What Song Plays In Your Head Every Morning?

I’m not here to join the debate of what song is good for you or not. Really, you are no longer a child. By now you should know what song is good for you and what isn’t. I am more interested in discussing the power of the kind of songs you listen to and the effect that they have on your subconscious.

I for one have had my bout with secular music a while ago when I listened to all kinds of songs. It really didn’t matter at the time as long as it sounded good and was popular.

After realizing the power of songs and their effect on my mind, I switched to listening to more gospel and inspiring songs because that’s where I wanted my focus to be.

Now many people will argue and say songs have nothing to do with your focus or direction in life. They say your mind can’t be controlled by the things you listen to, but I believe otherwise.

Let’s break down the concept of a song into bits:
A song simply comprises of words and a tune to go with it. Without the tunes, you have just words, and without the words, you have just a nice sounding tune.

Some people have had negative experiences that have affected the way they perceive themselves and how they view life. As grown-ups, they didn’t realize what the cause was, but after successful evaluations and in-depth searching, it was discovered that these things had to do with negative words spoken to them when they were much younger. Whether those words were spoken by parents, friends, neighbors or haters, it didn’t matter, because many years down the line, those words were still a force over their lives.

I still remember that my high school classmates called my ear ‘pointy’ like that of a Rottweiler dog. I wrote about the experience some time ago.

You know it’s been well over a decade that it happened and those words are still fresh in my mind like yesterday, even though my ears don’t even look like that of a dog. That’s the power of words right there, it’s difficult to forget.

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How come spoken words never tend to disappear? How many of your childhood songs still remain stuck in your head? It’s most likely quite a number.

You know I can still sing the old songs I used to sing back then right now without missing a part of the lyrics. Songs like You Remind Me, Runaway, I Need A Girl, or all of Westlife’s popular songs and many more.

These songs never leave, and if by any chance you give them the ability to manifest in your life, they’ll turn up BIG time!

You can’t afford to be careless about the songs on your playlist right now. They may seem like they are trending and you want to be a part of the crowd, but soon enough you’ll realize that 10 years from now, you’ll be spitting those lyrics like you just learned them yesterday!

So I’ll be sharing with you an easy way to know how deep in you currently are and what kind of music possesses your mind.

From experience, I realize that we all have thoughts, words and also music playing in our minds most of the time. Have you ever noticed how easily you pick up a song someone sang a few minutes ago without even thinking about it? Yes, music is that powerful and contagious.

How about songs that you never sat down to learn the lyrics but you know from start to finish? It’s the same formula as well.

You see, the songs that play in your mind most of the time and especially right after you wake up in the morning are the songs currently ruling your subconscious.

No one can argue with you over what song is currently affecting your life, but your subconscious will give you away when you suddenly burst into songs or you are waking up straight from sleep.

I remember one early morning in the hostel during my University studies when I came out of my room earlier than usual to take in the fresh morning air. Gradually, various folks got up from their beds and started preparing for the day. I observed something interesting that morning as I leaned on a nearby pillar.

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Almost everyone that came out of their rooms had a particular song they were singing, humming or whistling to. If you live with people, you may have gotten used to these things happening  or may have never taken note.

I noticed that they were singing all sorts of songs. Now, this is different from those who wake up every morning to play some sort of ‘favorite song’ that means so much to them.

This made me realize once again that music is as powerful as words.

There are people who have more hope than others simply because they listen to hopeful songs. Some people have premarital sex and multiple partners because that’s what the songs they listen to repeatedly suggest. Many are addicted to hard drugs, weed, alcohol and various vices because the artists they listen to encourage these things.

The sad thing about we as humans is that our minds are built in a way that it is unable to keep a correct count of the number of moves we make and the repeated actions we take. The average human being overestimates what he thinks he spends his time doing versus what he actually does with his time.

Some of us take this whole playlist of songs, place them on repeat, use incredibly loud headphones to listen to these songs over and again. I do so too sometimes, but the kind of songs I listen to are only songs that inspire me and make me desire to know God better.

