Today’s Youths & Their Prayerful Parents

You would expect that in a world technologically advanced as ours, the disregard for prayer would be on a high level. Maybe to a certain degree, we have many people overlooking how much time should be spent praying. But what we can’t deny is the power that prayer brings into a situation.

Prayer maintains its relevance because there are a lot of circumstances and events that happen in life that are beyond our reach. We get to see things that have no logical explanation whatsoever, and even technology has nothing to say about how it came about. We may also find ourselves in tough situations where we want a particular result and we don’t know where to start or how to get there. Prayer is what we do to get ourselves over the bridge.

Now, I must say that prayer is one of the most important tools we have today. Sorry, it’s not your smartphone with intelligent features. Prayer outweighs many of the things we treasure in the world today. This is why in many religions, there is still a need to communicate with a ‘Higher Being’ on the things that concern man through prayer.

The Bible clearly implores us to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:1)

This scripture shows to us that prayer should not be something we take lightly or like a religious task, there is power when we pray. And since the spiritual controls the physical, it is only wise to be able to control the events of your physical life from the spirit realm.

I’ve heard some commonly repeated statements from people as regarding some of their views on prayer that I would like to share with you:

“Thank God for my mother’s prayer, I’m sure it was what saved me now from this mistake”

“My father is a Pastor and works in the ministry, do you know how many prayers are working for me?”

“My mother’s prayer over my head cannot be a waste”

“Once my parents pray for me it’s all over, that’s what I really need for my life.”

I don’t know if you’ve heard statements like these or some in a similar fashion. Maybe you carry these lines of thoughts or beliefs yourself too. There are a couple of observations and questions I would like us to examine intricately.

Having a praying parent is important! And throughout the Bible, we see the importance of a parents blessing. In fact, getting the chance to be prayed for by friends, family, neighbors and many others should be treasured, and this is because we all need prayers. Having others join you in prayer helps to lift your burdens and also helps you accomplish more.

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But what I have noticed is that quite a number of the youths I have come across that have this ‘my parents are praying for me‘ mindset, don’t tend to see enough reason to pray more for themselves. They go about their lives and don’t give God the required attention He deserves on a daily basis. When they experience an issue or incident that was close to getting them down, and the next thing is a sentence about their parent’s prayers. Haha, Interesting!

Though I have a couple of questions:

“What about your own prayers? What are they doing for you? Or don’t your own prayers work for you too? Don’t you feel like your prayers have enough power to save you? Or is the real issue that you truly have just not learned to pray? Also, how do you know whose prayer works for you in certain situations, do you have a gauge that lets you know?”

You see, being able to answer these questions will actually help you objectively know why you think the way you do.

“Why do you rate the prayers of your parents so highly? What makes you think they are praying for you so much when you are not even there to confirm what their prayer points today were? How long do you think they spend praying for you in a week, 10 hours?

Are you the only child? Do you think they have other things to pray for, like friends, family, personal issues and other pending matters? Do you think there is no day that they won’t miss praying for you? Any proof to back up your answers?”

It would be great if you could actually answer these questions. I have answered them already too, personally.

Let’s talk more about you right now.

If your parent’s prayer time was deleted and was replaced with your prayer time, with you as their child, would you feel comfortable with the level of prayers being prayed for you by them?

If your parents were to think just like you do, and they always say to themselves, “Oh my son or daughter’s prayer for me is what saves and keeps me” would that actually be true? Do you even pray for your parents well enough? Sorry, are they on your prayer list? Do you even have a list?

The most comfortable prayer is “Lord bless and protect my parents.” Is that okay if that’s the short kind of prayer they prayed for you daily?

You see, there comes a time in your life when you start to learn to take responsibility. Many of us still feel very entitled to quite a number of things, including the prayers of others. We live our lives believing that someone somewhere is praying for us, who would that be? Who are you sure is tabling your matter before God ahead of theirs?

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I don’t intend for you too think too far, just use your life as a spectrum to weigh the equation. If others are just like you, maybe not as good, would you be getting prayers from anywhere? If you aren’t praying for anyone else but yourself and only for your needs, do you somehow expect others to be doing the same for you?

