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What Would You Do If It was You? #2

Today’s question has to deal with parental dominance. I have been asked questions like this by youths in their 20’s and their early 30’s. “How can I free myself from the huge grip of my parents, especially my father?” I’ll give you one scenario, in a family where almost all the children are of a marriageable age, none of the children are allowed to move out of the parents vicinity, chase after their own dreams and visions, goals, make their own choices and stick it out with the outcomes. These parents are the ones that have the stories of how they had to do out of the box things to get to where they are today, but they don’t even want their children to try. The question now is for how long would this continue? The parents may be trying to protect their children, but does it pay in the long run?

The life of the children is being stagnated by the utter dominance of the parents, who like a boss still wants to have a say in every single decision that happens in the lives of their children, and the children are no more kids. You can just imagine a 30 year old that hasn’t moved according to how the person should move and grow in life, because of these factors. Of course sooner or later, they’ll leave and breakout, the question is how? What would you do if you were or are a child in such a home? Would you stay there, runaway, prove your worth, pray for a miracle or do something entirely different? This scenario is general to many homes today. What would you do if it was you?

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Kindly comment, and share your views, whether from experience, or what you know its right to do in such situations. It won’t take less you more than a minute to comment and share. Help someone out

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6 thoughts on “What Would You Do If It was You? #2”

  1. If I was in that kind of home, running might solve the problem in a long run, but I wouldn’t run. I will stay and prove my worth, fight my way out of their hands but with respect. There are ways u fight your way out without disrespecting them… Hmmmm… That’s all.

  2. Actually, we have to be sensitive to things like this. This is an issue that needs to be rectified. Thanks for bringing this up Mr.Odunjo, the best thing to do is for that child to prove to the parents how wrong it is to make decisions for them. Show them reasons why. Tell them things are no more the same