What Is Happening In Our Churches Today? #1

I once worked with an organisation where though I did not write any aptitude tests or attend any physical interviews, I was thoroughly interviewed for several hours on phone. My boss then was based in the UK , while I was to represent him in Nigeria as the Head of Admin and Operations. I remember on that job, He would send in Memo from the UK almost every other day via e mail giving specific instructions on how and how not to run his company, our dress code, behavioural attitudes, codes of conduct etc. Though we did not see him physically, we had to strictly adhere since we were recruited. The shocking thing is that till I left the organisation, and even till date, I have not set my eyes on my boss, don’t know what he looks like , except for Facebook pictures, but I heard his voice on phone and got his mails everyday. Aside, being a customer service based organisation that ran almost exclusively on constant and uninterrupted communication between Nigeria and the UK, my then boss would send what we called ‘instructions’ almost every other hour, being the list of activities we must work on per minute and per hour, otherwise the business would fail her teeming customers.
I sit and wonder in utmost shock how some folks got into Christianity, how actually they became born-again, if they truly ever are. I see church workers and ministers malign, backbite, fornicate without conscience, steal, damage their fellow workers, lie etc and I wonder if they were actually ever recruited or they just got in by some means. I wonder if some ever even have some level of conscience controlling them, even if not the Holy Spirit. I wonder if some of these folks ever woke up every morning and got instructions for the day , from their boss, God, and not necessarily their pastor, as the pastor too was recruited just like you.

I just wonder in amazement if some people working hard in church have ever being to the cross, if they know what Jesus actually looks like , or if they would recognise Him if he passed by in disguise.
I realised that how you get to Christ matters. Many of our 21st century Pentecostal Nigerian churches are not doing us much good. In all sincerity, and with much pains in my heart, not trying to judge anyone or put any one down, but in the spirit to sincerely helping these folks, MANY OF OUR CHURCH WORKERS, MINISTERS, AND PERHAPS PASTORS ARE NOT GENUINELY BORN AGAIN BY DIVINE ENCOUNTER, but by responsibility and activities, and I make bold to say it.
A certain guy walks into your church on Sunday, maybe with his wife and little baby, looks polished and responsible , maybe drops some good offering and tithe, before long without sincere questions on where he is coming from and why he left where he was, without questions on his salvation experience, joins the work force, had some pseudo training on how to be a good, well packaged worker etc, joins maybe the choir, God bless him if he could sing well a little, begins to minister on the altar, after some time the current HOD is transferred from work, you make him to act , then he does well, you make him substantive then he does well, and you probably post him out as an assistant pastor , and then a pastor , and on and on he goes, without necessarily being born again… OR you preach some good message on prosperity and make some altar call for those who want to come to Jesus if they really want to enjoy this prosperity, she walks out, become a worker the following Sunday, does some kind of pseudo workers training .The moment such a person is injected into your system, only heaven knows how far she could go in your system or church establishment.
I really stand to be corrected, but UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEFINITE encounter(s) with the Lord one on one, except the encounter is strong enough that it brought a fundamental U-TURN to your spirit, soul body, and way of life , except you truly stopped your evil way of life, I don’t mean sleeping with 5 guys per week bf and now with 3, or drinking 10 bottles of beer before and now 1. I mean a real turn around, am afraid you are not born again. Our churches today only teach us how to be better people, and not how to truly come to the cross, die, and resurrect with Christ. They teach us the palliatives, the plastics and not the real thing.

