Valentine’s Day In 300 Words

I wonder why many times love and death are synonymous, the highest level of love you can show is dying for the one you love. Romeo and Juliet died because they were in love, and could not imagine loving another. It’s Valentine’s day and the whole world is clamouring for love, love, and more love. They desire more chocolates, more roses, more gifts, and more surprises. There are people in areas that Valentine’s day can’t be celebrated,

there are people sacrificing their lives daily for their loved ones. They have learnt not to celebrate Valentine’s day, because they give so much love daily. This special day of love is the everyday of their lives.

It is believed that St Valentine died as a good man. But I know a man that was sinless and also died. What a greater death! Valentines death may have a day recognized on the calendar, but we have a God who didn’t stay dead, he is risen, he lives in us and has changed our lives. So if we truly love, it must be beyond chocolates, presents and gifts, it must be a sacrifice for those we love. Jesus loved you and sacrificed himself for you. He didn’t love you much yesterday, and love you less today, he isn’t going to stop loving you tomorrow. This is the kind of love we must strive to give, a love such as the father has given to us. A love greater than a gift, a love greater than a hug or a smile, a love perfect, a love unfailing, a love that knows no bounds, a love that never runs out.

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When Paul said, “I die daily”. He didn’t just mean he died daily to sin, he meant he died daily because of love. We can only come to love when we learn to do things not only for ourselves, but for everyone else.

Happy Valentine’s day 🙂

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