So its 1:30 am on this 27th day of May 2014 and for some reason, i suddenly recall a scene i will call “unforgettable”. Juliet was a young girl around the age of 13 who had come to our home from her village to work as a maid, in only a few weeks of her stay, she had proved very loyal. Though Juliet was out of school as she had chosen to sacrifice her studies in order to earn enough for her siblings to go to school, she kept learning on her own, writing and reading books. Her humility was one very impressive thing about her, even my mother decided to give her a real education and was ready to sponsor this to the end. Now, about the “unforgettable”….. Here goes……

I got back from work one day like every other day, yet to feel or realise what would spice up the day and make it distinct from every other. I had gotten a Coke Can drink on my way back from work, so on seeing Juliet, a feeling to give her more than a smile arose strongly in me, instantly, I handed over the Can drink to her and as usual, she was overly grateful. Few minutes after she had gulped it all, she said again “thank you aunty” and then she went further to mention that she wished she had her siblings around to share the drink with, that if it were so, the drink would have been sweeter. Wow!!! Words may just not be able to contain the impact of that statement to me that day but I will try; I was touched. A child of that age would gladly have the drink to him or herself and not remember the joy that sharing brings. Juliet later left to her village to continue schooling as her parents had demanded her presence in the village. I wished she stayed longer, I learnt a lot from her, she was just about 13. Once in a while and a little less than often, I do give her a call to check on her, it was a wonderful thing we got her a phone.  Thank God for beautiful people 🙂 .

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Written by Jumoke Onayemi

What are your thoughts about this experience? Any lessons you can learn from the true story of this young girl? Kindly comment, Thanks.

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Victory Odunjo

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4 thoughts on “Unforgettable”

  1. When you love for real, it never ends, the fire keeps burning til you are laid to rest…true love is a wonderful thing.

  2. Humility,gratefulness and above all love are qualities highlighted in this piece.We should imbibe these and like the writer says “thank God for beautiful people” cuz all those are values which make one beautiful from the inside out.