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Why Don't You Want To Die?

I was in a church service one day, when the Pastor asked a series of questions. He asked the congregation, “How many of you here would like to die in your sleep?” No one put their hands up. “What of in a car accident, a plane crash?” Some people murmured God forbid. “Would you like to die from a slip, trip or a fall? What of from a bomb blast? A viral disease?” No one raised  their hands up. “Would any one here want to die from food poisoning or from hypertension, cancer or a heart attack?” No one put up their hands. The preacher then asked “How do you want to die?”

Hmmmn.. Let me ask you the same question too. How do you want to die? You’ll die some way, someday, even though you don’t want to admit it.

Not until recently did I notice that at least a person I know, whether close or far dies every year. Sadly, I can look over the past 4 years and point people that I knew, that are no more. Let’s now not talk of celebrities, those ones die on the regular. I have seen series of condolence messages, tears (I’ve cried a lot too), how people never expected or wanted those people to die so soon, how much of a bright future they had, and so on. There is nothing as hurtful and painful as the death of a loved one or someone you knew personally. The closer you are to the deceased the greater impact it is on you. The surprising thing is how we humans are wired, we always find a way to move on. People eat delicious meals at other peoples burials, it’s the way life is and has  always been. Sadly, one day you will die too, you may not know when exactly it would happen, but some day you will, and food would be served after you are buried.

Over time, I have noticed that we really care about how we die. No one wants the sudden death of car accidents or plane crashes, people say they rather would go through a long painful journey, like being on their death beds with sickness, so that they can make peace with man and God. Not all of us would be afforded that opportunity anyway. Know one thing for sure: death is just a passageway, a door to eternity. At the end of the day it may not matter how one dies, but where one goes when one dies matters even more; Heaven or Hell? (These 2 locations are very real and are in existence). We could basically say, we are here on earth to choose where we would spend eternity.

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I know you still want to live longer, and you are probably scared of dying. Lets imagine God decided to ask everyone on earth a simple question, including you, and He asks “Why don’t you want to die?” What would your answer be? Think well about it now. Let’s look at it from Gods perspective, what can you want to do with your life that he hasn’t yet seen? I have asked a few people this question, here are some popular answers: “Ah I must marry and have children”, “Money must be made”, “I must be a billionaire before I leave this earth”, “I want to enter into politics”, “I have not even started my ministry here on earth”, “I must start my own company”, “I want to see my childrens children”, “I must enjoy this life, YOLO (You Live Only Once).” What’s your own reason? Why don’t you want to die? Take a pause, think about it, and write it out your answers in a special book, a piece of paper nearby, or you could even type it on your device as well. It can’t be one thing, or 2 things or many many more things.

What are those things that if you die without accomplishing it would pain you and make you feel unaccomplished? Okay let’s take another perspective. Let’s assume you die now, I mean right now (God forbid) and then as your spirit heads towards heaven, you meet an angel that says, “we’ll give you a chance to just hang around on earth for a little while as a spirit”, and he says “stay around things you would love to have accomplished while you were alive”. Where would you go to first? Your family? Your work place? Your book of unaccomplished goals, dreams and plans? Or the articles you wrote or thought about but you never published? Or the unique ideas only you had and you can only pray for someone else to get and help you accomplish? Would you go to the people you intended to teach a particular skill or vocation? Would you run to the motherless babies home, knowing you had a unvisited passion for them while you were alive? Would you run to the church choir knowing your voice was a gift you never utilized? Or you would run to seminars where you could have spoken? Would you run to the villages you avoided going to to preach the gospel even though you knew you were called? Or would you go to the church and sit there knowing you didn’t spend enough time on earth knowing God? Tell me what would you do if you were given extra time?

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These are deep questions we all need to answer. Sometimes the way to finding purpose may not be from where you are right now to the end of your life, but from the end of your life to where you are right now. There is no time anymore, pursue all you have to do while you have the time, power and ability to do so. Every single thing you’ll regret not having done at the end of your life start pursuing right now, break them into bits and start following them gradually. It better to see the end of life while accomplishing the things you were meant to than to be caught unawares in a dreamy state of coziness, comfort and procrastination. Remember in all these things we chase after, there is a God to serve and an eternity to meet.

You don’t know what stage in life you are truly in. I have realized that age is beyond a number, but your true stage is determined by the end of your life. If you meet a person at the age of 18 and that dies at the age of 20, then you met an ‘old person’ about to finish his course on earth. If a man is to die when he is 80 years old, then at 40 years old, he still is a young man just having lived half of his total years. Can we know how long we would live our lives for? No! We can only, hope, pray and believe God, that we’ll live long while maximizing our potentials while disciplining ourselves to becoming all we were made to become. It’s time you lived a purposeful life. You answers to your lifes true purpose may just be found, when you answer the question “Why don’t I want to die?”

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I would love to see your comment, I hope this message has helped you some way?

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9 thoughts on “Why Don't You Want To Die?”

  1. This is a good piece to put anyone on the path to fulfilling his life’s vision before death comes calling. Also the fear of death shouldn’t be the focus or reason for running this life’s vision, that alone won’t allow one to live fully. Purpose should be the driving force not the fear of death.

    Great piece!

  2. Wow! Dunno what to say?like jeremiah in d bible I’ll say dis great piece is like fire in my bones..may God help us