Unfortunately our big fathers in faith only tell us God will bless us, and how they bought the jet and raised money for the University, without placing REAL EMPHASIS ON HOW THEY GOT TO WHERE THEY ARE, the hard trainings God took them through, the deep fellowships they had with God on dark damp and cold mountains of prayer, the disappointments, the times they applied faith and it didn’t really work like they wanted it etc. I see many pastors become uncomfortable when you address real sin issues on their pulpits and make calls for people to be born-again and come to the altar to accept Jesus. I see them feel uncomfortable and like “ Guy you are spoiling this packaged setting, everyone has been packaged to act in some way, so just leave them and don’t address the issue of sin, just teach on prosperity , leadership, money ,sing and make them happy, don’t make them sad, guy, make them happy. The world is full of much trouble already, make them happy here man”. And that saddens my heart!
No matter how much you follow an MTN truck dancing, wearing their T-shirt and face cap as they do promotion in the market place, you are MOST LIKELY NOT THEIR STAFF. We that watch you on the street know, they just hired you for that moment to dance and sell SIM card. No matter how much you form inside University of Ibadan (U.I), sleep in the halls of residence, attend lectures, etc, and you have no admission letter, you will eventually not get a certificate. But U.I community is so large nobody would know. My younger brother who is now a graduate student in Canada once did that , having become very tired of being at home after several failed attempts to gain admission into a school, he literally parked in to join me in Tedder Hall UI, came to fellowship, moved round, was loved by girls ( Lol ) etc but he was not a U.I student. He automatically became popular because I was quite popular on campus, and we look alike. He soon disappeared the moment he secured an admission to University of Jos, and of course, he currently lives in Canada. But till date , maybe till tomorrow, many of our fellowship folks assumed he schooled in UI.
That is exactly how many of our church workers and minsters are. That you are involved in some activities in church is no guarantee of heaven. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. That you were given some leadership positions, and or you engage in some fasting or opened some pages of the Bible hurriedly because you will give an exhortation does not guarantee that you are in the fold. This is the primary reason why we have Christians who no longer look like Christ, Christians who keep malice, who are still consulting babalawo etc. We have mixed sheep and goats, eagles and doves, and so we have so much discordant tones in church. We have cloaked people with heavy garments of responsibility to the point that they equate activity with spirituality.
How do you speak for the person who didn’t recruit you. How do you carry out instructions for the man you don’t have a personal relationship with, how do you come on a stage and represent an organisation that did not brief you to do so? How do you serve a God you did not meet one on one? Your pastor or prophet CANNOT MEET HIM ON YOUR BEHALF. You have to meet Him yourself, and take instructions for life from Him
I personally had a time when I told God that “in case this date I carry about as the official date I became born again was not correct, I decide and choose to become born again again, here and now, and start a fresh walk with You.” Some call that rededication. May sound funny but its the truth. I don’t want all these my labour for God burn on the last day .Heaven may not ask you the exact day you became born again, how long ago or how close, heaven will only ask if truly, if sincerely you did.
I hope my piece will help a few people this morning. This thought has been a big burden on my heart for a while. Good morning.

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Written by Eben Alonge

Please reflect deeply on this message. What are your thoughts on this article? How did you become born-again? Kindly comment, and share with others. Thanks

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49 thoughts on “What Is Happening In Our Churches Today? #1”

  1. Bitter truth pills for some of us to swallow.

    Food for thought: “Our churches today only teach us how to be better people, and not how to truly come to the cross, die, and resurrect with Christ. They teach us the palliatives, the plastics and not the real thing.”


    1. A ‘yoruba adage says that two people cannot be fooled by a lie, if one of the two believed the lie and is fooled the other person who is lying is not fooled’. This translates to ‘you can fool people that you are born again when actually you know that you are a sinner and NOT born again.’ The Lord knows those who are truly His. Not long from now the chaff will be separated from the seed. Their destinations are different!

      1. Also wanna add 2wat u sed…..some1 can’t deceive 3pple; Jesus, yourself,and d devil. devil also knws who is 4d Lord and who is not..i believe he’lld jst be laughing whenever he sees pple pretending..smh. May God help us all!!!

  2. This is what I describe as a WAKE UP CALL. Most Pentecostal Churches and even other denominations, so to say, have turned into Penterascals. The Word of GOD is been left out in some places not pleasing to the ministry of some Pastors. But the Scriptures cannot be broken. People have turned to the things of the world and have practically turned away from the Word. Today you see the so called christians coming to church to praise GOD and afterwards turn towards getting diabolical spiritual support from the so called spiritualists and the likes of them. Some chriatians even pay money to pastors to fast for them, what a world. This is absolutely unscriptural. You cannot serve GOD and mammon. You cannot look up with one eye and look down with the other at the same time – impossible! I must commend you greatly for this piece, every inch on the way you shall continue to recieve grace, power and wisdom from GOD. Amen. Shallom. Jide Ekunnrin commenting for heltwaiz.wordpress.com

