that way of life becomes a lifestyle. They drift away from God and they lose hope of the things they believed in, and lose touch with things they should have had. Somewhere in their heads, the people that introduced them to that way of life, are still living that life with them.

The truth is ‘They won’t call your phone number!’ These your influencers, when they finally decide to take God seriously, or start a serious relationship, when they decide to stop sinning and live a pure life, they won’t look through their contact list and say “Who did I influence wrongly? Whose life have I damaged? Let me call them to let them know I have changed” Noo! They won’t call you. Don’t keep doing something wrong because you think you have partners in crime, when you look back, you’ll see no one.

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I have seen the worst of people become good before my very eyes, but they focus on their lives from that point forward. They would even detach from their ‘past friends’ which includes you. They don’t look back at lives they damaged or destroyed, they don’t look for who to apologize to, they just move on! I ask myself “What happens to these people that have followed these ones, whose lives have been wrecked?” There’s no response. No one will call you when they change for the better, or when a Saul becomes a Paul. You’ll hear it later and see the sharp contrast in your ‘mentors’ life and your. Be wise, begin to live and choose right now.

Any one participating in sin with you can change and turn around any second. The guy that introduced you to sex may already be a Pastor right now, meanwhile you are wallowing in the same sin he introduced you to. The lady that introduced you to drugs may now be totally free and helping other youths out of it. Imagine how you’ll feel if you went to a seminar for your addiction and she taught you, you’ll feel so foolish and won’t even be able to concentrate. I want you to be wise, make a change that will make your former influence want a change. Take your phone and call yourself to order, it’s the best choice you can make at a time like this.

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Yours always,

Victory Odunjo
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What are your thoughts on this letter to you? I’ll like to see your comment. Have you seen this sort of thing happen in real life? Have you ever called someone you led astray to tell them you’ve changed?

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4 thoughts on “They Won’t Call Your Phone Number O!”

  1. Hmmmmmm ‘Take your phone and call yourself to order, it’s the best choice you can make at a time like this’. Nice post. Never saw it from this perspective

  2. Wow… people wont cal u to tell theyve have changed, and ask if you’re intrested in changing as well..that point struck me alot.. tuanks Victorypath.

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