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Why Do You Go To Church? Or Why Don’t You Go?

It’s interesting to know that many of us have gotten used to going to church, and that’s just great. Some of us haven’t been to church in a while as well, or we missed church every now and then. This post is very simple. Why exactly do you go to church? What are your reasons exactly? Why is it right for Christians to go to church? Don’t we have the word of God to help us and bless us? Don’t the Pastors still have to preach out of the Bible?

Can’t we just read the word like that? Worship God the way we should, without having to be concerned about what people think, or their eyes on us? God gave us our voices to sing, and your voice is probably better than the choir directors? Can’t we just give to charity instead of the church? Isn’t the Holy Spirit everywhere? What makes you wake up early in the morning to get prepared for Church? What’s special about church? Why exactly do you go to church?


Or do you miss church week after week, giving yourself some particular reasons? What are your reasons? Have you totally stopped going to church, and you don’t intend to any time soon? Did you have an experience that informed your decisions or beliefs? Let’s share and discuss. Please comment.

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(I advice people to comment because I realize many people die silent, they have so many thoughts, so many answers, so many solutions to help themselves and others too. They never learn to share for others to learn and be blessed by. Some are afraid of being wrong, but what would right learning do to you? Any comment you make would always remain on the internet, even if you would not write a book, it can be traced to you at any time as your contribution. Don’t die silent with your ideas and thoughts, speak out.)

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1 thought on “Why Do You Go To Church? Or Why Don’t You Go?”

  1. I go to church because 1. The bible tell us not to forsake the gathering of the saints.
    2. No man is an island to himself/ herself. No matter how much you read your bible alone, u still need to fellowship with others. You can’t understand it all alone by yourself. You still need explanation and other’s point of view. In fact, the bible said as iron sharpens iron, we should sharpened each other ( my paraphrase)
    3. You need relationships especially Godly ones. You can get this anywhere but where better than in church not to say there are no terrible or ungodly people in church o but you still have a good chance their.
    4. A person needs inspiration. Sometimes, being alone can be boring and frustrating. When you are in the midst of other people esp ones with like mind, u get inspired, ur spirit is lifted esp during worship sessions, u praise and you pray better. Each time esp during a fast I try to pray at home by myself, I don’t do it well as much as I do when I’m in church where you see others praying too. No distractions. You have better concentration.
    I think I’ll just stop here. Hope this will inspire someone to go to church from now

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