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Understanding Your Life’s Process & Making The Most of It

For the past couple of days, I have been wondering what to write on next. Sometimes inspiration comes early, other times, it comes at the very last minute. Either way, it always comes because it is nothing but a gift.

It hit me that it would be right to say something as regarding life’s process, yours and mine too. Though it’s a deep area we’ll touch upon some basics here to keep your mind stimulated.

The truth is at this very time, we are all going through our various processes whether we like it or not. Though, the interesting thing is we tend to always see ourselves as the only ones going through the tough stuff.

With social media and being able to stay updated with everyone’s lives and accomplishments, it is very easy to feel left behind, honestly. It seems like everything is going well for everyone else except you! Why is it you that has to go through a rough patch, why is it you that has to be broke, or to have a job that gets you frustrated or come from a family that is full of fights and disagreements? Why?

Most of these questions go unanswered because life surely goes on and there isn’t always someone there to answer all our questions. So they linger at the back of our minds.

For those of you wondering what this ‘process’ we are talking about is, it actually means what the word process means: the journey and step by step route to getting to a final destination. The dictionary puts it as ‘a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end’.

There is a process for everything in life, every single move. The process it took for you to be reading this article right now is that you needed to have a device connected to the internet, and a link to this website, and also a good education to be able to read what has been written.

There is a process for washing clothes, putting on your TV, cooking different meals and the likes. We all have learned to follow the process to get certain results. These processes are especially engrained and seen in nature. It’s not possible to plant a seed today and also reap fruit from that seed today. Why? It’s because there is a process between planting and harvest. Regardless of how much you water the seed or use fertilizer, you can’t get fruit.

There’s no woman that can have sex with a man tonight and give birth to a healthy newborn baby tomorrow. This is because it takes an estimated 9 months before a baby can be born. Getting 9 women pregnant at the same time will not make a child be born the very next minute. The process says 9 months and not 9 women. There is a process to everything.

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For us humans as well, the same applies. We must understand that our lives are also a process.

You could not run or jump the moment you came out of your mother’s womb, it took a process of time before you could do that. You couldn’t suddenly understand University course contents when you were in primary school. Your mind hadn’t gone through the process required to understand it.

I remember that as a little boy as I would gaze at my aunty’s notes. I could not make sense of one thing in it, and it wasn’t because I didn’t know my ABCs or that I wasn’t brilliant. The truth is I hadn’t paid my dues and gone through the process to understand it.

The thing for most of us now is that we find ourselves at stages where we know to a certain degree that we are all grown up, and there are certain things that we should already be seeing happen in our lives. Many people we know are already experiencing these right things we desire. Oh, scratch that, some people we know are experiencing it (Our minds tend to tell us that it’s everyone, but that’s a lie).

We had all these big dreams right from when we were young. Dreams like that at 23 you’ll be a millionaire and right now you may be 27 and you don’t even have a job or money in your savings account. Or that by 25 you’ll be married and here you are by 29, there is no action or a potential spouse saying hi. It could be that you wanted to visit 30 countries before you were 30, and here you are at 30, you have barely visited 3 states in your country of residence.

This list can go on and on and we won’t finish listing all the possible dreams and goals that we have set in our minds to achieve. The question then is, what is going on? Why is there such a vast disparity between our thoughts and reality? Why does it seem things are going in the opposite direction of some of the things we planned? Why does the final result seem to be happening in another form? Really, why is life so unpredictable?

You see, these questions are similar to those the visionary farmer also asks. When he bought acres of land for farming, he also had big dreams of a large plantation with more than enough to eat and do business with. But he had to start with the reality of planting the seed. He had to take responsibility to ensure that every day he did all he needed to do to keep the seed nurtured and away from the possibility of drying up in the ground.

After a couple of months that his crops were doing well, they suddenly got attacked by pests and it was so savage that none of his crops survived! He had to go back to start again from scratch. Do you know how many questions this farmer has? Many! Was this what he bargained for? Not at all.