Sorry, it’s a lonely world out there and nobody owes you anything! Only the love of God leads us to love others as we love ourselves. The natural man is generally selfish, the earlier you realize this the better. It will lead you to be at the helm of affairs as regarding prayer in your life. You surely don’t want to be a person without prayer backup right? Me too.

Whatever prayer may come your way has come to you as a gift and not as something you have a right to. Appreciate it! This same gift is meant to be given to others as well by you.

The Bible talks about carrying your cross. It is YOUR cross, everyone else has their own cross to carry too. If anyone is kind enough to carry your cross for you, they can’t carry it for long or far enough.

Even Simon who helped out with Jesus’ cross only did it because he was ordered to and because Jesus was weak. Jesus carried His cross for a long distance before then. Simon wasn’t nailed to the cross for Jesus, Jesus was nailed to His own cross and took upon Him all the pain that came with His cross.

No one can pray the prayers that you are to pray for yourself for you. Even if they try, there is a limit to these prayers. No one can bear your burdens or understand your situation or pain like you can. There are dynamics particular to your life, your call, and purpose that ONLY you can bear.

Remember when Jesus went to pray at the Garden of Gethsemane? And He took some disciples to pray with Him? He prayed until His sweat became like drops of blood. But what were His companions doing? Sleeping! Even when He woke them up, they slept back again. But did that stop Jesus from praying? No, it didn’t. This is the same kind of attitude you must have.

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Jesus’ example is a true picture of how life is, and if it happened to Jesus that His friends slept off when it mattered most, you are not an exemption. Your capacity must be built already for the trying times so that you come out tops.

Now is the time to spend time praying for yourself like no one else is praying for you. If you are certain that there may be others praying you, ensure that it is your goal that you are praying exceedingly more than they are for you!

Leave mummy and daddy’s prayers alone, if you get their prayers, let it be an addition to the altar of prayer you have raised for yourself. I have friends who are orphans; God is their Daddy and Mummy! They get what this is all about, they aren’t relying on anyone else but God.

Plus Daddy and Mummy would not live forever on earth, don’t wait till they leave you before you remember that you are a man or woman of your own. They have played their part.

Most importantly, your parents are not yet done with their lives. Don’t ever view their life’s journey from a position of they have tried, they are just left to eat of the fruit of their labor. Who told you so? There is still so much they are to accomplish here on earth, the latter times of their lives are to be greater than the earlier times. Pray for God to enable them to finish gracefully the race they’ve started.

Lastly, if you have such amazing parents that are willing to sacrifice for you in prayers, that’s a good thing. But would your kids have prayerful parents in you? Would you be a prayer warrior for your kids? Or are you waiting for your kids to be born before you start thinking of praying for them?

I think it’s worth thinking about, don’t you?


Thanks for taking the time out to read. God bless you.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Youths & Their Prayerful Parents”

  1. Lest i forget, this post made me remember when i was waiting for my name to be pasted for admission into a nursing program at Lautech. I passed the post UTME and i had a good UTME score but my name was not among the list. When my brother called to inform us, i cried so well because you know the feelings of not having an alternative and some of your friends got admissions already. As soon as my mother came to console me, i just told her “mum i thought you prayed for me” then she replied; yes, i did. I asked again, how come i did not get the admission. She just said sorry my daughter. I so much relied on her prayers o because she prays a lot. But in the night, my mum came to me and explained many things to me about prayers and said maybe God was waiting for your own prayers. Mehn, that last word even made me to apologize to God. Lol.

  2. Guilty As charged😭😭😭
    God have mercy.

    If My Prayer life was to be used by my parents… ahhh
    Ko le de Ojurin lati moniya😩😩😩
    God should just have mercy on somebody.
    Thank You Victory😊

  3. This is a great piece, sir. Well done! Sometimes the flames die little by little with our attention on our current physical situation. May God help us to never stop being so intrigued by Him that we keep going back to the secret place. Well done, sir.

    1. Amen to the prayers! Very true words about how the situation of things tend to affect our flames. God’s grace will see us through 🙏 Thanks for taking reading Tomi ❤

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