I’ve always had a knack for humble people. What more can a 27-year old guy likely want with proud people who have treated him in the worst of ways possible? I’ve had experiences in the past with silver-spooned fellows and it made me wonder if being rich was a crime.

I had gone abroad on a scholarship to study aeronautics and it was a fully-blown experience that surpassed my dreams and anything called fantasy. That happened a few years ago after a competition I went for and won, on a national scale. My parents couldn’t afford a television set so they couldn’t watch me at home, they watched in a television store owned by a kind-hearted man whose store was a stone throw away.

They weren’t rich and managed to do many important things just to ensure life goes on. I remember my father wasn’t the best of men in the fatherhood division but my mum, she was the superhero in the movie and this time, she wore cape which happened to be her wrapper. She would look at me and say, “You’re my first son, I believe your head is correct. 3years wasn’t a waste waiting for you”. This always brought tears to my eyes and more conviction to do more.

I left Nigeria after winning the scholarship and I bagged my Bsc and my Master’s degree in flying objects in the air and I returned to Nigeria as a big man in the industry. I earn 7figures monthly asides the other commissions. I’ve hung around rich folks most of my life afterward and need not I say that I embarrassed my parents with everything good and nice, my siblings weren’t neglected either, in fact, as at now, our last born is in the UK studying. Most rich people tend to be proud, at least, the ones I knew around me so I took a stance that I would marry from a not well to do background and be a blessing to them because it’s a Nollywood standard that not well to do families are mostly humble.

I was driving to my usual restaurant when I saw a lady walking in the rain and shivering also. As compassionate as I can be, I quickly stopped and made to help her by offering her a ride. As I walked up to her with an umbrella, I couldn’t help myself but stare at such a ravishing beauty she was. It was like all my nerves shut down and restarted and I hardly felt my tongue in my mouth…

Her smile made it feel as though the sun has risen and it brightened my facial expression. I could literally feel humility oozing from her personality, even when I just met her and didn’t even know her name. Like in the Indian movies, I walked her in slow motion to my car and dropped her off that day and yes, I lost my appetite too. Don’t blame me, you would’ve lost yours too. I later got her name and we got talking and she didn’t know how rich I was until I took her on a date in a really fancy restaurant and she was dazzled.

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But there was something off about her……. Like really off. She was proud!! Chisom was as proud as a tree showing off to the grasses around it. It was shocking to me as I got to notice this after three dates we went on. She would behave as though she merited everything I did. It felt like I owed her everything I gave her.

Have you ever had such a feeling before? Lool. The more good I did to her, the more she made me feel worthless and I wasn’t going to let that slide because I’ve always hated pride for all I care. There was one time we went out and she gave me this stern look because I did not compliment her, on top the dress and the necklace I bought for her. She never thanked me for anything, like nothing at all. It was getting really toxic and the best thing for me at that point was that I wasn’t dating her as per I hadn’t asked her out officially but it seemed like she was dating me. Lol.

I went out one time to get a drink (a milkshake, by the way) personally to just think and reflect in the cool of an evening when the waiter at the parlor approached me with a tray of the best scotch they had as at that time, it was exquisite but seeing that I don’t drink alcohol, returned it and came with the best bottled cocktail they had. Apparently, a lady had just ordered that and had it sent to me. She came to me after trying to hide and failed. She looked rich but simple and from the keys that fell from her bag, she drove a Range Rover sport 2018 edition. I was expecting some proud and pompous statement from her when she doffed a courtesy that startled me.

“Judging from the look on your face, you don’t see this often, am I right?”, she asked. Still surprised to see that, she introduced herself as Bola and she was into real estate and consultancy. I did the same and we kinda bonded and had a really smooth conversation that evening. We exchanged contact and as I began to know her more, I found out that she wasn’t proud and she had a level of decorum that I admired. Chisom, on the other hand, was so proud that even when she didn’t get a call from me for a whole week, didn’t even bother to reach out. Bola and I hit it off and it was the most amazing feeling ever.

