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Warm Thighs, Cold Soul

Dear You,

You can’t afford to be like some other people. Have you seen the trend of things happening around you? Don’t tell me you close your eyes when you walk in the streets or that you turn a deaf ear to things that happen. Most of the time, it’s important to hear these things so that you can learn from them. I am certain that you meet new people from time to time, and your daily life leads you to be in different situations with different folks.

Have you come across people that you can not have a reasonable conversation with at all? These people lack the sort of knowledge that can help or add to you. These sort of people are the ones you don’t want to spend time with at all. You see them coming and you don’t want to do anything more than greet them “Good morning” and walk on by. Simply because a conversation with them could probably set your day off on the wrong foot. I want you to know that you are not alone, I have had this sort experience a couple of times too.

As much as the sex theme of the world is on the rise and keeps on increasing, many of us battle the sexual thoughts and pressures that are brought our way. We are very few in this battle, as we fight to win. The huge majority however are not even fighting at all, they have surrendered and become part of a side. They are on the side of those that have lost the sexual battle and have given up on coming out! It’s their new home and source of new hope; sex! Sad enough, this side is increasing daily, while very few are making it out to try to fight again. It’s easier to find people that have given up on what is right, than those fighting to stand for it.

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You’ll get to find out that many of these folks can’t even be relevant in the times we live in anymore. When sexually related matters are mentioned, you see the joy and life in them arise, as they joyfully dole out their many experiences to you to feast on and to also see them as some sort of experts in that area. Truly, we can give that to them, they are experts. But take a good look at what is left of the rest of their lives, there’s one thing you will notice. The word is ‘emptiness!’ Many of these ones live for sex alone, many other areas of their lives have been impoverished and have suffered. A lot of their thought patterns, motives behind getting some things done has that final view in mind.

They have so much time to practice and have fun with the opposite sex that there’s nothing else to learn of them. They don’t seek knowledge on how to get better, they are just pretty okay with an okay life, and that’s not okay at all. These ones don’t read books, go for seminars, have people that can pull them up, or even go to church. Physically speaking, they have warm thighs due to the level of sexual activity that goes on in their lives, very very warm, but their soul, their seat of knowledge, the home of choices is ice cold. Their laps and thighs are always warm, but the fire on their prayer altar is frozen, it’s of no use.

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Watch them carefully, they look much more older than their age due to the current level of thigh activities they have taking place, careless use of their bodies is what they have resulted to. There is a sharp increase in the number of people in this area daily. Their heart knows no warmth of any sort. The place of God has been thrown away, and the place of the important voices that could cause changes in their lives too.

Don’t let them entice you to join them. Have you been focusing on the right things recently and you find the words of these ones starting to have an effect on you? Desist! Stand firm for what is right. You may need to get ice cold thighs if you have to, but walk around with a warm heart, a warm soul and a blazing altar for God! That’s what is right, and that’s what will differentiate you. All you have learned over the years and stored up in you will be useful in the latter days.

Don’t join the queue of those who open their legs or pull down their zips to get things done more easily. Isn’t it too simple to open your thighs to move ahead, rather than work hard and put up with sleepless nights? Too simple! I want to tell you that the simple way doesn’t pay off, it doesn’t pass through you like hard work does, it doesn’t endure like putting up a fight does.

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So I advice you:

Keep your soul warm, keep your heart so full of love, that everyone will see and feel the love! The love that gives strength is what you need, the love that never lets go is what will keep you. The love that will forever be your help is what you need. That love that can change your life is what will set you free.

You know that love, you’ve heard about Him, His name is Jesus. He will keep your heart warm in this freezing world.

Yours always,

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What are your thoughts on this letter to you? Have you met people that all you know about the is sex sex sex? How have you learnt to deal with this sort of people and not be influenced by them? Let’s discuss

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3 thoughts on “Warm Thighs, Cold Soul”

  1. Wow! I like the element of surprise from my predictions based on the title and how you chose to write this.
    Thank you for this, it is a reminder and a call to repentance too.

    Keep up the good work!

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