I challenge you to try this out before you play your next song. Open the lyrics page of the song and just read the words out loud like a speech. What does it say?

Try this too, think of the lyrics as a speech you were giving to your child who is looking up to you for leadership and inspiration. Does it sound like something you’ll like to share?

Now, if the song is good and it’ll lead you on the right path and journey through life, it’s fine. How about those songs that are meant to draw you closer to God, how frequently do you listen to them?

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I realized a while ago that I would probably never able to listen to all blessed, spiritual, inspiring and uplifting song that has ever been produced. It also made me aware that for every song that was out there to make me better, there were probably twenty other terrible songs that have a possibility of ruining me. I’d rather stick to the songs that will bless me and keep me on the right path. I am a better man today because of the kinds of songs I listen to.

It’s also nice to note that there would be no secular songs in heaven!

As long as a song doesn’t glorify God and help you revel in His goodness, glory, love, and grace, you surely won’t be hearing any other kind music in Heaven. It’ll be great if you start acting and living your life in preparation for where you are headed after your time on earth is done.

I know this is a whole lot for anyone who has tried time and again to break free from an addiction to secular music. I understand because I have been on that path before.

I pray that God strengthens you and makes abundant grace available towards you to do better. Sometimes, it begins with making that little decision, then it keeps growing till it transforms your life.

The truth does set free, I’m sure it’ll do the same for you.

Victory Odunjo

So tell me, what song played in your head when you woke up today? What are your thoughts about this? Do you have any additions or contributions? Drop a comment below. Please, share this with someone, they’ll appreciate it.

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9 thoughts on “What Song Plays In Your Head Every Morning?”

    1. This scripture is so important, actually covers all areas of life and isn’t secluded to some areas. The heart is the source of ALL issues of life. Thank you Pelumi ❤

  1. I just had to come check out this piece on seeing the title. Lol. I’m a huge music person and I completely understand the effect songs have on human psychology. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay as much attention as they should to it and it is caging them.
    Honestly, I am living breathing testimony of surviving some serious mind illnesses that could have led to depression or even the contemplation of suicide. But then I remember a song…I reach for my earpiece…I plug it in, the song is ministring to me….I’m crying. But having the song play over and over again is like taking medications for my mind illness and slowly and gradually i’m lifted from that terrible place back to knowing God has a great plan for me.

    1. Eeeey!! 🙌🙌 You know, I’m just going to endorse this comment as part of the post 🔥

      It feels like you described how I feel too. Sometimes it all gets so intense when it comes to being blessed by these songs. I’m really grateful for the gift of great songs, honestly. Thank you Tomi for your comment, I appreciate you ❤

  2. You know, according to research, it takes only about 16 times, just 16 times repeatedly hearing a song (not exactly listening, but just hearing it) before it sticks to the subconscious. I have had to subconsciously sing songs I know I didn’t intentionally learn(gospel songs of course) and I just wondered how they stuck.

    Songs are simply a force that cannot be explained, they get into your head, then into your heart, and boooomm, literally, your life is defined by them!
    You’d want to guard your heart with all vigilance, for it determines the course of your life.
    – The Bible

    Thanks as always Victory. You are blessed!

    1. Wow. Interesting statistics right there. 16 times is a short number when music is concerned, time passes away quickly. Lol

      It’s really interesting how songs stick so easily. Sometimes I think my mind does better than 16 times. Just following the tune, words and bam, it’s stuck there!

      They are a real force my brother, we don’t want to take it’s power lightly at all. Amen. Thanks John! 🏆

  3. That last point is golden……We keep praying thy kingdom come thine will be done on earth as it is in heaven……well in heaven, there are no songs not glorifying God…..may we indeed by His grace begin to live out these truths in our lives

  4. This also reminds me of the fertile nature of Human Mind, it Will Grow whatsoever that is planted on it for us to reap its fruit! Either good or Bad.
    And as believers, God’s Word is still the Proven Armour that guards the Mind and the Best Litmus to test thoughts that are contrary to His!

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