There was a time we went shopping and there was a rouse somewhere in the mall about a lady who found it difficult to complete her money for her wedding dress which was due and was delayed because there was no money to have gotten it earlier. Bola paid for her gown and gave her money for other expenses. We ended up attending the wedding and it was the best feeling ever. That singular act made me melt even more for Bola. My whole world was changing as fast as the morning comes after the night. I was tempted to will all my finances to her because she was so prudent with money, or so I thought. The day I raised up that idea, she turned it down immediately because in her defense, I was meant to lead her and not the other way round.

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At this point, I had fallen already for her and I couldn’t do anything against it. As there had been love growth and everything nice between Bola and me, Chisom had been cooking up her fightback plan because I hadn’t called her for more than a month and she was beginning to feel my absence.

Bola and I were enjoying the evening breeze after work one evening and alas, my phone rang. I picked it up and it was my mum calling me. I picked and she sounded like it was an emergency. My heart skipped a bit as I rushed out. Bola insisted on coming along with me because she knew I needed to be calm all the way down to the house, in fact, she drove us down there. When we got there, I couldn’t wait for the car to stop as I jumped out of the car and headed towards the door. When I got inside, I saw Chioma and my mum, sitting and smiling at me like a log of wood that has just been thrown into the fire. “What’s this about?” I asked. My mum smiled and said, “You didn’t show me this one before oo, and she’s even from our side”.

As shocked as I was, knowing fully well what was about to happen, snapped! No! She’s not my girlfriend or fiancée or whatever, I said looking at my mum in a surprised fashion. My mum was like, “She has pictures to show of the both of you together, and who’s the lady behind you?” I looked at Bola and at that point, the answer I’d give will be the lasting seal on everything as it were. “She’s my fiancée mum, and she’s the one I’m going to marry”. This statement made tears have a free exit on Bola’s face and as well as Chioma’s, but the approach was different.

Bola could only but hug me and Chioma could only but hug my mum, all in all, there were definite hugs but in my defense, if it was a competition, I would’ve won it square and fair. After thirty minutes of silence, my mum looked at me and asked, “Are you sure about this?” Yes, I am and I’m willing to go the extra length for Bola, was my response to her.

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Chioma left my place that day feeling terrible and it was no fault of mine, she wasn’t just my type. The in-laws met and everything went according to plan and the wedding date was set.

Six months before the wedding, I was having dinner with Bola one evening and she looked at me, shook her head and smiled. The repeated action made me curious as to find out the fuel for this disposition of hers and I had to ask. “What is it? What did I do now, madam tush?”

“How did we last this long and you haven’t asked for sex?” She asked. The question made me choke on my drink as I coughed really hard to avoid passing out. She continued, “Every other guy I’ve been with always had to ask and when it got overwhelming, I had to succumb but you’re different.” My mood changed immediately because I had thought over the months we’ve been dating that she was “clean”, and now this?

It was difficult to reason out and now I had to make a decision of either finding someone else or going on with the whole thing. I had to talk to my mentor and sought advice from the higher powers and for weeks, I was down. She knew and she gave me time to reason the whole thing out and after two weeks, I made up my mind to love her even more because she told me about it. What if she had hidden it from me totally? I made my peace with it and went on with the wedding plans. We got married and it was an elaborate one and the talk of the town. I wished Chioma well and helped her when I could, my marriage with Bola has been wonderful and this is the sixth month and we are expecting a baby in the few months to come.

I bet I was wrong after all, there are vessels in people regardless of their background. Background doesn’t really shape people into what they are, its the choices we make for ourselves that do so. Hence, I’ve learned to treat people individually. If all the guys you’ve dated were all cheaters, don’t generalize all guys as cheaters. You’ll be shortchanging yourself if you do that. There are good people out there but it doesn’t mean the drama was over. There was more to it than meets the eye… The fun has just begun.

Stay in Hope. Stay tuned…..

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