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The truth is no matter how many lives you choose to compare yours with, there will never be another life exactly like yours, so quit comparing yourself with others already.

There are areas in your life that you may feel insufficient in, and it’s clear others are doing better at it. It’ll also happen that there are areas you are very secure in that others are not.

You must note that the process for making doughnuts is different from the process of making cakes even though they have similar ingredients. You also can’t have your favorite smoothie drink if those fruits aren’t willing to be plucked off and blended. You must allow yourself to go through your process, no one said it would be easy.

God said in His word that He knows the plans He has for your life, they are good plans. And if He is Lord over your life, He knows what He is doing.

These days I see many people that want to move from zero to 1 billion in 1 second. It’s against process! Many of them haven’t even built the capacity to sustain the things that they want. That’s why your process is there to strengthen you.

You don’t give a 2-year-old your laptop to carry, there’s only one result, the laptop will be in pieces in a few seconds. Capacity to carry such a device has not been built through process and learning.

Too many people are doomed to fail and will end up being the laughing stock of others if they don’t stick to their processes.

I would like you to do me a favor, please. Thank you!

Quickly think of one the fastest things you can get to eat that can be prepared as fast as possible, even if it’s a fruit or snack. Okay good! You are smart, and I like that about you. Let’s explore a few of these options that you thought of.

Yes, you can get to a fast food restaurant and order for a hamburger really quick and that’s a ‘fast food’, really really fast in fact. It took you a few seconds to order and you are already taking a bite. Yass!

But wait a minute, can we break down the process involved in making the burger, and all the ingredients used, taking them back to their raw form? Was that really a ‘fast food’? By the time you break it down, you’ll realize that if you decided to make that burger from the very scratch, you’ll never get it into your mouth in hours or days.

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Same with fruit like say banana. Bananas are really good, tasty and are really easy to get into your mouth, just peel the skin and there you go. For me, I think I can get 3 bananas in my tummy in less than a minute. It takes very little time. But let’s think about the process of getting this banana in my hands.

If I have a banana plant, it must have 10 to 15 months of growth for the plant to produce fruit. The exact time the plant takes to fruit will depend on various environmental conditions. It’s very easy and fast to eat a banana, but the process of getting to even hold that banana in my hands is even longer, close to a year or more!

One thing your process will teach you is patience. And in your patience, make sure you are learning as fast as you can so you can get stronger in every way. Don’t be discouraged and distraught that things aren’t happening the exact way you planned or envisaged them, your process is surely going to get you to your desired goal.

For people who stay true to their process, success is only a matter of time. Stick with it, don’t jump ship into what you won’t be proud of tomorrow.

There’s one thing I can guarantee you, when you achieve your goals and reach the heights God has planned for you, you’ll see that your process was worth it. Don’t be another badly tasting banana because you couldn’t wait to get off the tree at the right time and because you were in a hurry.

Don’t be the undercooked meal no one wants to eat out of because you were unwilling to stay through the fire or because it was too hot or uncomfortable.

It’s really important that you understand your process and also make the most of it. Knowing this will help to focus on the purpose and lessons that will strengthen you for the beautiful tomorrow ahead of you. Remember that for gold to become one of the most desired things on earth, it had to go through the fire and a lot of refining. Are you made of gold? Then keep moving through!

Victory Odunjo

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    1. Amen!! God’s help will surely see us through πŸ™ I’m glad Pelumi to be a source of encouragement, it’s a privilege I don’t take lightly πŸ™Œ

  1. Thank you daddy Victory!

    It’s only true that good proceeds are a result of good processes!

    Blessings to you, this post is indeed timely!

    1. Those are words on the marble my dear brother. A bad spring doesn’t supply good water, neither does a good spring produce bad water. Truly a good process will only bring good proceeds. Blessings to you tooπŸ™Œ

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