  3. Thanks for addressing this issue here. U̶̲̥̅̊ should work on getting this piece to as many pastors as possible asap. God bless

    1. Its a privilege to be sharing this post here, I read it and couldn’t help but share it.. That’s the very essence of putting up the post, that the people that need would get to read it.. Amen.. Thanks Katiee 😉

  4. I believe this “heads up” was really needed.We should learn to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness first and not just seeking the benefits.I remember that scripture ends with “and all other things shall be added unto you” but the kingdom of God comes first. Even if we feel we’re not being taught the crux of Christianity in the church,we should read the Bible nd learn ourselves.Remember ,on the last day,you would account for yourself and yourself only.
    Kudos to the writer.God bless.

    1. Exactly the point 🙂 The writer did an excellent job in portraying it.. It is better we learn God’s word for ourselves, for we would all account for ourselves.. No Pastor would stand with any church member on the last day.. Thanks Sewa

  5. God bless u my broda. Ur article is quite apt and couldn’t have come @ a beta timeam
    It baffles me we have turned christianity to. What we see these days is what I term ” Indomie” christians. They become ‘born again’ over night and some months after, G.O of …. Revival Monistries. They are wolves in a sheep’s skin. The Bible said it all. We are @ d last days.

  6. Amazing piece, the truth is always bitter. Sincerely this is what really happens in our churches, when u are wealthy, give big tithe and very commited without having a relationship with christ they give u posts;deacon,elder,choir direction….etc. But sincerly I feel the church today looks at outside qualities in a person such as dedication,commitment,…etc. God bless u sir for this brilliant piece

    1. And God doesn’t look at the outward qualities, he looks inward first. The Bible speaks against treating rich people preferentially, but the opposite is what we see happen in the church today.. The primary concern should be their salvation, stability and growth in the faith first.. Not a position in the Church! Thanks Trillion for your eye opening comment 🙂

  7. really great piece, i hope it doesn’t get misunderstood, and i pray that it has the desired effect in Jesus name! we need more cries like this, too many people are misrepresenting Christ these days and that in itself is killing us more than any terrorist attacks. may God help us.

  8. This piece is a classic message every pastor should preach consistently in their churches. Believers ought to visit Calvary and the tomb daily to experience the significance of death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you.

  9. bitter truth.. Matthew 7:21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. vs 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? vs 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity”..God bless you for this great piece

  10. So true.this issue has been on my mind lately.no more making disciples or teaching them to have a genuine relationship and fellowship with God in both good and bad. Some christians can’t even communicate with God and know what He wants but regard go to the pastors to pray to know it,which is very sad,they don’t even want to first ask from and the pastors shud give guidance or advice. I pray God opens our eye all to see what really matters in our walk with Him.(Amen)

  11. The truth is that many pastors love it so.

    I often point out that goats are more ‘lucrative’ than sheep. Sheep’s major value are their fleece. Mutton (sheep meat) is quite tough and not really sweet. Lamb is tender, but once grown loses its tastiness. On the other hand almost all aspects of a goat is useful. Goat meat is one of the tastiest and healthiest meats available. Goat milk is said to be second only to human milk in composition and is the safest for human consumption (far better than cow milk – kindly google dangers of cow milk). Goat skin and goat hair are used for various purposes (e.g., Moroccan leather for shoes and bags etc) I could go on and on. In the same way, many pastors find it more lucrative to herd goats than sheep Christians. They are unruly, but if toasted the right way can bring much more to the table than sheep, whose main benefit is their submissiveness and loyalty.

    Your burdened writing resonated with my spirit. God bless you

  12. Welldone. The Lord will just have mercy on the Church in areas we have failed him. In Nigeria today, almost everyone is born again yet show no fruits of repentance. If the church was healthy, our country will not be where it is today. Let the remnant be bold, courageous and keep sounding the alarm! God bless you my brother!

