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What Would You Do If It Was You? #1

I had boarded a bus, and was on the way to another state. I had been asleep most of the journey, till I suddenly jerked awake when the car came to a halt. The snacks and food hawkers had swamped the bus, each of them trying to sell their items. My belly rumbled and I decided to buy chips, signalling at one of the hawkers, I brought out 500 naira. I asked for 2 packed chips, he said it costs 200 naira, at that point I spoke out and said “this is too expensive,” one of the hawkers friends told me that was the true price. I then returned the chips to him that I wasn’t buying again. Meanwhile, the young hawker also had like five 500 naira notes in his hands. Then something happened, right after i returned the chips to him I felt like I had paid him already and made a signal for him to give me my 500 naira, which I never originally gave to him. He too thought I had paid him and handed over one of his 500 naira notes to me.

And at that very moment, the bus kicked off and went off at top speed. I then looked into my left hand and saw that my original 500 naira note never left me, and I had already collected another 500 naira from the hawker.. Oh snap!! The bus could not be stopped and it was going to be impossible to reach the hawker forever. So I now had a 1000 naira with me, and 500 naira wasn’t mine. What was I to do with the money? Throw it out of the window or what? This was totally unintentional, no one even saw it happen but me. I could just picture the face of the guy when he realized he had just given out some of his days earnings. What would you do if it was you??

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Be sincere and give sound advice too.. Remember that what you may do and what is right to do maybe different. Let’s have your views all the same, please comment .. Help!!

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23 thoughts on “What Would You Do If It Was You? #1”

  1. I believe ones conscience is clear that the event wasnt deliberate or intentionally. …I would not spend the money on myself. .mayb give the needy

  2. I’ll give the money out.and hope to God that the hawker has loadz of sales so he wont feel the loss.

  3. ill give it as offering in the church…since am giving it to God and he is aware of it.he will repay the guy back

  4. Mehn..dis is so funny and he stil gat a lot to sell o,i pity him sha.For me, d best thing 2do is to pray 4him 2b smart and he shld see someone dat wld dash him money

  5. This is serious sha. As for me will just give the needy or drop it as offering in church. God knows the best am sure he understands. He will definately do something towards that. Am sure a testimony will come out from it and that’s from the seller.

  6. Well since it’s not my money and the possibility of seeing the hawker again is nearly zero, the money will definitely go to some sort of charity. The Lord definitely knows the intentions of my heart and it was never to defraud.

  7. Instantly, i’d pray we get into some heavy traffic and that the boy notices soon enough to catch up with us.
    If that doesn’t happen, then I’d pray really hard that God restores triple what he’s lost to him and plants forgiveness in his heart so he doesn’t harbor resentment and anger towards me (though he has every right to) because those will just keep him from accessing his blessings. I’ll also pray that he learns from my mistake and deals with people with greater care and alertness. I’ll probably give the money to someone or something sha.

    1. I love your response, the part that God should plant forgiveness in his heart, its so important.. Its all about prayer for this guy that God replenishes him.. Thanks Kwiksie

  8. Hehehe…. I could almost hit myself for that, I guess before I can think far on the issue I wld probably have dashed a begger and then pray God to replenish his loss.

  9. Yaay, dats serious o, the first thing dat came to Ma head was to offer it back to God..He knows what to do. Hp my advice isn’t too late.

  10. hmmmm. intersting.This has many sides to it. since we av established d fact dat it wasnt intentional nd d moni can never be returned. So I wud see it as a necessary sacrifice dat needed to be done by d guy. either to change levels or to serve as a punishment for an offence. If God wants to bless someone, he nids a sacrifice from dat person nt bcos he nids it but bcos he cant break his covenant of blessings(give to recieve) also, what if God knows I wud need dat extra 500 naira and he chose to use the hawker to perform his miracle.
    In a nutshell, everything works together for God to them dat love God. This applies to every life situation.