  13. Brother Victory. You have spoken as the oracle of God. The Lord gave me a message in this direction and it’s already packaged in my latest book titled “Rediscovering the Power of Spiritual Fruitfulness”: Raising a Generation of Spiritually Fruitful Christians. The book is on amazon and has been a blessing to so many people around the world. Your words have further re-echoed the pain in the heart of God for this generation. I hope God will not choose to use the same words he used for the generation that lived during the days of Noah. AND THE LORD REGRETTED THAT HE HAD MADE MAN”. Maybe in the heart of God, these words are currently flowing out ” AND THE LORD REGRETTED THAT HE HAD RAISED UP AND HAS BLESSED THE NIGERIAN CHURCH” There was a time Jesus was telling the pharisees that the men of sodom and gomorah will contend with that generation because if they had heard what that generation heard, they would have long repented. It sickens my heart and those of like minded believers and ministers around the world that the Nigerian church has degenerated to the level it is today. We will continue to pray and seek His face. God bless you richly.

  14. I don’t know what to say but God bless you for specking out the truth. This is the type of truth i have clamoring for

  15. I concur with this message 100%. May we not be carried away with the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life. May we genuinely walk with the Lord with all our spirit, soul and body. May we continue to examine ourselves every second. And May God grant us the grace to be pure, righteous, holy and acceptable before Him in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  16. Is it possible that churches generally are doing some good?
    Is the state of the church just bad?

    While there are some wrongs can we get some articles on the beauty of the body of Christ? Can we speak about that which is good, pure and has virtue in it?

    Can we?

    1. Yes it’s possible. The state of the church isn’t just bad.. There are still many positives. Yes we can get some articles on the beauty of Christs body. This is just one article, and the essence is just to open our eyes to some realities going on, rather than have us ignorant. If you have any of such articles, kindly send it to me, I’ll gladly publish. Thanks

  17. May God help us.As a pastor, I have this burden always on my heart too.its a wake up call not criticism to revisit our first love.if you know God and you are reaching out to people (ministry of reconciliation), you will see what he is saying.Training, teaching, discipleship, soul winning,follow up, mentoring and other Christian structures for spiritual growth are not really in church like before.The solutions I can suggest are:

    1 . intercessory prayers for the Church, the body of Christ and her leaders which I lead my team and church to do.

    2. Connect people to God and help them to stand via evangelism and follow up in love without becoming a mediator or condemning anyone .Christ is the only mediator, we can only be mentors.

    3. Expose our proteges to raw training and ask our mentors for trainings and structures for growth.I do it.

    4 pair people wisely for outreach or soul winning.

    Most of our great ministers had very raw process of growth like Abraham with God…I ve heard some who joined taxi cabs many times only to preach but paid.many risked their lives etc….actually if you don’t lose your life in God you can’t find His…its beyond materials and money, its eternal!

    God bless you for this write up sir

  18. …That we may not be the signpost pointing others to heaven, and yet does not itself enter in. May we be found in Christ and He be seen through us IJN. Thanks for the message!

  19. Nominalism has entered the Pentecostal church, which is exactly what the author has described; nominalism is exhibiting the external paraphernalia of Christianity without genuine conversion and encounter with Christ. Our Bishops and General Overseers encouraged it in order to achieve their goal of numerical growth. The Spirit of God told me three weeks ago that, when the church pursues numerical growth using human methodology and standard, and not building according to the pattern of Christ and of Scriptures, the church gets weaker in Kingdom impact and in its glory, the more it grows in numerical strength. The growth of the church in Acts of Apostles was engineered by the Holy Ghost, through men that were completely surrendered and dead to the flesh. Much of the multiplication today is through human strategies, and through lowering of God’s standard. The church is larger in number, made up of people who do not understand what walking with God is all about; consequently the church is weak and has lost much of its luster, beauty and glory. The way back to where we fell and derailed is now hard and tortuous, and only few can even perceive the sad and sorry state that the author describes here. We will continue to speak the truth and to intercede for the church.

  20. What a great message on a Monday morning. This calls for true reexamination of myself. God bless you Sir.

  21. Thank God for this thought provoking message. God bless you sir. I believe a serious christian will examine his/her ways everyday. Please also deal with the indecent dressing of the so called born again female church members nowadays. Let the men of GOD tell them the truth before the day of reckoning.